Understanding my natal Mars and the Western / Vedic approach.

December 27, 2021 at 05:05 (UT/GMT)
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Understanding my natal Mars and the Western / Vedic approach.
I am going to speak about Mars mostly in my chart.

I will not speak about myself fully as a child as the childhood is the blueprint to how your planets activate into who you are. But some of it is included for basis understanding.

I am patient and cautious, I tend to be critical in thinking, self critical at times. Critical of others blended with optimism and a dashing of understanding for them not myself, biting my tongue.

In my earlier years I had no control over my ego, Mars would flair up at anyone... regardless of consequences or the fact I may get my ass beat.

I have been in fights, not too many, but I know how to use my feet but also my hands and I know how to wear down my opponent and savor my energy, I also seem to be a fast learner of martial techniques, yet I have never really wanted or needed to use them, they always served as a last resort.

As a child I should mention I was bullied in school and took hits, I would also try to exert my own will to no avail and would lose all fights, mostly out of fear though, not at all out of ability or actual toughness.

There was a time though when my best friend younger than me who I considered a brother was being bullied by 5 lads and I bombed out the house like a bomb and was egging them on to come and have some whilst pacing towards them, they looked terrified and ran off.

I went into the army at 18 because I had no where else to go, so my insane brain at the time thought, ok accommodation, meals... and I can prove if I am able to live up to what I am, a woman of the Pluto in Cancer generation (Aries Sun) told me I would amount to nothing and I don´t have what it takes to be a soldier.

Yeah proved her wrong, never heard from her again.

I went AWOL in the army though because my mum became severely ill and when asked I was dismissed from having any compassionate leave so took matters into my own hands and did what any honorable person would and went to her.

Was picked up by military police and served 3 months in military prison.

3 guys tried to get me down to my bed, I have no idea of the intentions, but I saw a technique used in basic training by a fellow recruit who was a semi-pro rugby player and applied it here, I used purely my legs and core muscles to keep me up and my arms were free to untangle myself and deflect them, they all looked out of breath and one said damn you are strong... It was just technique.

Putting it this way, just some skinny grunt with zero muscle mass, so yeah the technique definitely worked.

So My 2nd house is in Aries in western with a natal Taurus Mars with a 10 degree conjunction to the Moon.

The Moon is supercharged by Pluto in opposition which back then I had no conscious understanding of, which is why I lost so much as a child, vulnerable.

At the same time I do have a Pluto trine to my Sun.

Mars is square my Sun and Mercury and is close to an ascendant square.

Mars sits in the Aries 2nd house albeit in Taurus.

In Vedic I am an Aries Moon and Mars with Cancer Sun.

So you tell me which suits this best?

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December 27, 2021 at 09:29
(Scorpio) SpaceChild
I don´t really have any advice here, I apologize.

I just found it interesting I have been trying to understand my Mars within Western and Vedic as well. (Among some other things) Only recently have I been trying the Vedic approach, just to see if anything on that side makes more sense versus Western.

For me in Western my Mars is in 4th house Cancer
Vedic it´s in 3rd House Gemini (If I have it right, they use whole sign charts??) (In Placidus it sits in my 4th House)

I´ve also been looking into the Lord/Ruler of each house and where that planet is deposited/located. Perhaps this last sentence of mine here, would be helpful to you to give you more understanding. So hey I think I might have given some advice after all. :4:

December 27, 2021 at 06:02
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From some random blog post... I currently work as a chef and use knives every day lol. At this place I have banged my head possibly around 10 or so times now and this is not a joke.

A bin lid outside, the wind was blowing hard and it was left up, threw some trash out and it slammed on my head, the metal clasp part, cut my head open, stayed on shift though and did the closing up. Took 3 days off to see a doc and let it heal up. Was the worst one.

Mars is where you get your bollocks from. Named after the God of War, the Red Planet has been a popular source of fictional invaders over the years, and that’s appropriate: Mars has a lot to do with your drives, your ambitions, and your temper. Mars also has a lot to do with your sex drive. People who have strong Mars placements in their birth charts with a lot of difficult aspects to it tend to be competitive, oversexed, or just plain obnoxious. It’s also where you get a lot of your drive in general from, so without it you wouldn’t really get anything done. Of course, all of these negative attributes are also prime qualities of the typical Space Hero who shows up to drive off the Martian invaders. That may not be the sort of behavior you’d welcome at your next dinner party, but you’ve got to admit that sometimes it’s good to have a Space Hero around.

Mars also rules processes involving heating and cutting things, like cooking. That’s why I’ve turned this series of blog entries over to famous TV chef Gordon Ramsay, who will give you his personal opinion of the pros and cons of Mars through each sign in the birth chart… presented “Hell’s Kitchen” style. Well, let’s be honest… this is Gordon Ramsay, so it’s mostly cons. (Also, these aren’t real Gordon Ramsay quotes, but I have a lot of soft aspects to my Mars, so I tend to get my results by being quiet and a little under-handed.)

Mars in Aries

Mars is strong in Aries, and the head-first attitude of The Ram suits it well. People with this placement are usually energetic and strong-willed. You likely launch into new projects with great enthusiasm, but may get too easily bored or distracted when the grind hits. Mars in Aries isn’t always terribly organized with its time or energy, but often achieves its goals anyway. You are likely a fierce competitor, able to completely lose yourself in a game or in achieving your goals. Whether you are athletic or not, you’d probably be a great cheerleader (literally or figuratively). Your temper may flare up quickly, but it usually burns out quickly too. People with Mars in Aries tend to be hell on wheels in bed, until they become bored, at which time they are at least as useless in bed as everyone else is. They also have a strange tendency to bump their heads more than most other people — a spin-off effect of being naturally “headstrong.”

“Bloody awful. You were in too much of a hurry and the grill was overheated. You started cooking the chicken kebabs before anyone had actually ordered. You’re not a f–king chef, you’re a pyromaniac with an apron.”

Mars in Taurus

Mars in Taurus is not considered to be a great placement, but you are too stubborn to let that stop you. Like a bull, you are probably placid most of the time, until something provokes your temper — at which time you become a raging menace that’s almost impossible to stop. You probably have some kind of creative talent, whether you are using it or not. You were probably a star in kindergarten when it came to arts and crafts — and that was probably the last time you were able to work for a long stretch of time without being distracted by thoughts of material gain and/or sex. When your drives are frustrated, you are more likely than the average person to treat your emotions with food. You tend to be practical and methodical in your approach to problem-solving, and have a great deal of energy to get things done — you just have a hard time engaging that drive. You probably like sex a little more than the average person, and are probably a little better at it than the average, and you’d probably get a lot more of it if you were better at getting up off the couch and going to get some.

“It took you twenty f–king minutes to grill the bass. It came out tough, so you turn the heat up when I corner you about it and burn the steak. Do you even know what you’re doing here?”

I am definitely not hell on wheels in bed and could romp all night and day... Taurus.
December 27, 2021 at 05:19
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I am a decan 3 Cancer, Jupiter / Moon ruled.

Robin Williams shows a side of him which is real which is why it was done so well on screen.


And he is just a Cancer Mars...

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