December 19, 2021 at 22:11 (UT/GMT)
(Aquarius) atlantickush
Pleasantly surprised by some of the opinions I heard in a topic on Gatekeeping, I wanted to ask about another social problem I reflect on lately but don´t hear much about. (I am pretty isolated, so I don´t really hear from like-minded people too much).

So basically I read lately about ´Pharmakoi´, a Greek term for people who were either killed or exhiled when something happened as an attempt to ´cure´ the city.

I had heard the word scapegoat, obviously, but hadn´t really thought about it. I knew sometimes people were falsely accused of crimes, or whole groups would be outcast because of one member or for no good reason at all, and other things like that, but when I read about these Greek ritual scapegoats it blew my mind a bit.

The word Pharmakon has its root in the word for medicine, poison, or spell, which points to it being quite a magical or medicinal practice. The fact that it was ritual is quite revealing too. In our age, scapegoating is seen as mistaken or misunderstood and that it´s don´t by accident. Definitely not a ritual. The Greek origins were deliberate though, and I guess the purpose was to kill two birds with one stone. First, they would be pleasing the people of the city. By saying ´this guy is the problem! We have got him and now we are getting rid´, there would be an improved mood and trust in the authorities. At the same time they would be able to get rid of some undesirables, troublemakers, or even some rivals. I doubt everyone would have been fully aware of the tenuous link between the crime and the scapegoat, I can imagine it was taken quite literally as curative by some.

I have also read in some psychoanalytic texts that this was a deeply psychological issue, like a sort of archetypal dynamic, which will unconsciously arise. The conditions it needs to come up are when there is something unsettling the group, making people anxious, angry, dissatisfied or scared. What happens is that groups may automatically turn against an individual or group, the scapegoats, sometimes even if it´s obviously not them causing the problem, just to get the good feeling of having banished something. The scapegoat ´carries´ the feeling of unease for the group away. Obviously this is not ideal, since the actual cause of the problem has not been dealt with it is destined to be temporary.

It´s quite a dark topic I know, but an interesting one, and I just wondered what people here might have to add to it. The world is pretty ripe for it, so I´m fearful this dynamic might be at play in a lot of people´s lives without knowing it (hopefully not but I´m a worrier 😅). I hope we keep an eye out for it, or that you might teach me a bit more about it, where it is and what you can do to help people on either side of it. There are numerous examples, I hope everyone is aware of them at least?

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December 22, 2021 at 13:31
(Aquarius) atlantickush » Originallyweirdbutnormal
Hi man nw glad you enjoyed.

Im really sorry, thats such a tough story to hear. Im just glad that you have been able to figure it out and get to grips with those parts of your childhood ma, bless you. And if it helps, even people with pretty sorted parents will never fully get over them I think.

Do you know what, I think William Lilly and people like that even said Saturn did rule scapegoats and exile and things so that was great thinking. Its the distant planet right, and the ruler of the limits and the cold remote spaces, so I can see why it applies. That said though scapegoating seems to happen on a very homogenous level, for example the Jews being scapegoats for the Nazis, its not really a personal chart or something, it kind of has deeper issues going on. I do think that to rectify experiences of being exiled Saturn would be the planet to turn to though.
December 22, 2021 at 01:42
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Hi and thank you for an interesting topic.

Scapegoat rings large bells in my head as I was one as a child or "black sheep".
Essentially the high energy kid you could blame easily who has no idea that his actions / emotions tell everyone I am a liar when I was not. Parents keep secrets, take kid to see a psychologist, get him on ADHD pills which cause epilepsy. I also was awake the entire time in all of my brain scans fooling the docs the entire time and they thought they diagnosed me correctly.. poor me was just trying to sleep.

Now if we look into astrology, Saturn is scapegoated a lot as being harsh but also being dreaded, truthfully both versions rely on the distortion of reality and the ego.
Pluto is also dreaded but holds a mysterious bent as people seem to be enamored with the sign of Scorpio. Opposite my own Moon, Saturn is opposite my Sun too.

It took me years to understand I was never the problem, it was actually my parents who needed the psychiatrist. My father was given an appointment to see one and blew up in anger at my mum calling her a liar even though it was written in a letter from his GP.

Took me years to understand both my parents had no idea of psychological wounding, or perhaps their effect on us, the abuse is what it was...


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