Surgery date?!

December 18, 2021 at 23:49 (UT/GMT)
(Aquarius) TinaR
Surgery date?!
Hello kind people😊
It´s my first time writing here and I need some help.. Advice. I´m a self learner in astrology and I still don´t know that much.
I´m trying to choose the best possible date for my nose surgery and so far I picked after full moon, venus won´t be retrograde anymore and mercury. The moon will be in Virgo.. I´ll share a screen shot of the date I choose with the transits to my natal chart and I´ll be very grateful for any help💙🙏
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December 21, 2021 at 16:16
(Taurus) s81 » TinaR
Generally speaking the South Node contracts like Saturn, and being the Moon the ruler of some body fluids (not blood but water), I wonder how those things interact.
December 21, 2021 at 16:00
(Aquarius) TinaR » s81
Thank you very much for all the information. You´re right that there´s no perfect transits for this. I´m planning it from months and i checked only the dates after a full moon cause it´s best for surgery, also the sign that moon will transiting. And of course Venus, Mars and mercury to be direct. So far that´s the best possible date....March has lots of hard aspects.

What it means when the transiting moon conjunct your natal south node??
December 21, 2021 at 04:50
(Taurus) s81
That screenshot is showing the year 2022. Are you planning a surgery for 2022?

If that´s the case, try to avoid the Moon being over your South Node, may be wait a couple of days more. Also, the ruler of your Ascendant (which rules the body, and the head specially since it´s analog to Aries) is Saturn an it´s in square to your natal Pluto... that doesn´t sound very pleasant but unluckily it moves slowly. Also the Sun, ruler of your 8th house (death) is in square to Jupiter... may be waiting a couple of days is just your best bet.
On the other hand (the good things of that chart) and besides the things you are highlighting, both Mars, your natal and the transiting one, seem to be ok and that´s important since Mars rules metals, which implies knifes of all sorts, also the ones used in surgery. Also Mercury, which rules your 6th house (health) is conjunct to your natal one and have no bad transits at that moment.

Finally, I´m afraid mostly all charts will have good and bad things, but that one doesn´t look that bad. Can´t tell you what to do, it´s your nose right?, but hopefully you can peek a nice day and hour to do it (btw, the best our for surgery are the ones ruled by Mars, being the worst ones the ones ruled by Venus and Jupiter).

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