Astrochronicles 13.12.

December 13, 2021 at 18:26 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Steve Guesshow
Astrochronicles 13.12.
We have an interesting battle in the sky.
Mercury enters Capricorn, a ring to show off in. Dazzle with knowledge, impress.
Mars has just entered Sagittarius. The men have dozed for a while, but the call has gone out. It´s the Mission! It´s a Task! It´s a Vision!
To arms, called to battle.
And just across the street, in opposition, is Dragon´s Head, the North Node. At the beginning of Gemini, gradually working its way back to Taurus.
Mars is therefore conjunct the Dragon´s Tail.
The past is being revealed, all the atrocities. All the plundering, the annihilation.
It´s like a home cinema, connected to a time machine.
You just know everything, everything is uncovered. But it´s not just the atrocities, it´s the heroism, the self-sacrifice. It´s conquest, self-confidence, audacity. It´s the essence of manhood. He´s a Macho, he´s a winner. But he´s also someone we can identify with. He´s James Bond, someone we want to be as men.The 60s, Belmondo, the casualness...he and that Bodie and Doyle had something going for them (you who remember them....).
And what is hidden will one day be revealed - as it was written in the Bible.
For that time is coming.
Luna is in trig to the Sun in Sagittarius and conjunct Eris. Well, show off, dudes!
True Lilith is conjunct the Node.
Meeting your center.
We kill ourselves to come alive again. Uroboros.

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December 14, 2021 at 08:49
(Aquarius) atlantickush
I like the emphatic mood and its definitely an interesting chart. Mars is in Sagg once every two years or so, but its pretty uncommon to have mars in Sagg with the south node. Id like to look up the last time that happened now!

I personally dont think the lunar nodes aspect the other planets, thats a bit of a controversial discussion maybe, but the nodes are just where the moon is above the equator during its monthly orbit.

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