Harmonize Oppositions

December 12, 2021 at 04:20 (UT/GMT)
(Aquarius) ellierenee
Harmonize Oppositions
Can someone please explain how to harmonize opposite aspects in astrology? I keep hearing things like "find the trines of the aspect" or "fine the element and polarity" but in the end, I am not understanding what exactly they mean by this and would like examples. I have my sun in Aquarius opposite my moon in Leo. I am trying to understand what people mean when they say to look for trines and sextiles in order to balance. Do they mean to look for planets that trine my moon or my sun.. and then do what with that planet? I am confused.

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December 16, 2021 at 20:03
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » ellierenee
It sounds like we need a deeper discussion than can easily be had on a forum. Since you´ve already messaged me, I will answer there.
December 16, 2021 at 19:49
(Aquarius) ellierenee » JayJayAstrology
My main issue in life has always been with consistency. I feel one way one day and different the next. I feel motivated one week and can´t get out of bed the next. I also have a hard time making decisions because of this constant push and pull. I have always felt like it was uncontrollable and it´s ruined any trust I´ve ever had in myself. That is why I am so desperate to find answers via my chart because I have been in a constant state of limbo for the last 10 years. I have not been able to keep jobs, finish school, decide on a major, decide on a career..etc. I just continue to become more and more isolated because I cannot figure out how to be consistent and finish something without my entire outlook changing on a regular basis. It´s ruining my mental health and independence. It´s so deep rooted that it´s hard for me to "just do it" when it comes to anything in life. I know that it´s hidden in my subconscious and some type of "mental block" and that´s why I would like to uncover it.

ps. yes I have been in multiple therapy programs, been on almost all the medications, seen many different doctors, etc. All without success.
December 16, 2021 at 14:08
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » ellierenee
I think maybe you are over-thinking this - perhaps. In a way, we don´t have to intentionally work so hard at this. It isn´t a mental exercise. If you notice that you are doing one planet more than the other - then you can intentially see if you can do more of the other planet. Fishscales is correct - that they are two sides of one coin - and you might even be doing them at the same time anyway - and not even knowing it. After all, both Sun and Moon are strong in everyone´s chart.

Sun is like a personal focus - what interests you - what you like doing. The Moon is your emotional world. So, if your emotions are connected with your interests, you are indeed balancing your Sun and Moon - they are working together. If emotions are at odds with what you want to do or are interested in, then you can work with both to bring them together, so they are working together instead of at odds.

In what ways do you think you are having trouble with your Sun and Moon?

I think you´re getting ahead of yourself with trying to bring in the Nodes with it. Deal with those separately first. How are you presently doing them? It´s difficult answering your question when I have no idea what you feel the problem is. We´re just talking in hypotheticals. Sun and Moon are aspecting the nodes - yes - but how are you doing the nodes?
December 16, 2021 at 05:47
(Aquarius) ellierenee » JayJayAstrology
Thank you so much for this detailed answer! I was really having trouble understanding what it really meant and how it manifests and you helped clarify it for me.

So, I get how you said you work on one at a time, as in, focusing on my sun without my moon and vice versa.. but what do you mean when you say: "In your case, only your South and North Nodes are trine and sextile your Sun and Moon. This does link your Sun-Moon opposition to your Nodal opposition - but the nodes are oppositive too."-- ? Particularly about the opposition being linked to nodal opposition.

Also, let´s say I DID have a trine or sextile aspect to my sun or moon, what does it mean to focus on that aspect in order to balance the opposition? Would I have to specifically focus on something within the aspect with the intention of balancing the sun/moon opposition?

Sorry if this all sounds confusing! I guess I am just having trouble realizing what it means in actuality. How it looks, so to speak.
December 13, 2021 at 11:21
(Pisces) fishscales
Understand that the opposing energies in the opposition are supposed to form a complete whole. They are two sides of the same coin.

Don´t look at it as an "either/or" situation, but try to integrate the energies into a single force that operates in unity.

Day and night can be said to be "opposites", yet they form a complete whole...and each one depends on the other to form that whole...
December 12, 2021 at 21:45
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
What the people are saying is that trines or sextiles to your Sun or Moon can lead to ways to balance your opposition. But oppositions can be worked on directly - just with themselves. In your case, only your South and North Nodes are trine and sextile your Sun and Moon. This does link your Sun-Moon opposition to your Nodal opposition - but the nodes are oppositive too. It just means that working on one of the oppositions can help you balance the other one.

Oppositions need to "balanced". That can be accomplished by doing one and then the other at different times. It´s a step. Most people do their South Node very well - as this is the symbol for the past life. It´s familiar terriotry. The North Node is the new territory. So as we work on "doing" the North Node, we in effect, balance the South Node. It takes a very conscious person to do them both at once - in an integrated kind of way. I have a Jupiter-Saturn opposition - and after years of working on these - I still do one and then the other, but I think I have somewhat integrated them too - but it is obvious when I do my Saturn in Virgo and Jupiter in Pisces.

With the Sun and Moon - it is most likely that the Moon is your stronger suit - because often, there is something new to learn from our Sun sign and house. Also, the Moon is associated with the past life - through the Moon´s Nodes. That may or may not be true for you - but - an opposition of the two lights suggests that it is difficult for you to be in your feeling self when you do your Sun, and difficult to go all out Sun when you are in your feeling self. So, the goal is to do one and then the other - until you can do your Sun while being your feeling self and vice versa.

Since your Moon is in Virgo - you tend to think about your emotions anyway - perhaps anaylze them - and since Aqaurius Sun is also a thinker - it´s possible that your opposition will not be so difficult. They are an out of sign opposition. But Mercury opposite Moon is an IN-SIGN opposition and Sun is almost in 12th - so I would say that gives your Aquarius Sun a Pisces feel as well as having Merucry in Pisces conjunct it. You are letting go of the parts of your identity that aren´t working for you - perhaps parts that make you overly different. You have thin boundaries - and the Saturn in Aquarius and Capricorn planets have you looking within for who you are - not what you can do for others - not how you help others - not your caring for others. Your chart is saying, you are here to revise who you think you are and what role you want to play in relationships.

Aries rising gives you independence - and it is for you to become your own person - defined by you - initiated by you - felt by you, from the inside out.


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December 12, 2021 at 20:12
(Taurus) Rosincvist
When you look at your Harmonic Charts you will see a grand trine in the Novile chart, :153: :193: :154: in the Septile chart, the Quintile chart looks good too!

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