Moon-Mars Aspects: Sexuality, Family, and Emotions (18+)

November 27, 2021 at 03:16 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) kkarda
Moon-Mars Aspects: Sexuality, Family, and Emotions (18+)
I happen to have my Gemini moon (10th) square my Pisces mars (7th)

From what I have read, this usually indicates issues with the mother, and boy is true for me. I also have a Cancer Saturn trine my moon and Pluto in 4th/Scorpio IC. At the same time, I would love to trauma dump, lmao. I think I will save it for later.

In an article I found from…, there was a reply by a woman sharing that her mother had the exact placements and aspect "My mother has Gemini moon square Pisces mars with a wide orb and an Aries sun. She is a volcano. She can erupt at any second. She did get violent when I was younger and would regularly get physically abusive and throw things etc. She couldn´t control herself. Even with age, she still has a tough time controlling her outbursts, but at least I am rarely there as target practice" It hit me in a way I didn´t want it It´s so confusing because while I get explosively angry, I usually take it out on myself. This, however, sounds more like my Aries mom, who had a Leo moon (my sun and rising are in Leo) and a Gemini rising (my moon)...It has me thinking that possibly in my situation if this is flipped.

Continuing with the same forum, I found two women´s replies claiming their big sister has a moon square mars. They usually found that their sisters were more like a mother than their own sometimes. Which I feel almost perfectly describes me. I´ve described my mother some, but to add a bit more detail, she is highly immature and selfish (my Gemini moon and her Leo moon/Gemini rising). It kinda falls into my hands sometimes (most of it) to take charge and be the "adult": I am 18 and have been this way since they were born. "I sometimes felt that she was solid, rigorous, and authoritarian. More than my mother. She was always strict but fair. She is still a person like that. I can talk to her. She is always listening, and I´ve never heard her judge anyone. She always stops when people are stupid to someone. She always stands by the children who need some authoritarian adult." My biggest fear, though is them seeing me as my mother... described above. I try my best to take it out on myself usually through isolation etc., but there are a few times that "side" (Bipolarity of Gemini moon) comes out of me and I get so scared.

In "Aspects in Astrology, Sue Tompkins" (This whole thing was scarily accurate: highly suggest you read) mentions, "there is often a strong sexual tie with the mother-figure and early emotional bonding often has powerful sexual overtones." Again staying away from detail when I was 15, my mother asked me to point blankly if I was having sex with my then-boyfriend. I told her I was. She started then telling me she supported me but then went on to describe her sexual endeavors. It was a weird situation, but it honestly appeared to be one of the few times I was able to talk to her.

As for my own sexuality/sex life I-Uh...Sue said again in "Aspects in Astrology Sue Tompkins" that "People with these contacts usually have an instinctual feeling for sexual response and they can also be quite direct about sexual matters." Instinctual for sure, my first time being "sexual" was easy...I don´t know how to explain it but I just knew what to do. My boyfriend told me that he assumed it wasn´t my first time (And no it wasn´t because he thought I got around) I just knew what to do. I think that also may relate to my Pisces mars, being able to sort of tell through your partner´s energy what they want and spiritually connecting to them. Obviously, you can see I have no issue talking about sex...and that is still true. I easily engage in conversations about sex and people do normally come to me for sexual advice. Another thing I saw in this thread was the given association of "wild sex" and I definitely relate to this and I have always found myself to be insatiable and wild with all of my sexual encounters. Especially with my Mars in 7th (insatiable) being trine my cancer Saturn: Astrologers associate this with sadism and Masochism and Control (Submission and Domination) ;) enough said there...

Anyways I just wanted to share because I find this super interesting and would love feedback on your opinions.

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November 29, 2021 at 14:11
System message: Post has been written by user Originallyweirdbutnormal, who already deleted profile on this website:
I have a wide Moon conjunction to Mars in Taurus, I am not really much like a normal Taurus Mars, but then people with Moon - Mars as an example are not too such as Tom Cruise with a Taurus Mars squaring his Leo Moon.

Much faster to anger, much faster on the engagemnent of Mars because the Moon has feelings and needs.
However on my sidereal chart I am a Moon and Mars in Aries.

I was bought up by a Libra Mars mother and Cancer Mars father, my fathers Moon conjunct my mothers Mars in synastry.

I also have a Moon opposition to Pluto in Scorpio in my 8th.

I will say this, I have barely any limits sexually, just that I am straight and a very vivid sexual imagination that I am aware is not always best to try all imaginings. I embraced the full me. I do have Sun trine Pluto, my ego is at least in line.

The Taurus Moon grounds me completely, whilst Pluto unearths such a powerful sexuality.
I am comfortable in both realms, both planets are dignified and I can see from two sides. It´s either a case of "I know too much" I tell myself, or others tell me "How do you know that?"

As a kid I was different.. I was never sexually insecure, I never chased tail or tried to get with a female for sex.
I just had no idea how to interact with others.

Later in my years I understood that everyone has a creative and active imagination, be it sexual or likewise, it is the moral compass and state of our self that will engage anything, I luckily have an exalted Jupiter conjunct my Sun also trine Pluto and in opposition to a Capricorn Saturn, my healthy, grounded nature and also Jupiter being the one to instill morals and live through experiences, helped me to form a solid moral compass.
It is also my hidden superpower of knowing what others really want from a situation.

I was not comfortable with my own sexual mind for years and internalized the darkness, people dislike sexual deviancy but also what lays in the psyche of their own minds. I did have an abusive family, I was called homosexual for not getting with women (Other boys my age), My mind has full control, I don´t need to get women to show my dominance or masculinity, I show when I am in bed and we traverse the depths of intimacy with the right woman, anyone else can go to hell.
What is great though is how freely I can swim the waters with the woman I am with and the sexual side is not even thought of, it just happens...
The flow of creativity, unlearning everyone else´s bullshit baggage.

My mind is also hot-wired into the female psyche giving me this huge advantage with women if I so engage it.
I know what turns women on, I know how much they hold back and I know that desire is a very hard to resist fruit, Taurus and Scorpio are the axis of desire and hold much power over the psychology of the human mind.

What is strange is that my father is very sexually insecure, mother was too overprotective, enabled his narcissism.

I sought to be my own person, my own mind, my own man, the only problem is, when you work with yourself for a long time, repairing what was damaged, you then need time to reintegrate with life or forever be fallen into the pits of narcissism, not ending the cycle. I have been through the stages of reintegration, I am still working on my communication. What is really strikingly scary is that no one can or could help me, only I could, for whatever reason it is innate and I hold no true power over it, I must express it creatively and use what I have with morals.

I learned I am a good human being with a conscience, I can live with who I am , I am true and strong, I am me. I love my wife to be and will be by her side until our death.

But I could also be a delusional idiot too, see if this were taken as a challenge, the barrier comes up in a defense, in an open person, the awe is nerve striking.
November 29, 2021 at 07:14
(Leo) cubic » kkarda
I know. It started with trauma and then escalated pretty quickly :61:

I think there is some similarity in life experiences, so I appreciate the rogue-ish mentality I see behind the post :2:

"The spice extends life. The spice expands consciousness. The spice is vital to space travel." :61:
November 27, 2021 at 17:29
(Leo) kkarda » cubic
Haha, this post is all over the place, that says enough about me I think lmao. I am glad you enjoyed it though :)
November 27, 2021 at 17:28
(Leo) kkarda » LotusStar
Sometimes I explode, but I have learned from my mother what not to do when angry. I usually take it on myself, and sometimes people are caught in the crossfire. And yes, I find it hard to express. Sometimes I will keep everything pent up, and then everything turns to sh** Especially with a Gemini moon also being in a square with my Uranus: I really can´t interpret any of my emotions...emotions? What are those? Type of attitude until everything ignites.

As for defending, I am highly protective of vulnerable people because I have been so emotionally closed off at times that I can protect others without being affected (Idk if this makes sense). Especially with my mars in 7th. However, with my pars in Pisces, I tend to find myself being a mediator. I always want both sides of an issue, and then once I gather that information, I can choose which to defend.

I also totally relate to the energizer bunny mom. My mom is the household breadwinner, she can´t stop, and she does far too much and complains about it later. It´s kind of interesting that while I have a Gemini moon, she has a Gemini rising. She also has a Leo moon, and I have a Leo rising (and sun). With a Leo moon, she is selfish about how much she does and sometimes compares her outstanding accomplishments. "You should be like me." She also has an Aries sun, so short fuze has her name written on it. I need to check her chart because it wouldn´t surprise me if her moon were square her mars lmao.

I am super interested in Vedic and would love to hear about your moon/mars conjunction. I have my Taurus moon in 10th square my aqua mars in 7th there too. I haven´t grasped the different charts in the sidereal yet, but I would love to hear again. :)
November 27, 2021 at 15:16
(Virgo) LotusStar
How do you deal with your anger? Do you find you get angry easily? Do you find it hard to express?

The positive manifestation of this aspect is definitely more the defender (side of Mars) of children, women, or vulnerable people (Moon), as opposed to the aggressor. I have a Gem moon square Mars but wider orb 10 degrees, not sure counts. My mom is like an energizer bunny, she literally never stops working even now she´s retired she can´t sit idle... growing up I always saw her very busy, distracted, engaged in activity, having a lot on her plate (Gemini) She did have a short fuze too for sure, but she meant well so we didn´t hold a grudge... But I feel like a bit of that side of her is in me too :/ I found out in my Navamsa (D9) chart I have a Moon/Mars conjunction and boy did that explains a lot of things...
November 27, 2021 at 06:46
(Leo) cubic
Can’t say I don’t approve of this post.
Ppl with character are the bomb :4:

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