Upcoming Eclipse Conjunct my poor moon

October 19, 2021 at 23:59 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) GinatheGenie
Upcoming Eclipse Conjunct my poor moon

I have a first house stellium that squares my natal moon in 10.
My natal moon is 25 taurus.
There is an upcoming eclipse in November that is at 27 Taurus.

I am nervous.
Is there any way I can prepare myself?
Thank you.
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October 21, 2021 at 22:28
(Leo) GinatheGenie » Ava69
This has been an interesting exchange.

I looked up Mata Hari and wow, I resonate with her.
I have had a weird feeling I may be executed one day - odd i know. esp bc pisces 8H is supposed to die peacefully in old age.
I am going to look into the biography of Mata Hari and her chart more.

I am now nervous about next years transits with saturn opposing my stellium.

To be honest, I have had this weird feeling that I am going to become famous for something negative. I sense that if that happens, that maybe the saturn in my 7th will represent scrutiny of my personhood from others.
I try to think of saturn as karma and I hope that I have good karma coming, but it is hard to not get anxiety about the next couple of years.

So, something about my life, is that I regularly struggle with people judging me by my looks and my location, and thinking to themselves. "what kind of valid issues could this woman even have?!".
This response from so many has left me very isolated with little support. No one has sympathy when I go through hardship. My main support, my step dad, recently died.

I may live in an affluent area, but I have been struggling financially for the past three years.
Most of the world judges me by my looks and location, but in my immediate area, I am considered poor and average looking and then alienated by my peers for that. I have been linking this pattern of experiences by my Aries NN. I think I am meant to be betrayed and meant to be isolated until I am strong on my own.

I do come from humble beginnings and I have worked very hard in my life.
I did not aspire to live in this area. it honestly happened randomly and I give God the credit for me ending up here in Newport.
Yes the oil situation right now is awful.
Because I spend so much time alone, I get a lot of comfort from the ocean and it hurts me to see the animals suffering.

Also, your interpretation of my chart is spot on.
My first job was in a hotel, and my first serious job was in a casino.
I now work in social services, but I dont have good luck in career.
For whatever reason, people always conspire against me and work against me in the background.
I end up with overbearing bosses who hold me down.
I am currently trying to change my career but it is difficult as I do not wish to be vaccinated.

So the reason for my stress/anxiety about this eclipse is that I am already in an awful position financially, I have issues with my boss, I am struggling to transition careers, and an eclipse in my 10th house on my moon just seems like I might implode. I cannot handle any more hardship.
On top of this, I am 34, single, without friends. I am literally doing this all on my own.
Astrology has been a great tool for me to support myself and try to find comfort in the transits. :79:
October 21, 2021 at 20:11
(Capricorn) Emanuel » Ava69
Don t you think that you stretch it a little too far?
October 21, 2021 at 18:52
(Capricorn) Emanuel » Ava69
Mata Hari combination :)). Dude you are funny.
October 20, 2021 at 05:52
(Capricorn) Emanuel
Update:I looked at your transits when the Eclipse take place. You have natally Moon square mars, so this Eclipse also will square your Mars. A little bit of extra tension I see.

Jupiter will square your Moon(again, since Jupiter finished his retrograde motion) and Pluto trine your Moon exactly in that period.

So your Moon will be an,let s say, highlighted spot in your chart, that s for surr.
October 20, 2021 at 05:24
(Capricorn) Emanuel
"Upcoming Eclipse Conjunct my poor moon"

Same for me, as i have the Moon at 26 degrees Taurus. Dont be nervous... The more you think of it the more stressful it gets.

As a fact, you should look at the houses that have Scorpio and Taurus. These two houses will be activated by eclipses the next 2 years. In your case, 4th house in Scorpio and 10th house in Taurus. Private life vs public life changes... Maybe you should watch out in this areas of life. This november the eclipse takes place in Taurus, so it activates your 10th house(and by opposition 4th house too). Maybe something more important than usual will happen related to your public image, career etc? These are just presupositions.

But as I said in other thread... In the day of the Eclipse Mars and Mercury are also in Scorpio. So the house with Scorpio is also under some kind of pressure (in your case the house of private life,home environment etc).
October 20, 2021 at 01:30
(Leo) GinatheGenie » Datta108
Thank you for this suggestion. I am nervous due to all of the squares. I do not know how much more emotional upheaval i can handle.
October 20, 2021 at 00:17
(Capricorn) Datta108
Namaste, traditionally in India people would fast on the day of the eclipse and not try to view it or even go outside while it is occurring especially if the eclipse is on your moon sign and definitely if it´s in your natal moon nakshatra.

Besides fasting, no sexual activity either as it is said conceiving during an eclipse can negatively impact the child to be born.

Japa(chanting Mantras)and prayers recited during an Eclipse is said to magnify the effects a thousand times more,so offering a few prayers is like offering thousands so its an Excellent time for prayers, meditation, reciting mantras etc..🙏🌻🕉

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