Venus conjunct Mars on Valentine´s Day (one month conjunction)

October 13, 2021 at 20:48 (UT/GMT)
(Capricorn) Emanuel
Venus conjunct Mars on Valentine´s Day (one month conjunction)
User Psyle revealed a very interesting fact : Venus will be conjunct Mars (exact aspect) on Valentine s day 2022, in Capricorn.

Venus was conjuncting Mars exactly also in July 2021, for some days(in Leo).

The difference this time is that Venus starts the conjunction with Mars in 11-12 February and the exact conjunction is over aproximately on 12 March, after that the conjunction starts to loose up, but still conjunct until 21 March.

Wow. About one month of Venus-mars conjunction (exact Aspect) and more if count when it s not exact. This will be interesting.

Also Venus conjunct Mars will conjunct Pluto (1-4/5 march)

This conjunction will take place in Capricorn and Aquarius. For me it will activate my 7th and 8th house (this Venus/mars will conjunct my Sun, my Venus and if didnt start to loosen up after 12 March, my Mars - so it will be a Mars return too for me ; also when Venus/mars will conjunt Pluto it also activates my Natal Moon by trine)

Im curios what you think about this transit? How this transit will affect you (house position, aspects to natal planets)?

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October 24, 2021 at 18:20
(Leo) Zephyrin
Finally there are some exciting news about the sky!

Mars and Venus conjunction in Capricorn? Earth signs are generally hard to deal with. It´s gonna be interesting. Perhaps it will be the time getting along with Earth signs is easier. That conjunction will be in my 1st house, conjuncting my Capricorn Lilith in natal... I hope I don´t make someone I like escape from me with that energy. :92:

There is a hot Capricorn anyway with me, no doubt it will be nice to herd him...
October 24, 2021 at 15:23
(Aquarius) Ways_of_Leavin' » Psyle
Ohh, okayy. I had never heard about the concept of ´Venus returns´ (obviously), in the meaning of drawing up such a chart, having effects until the next return of Venus. I have only barely looked at some of my solar returns as well as lunar revolution. But why not actually... On Astrodient I only observed the option to do either a solar or lunar return; seems on here one can as well calculate such a return chart for Venus, Jupiter, etc. Nice! I will look into it. Still am kinda clueless in regards to intrpretation though.

I definitely did feel a change from nSun in Aqua to pSun in Pisces. Indeed emotions started to flow easier. Also big change from stable and sensual pTaurus Asc to more flight and very mentally oriented pGemini Asc!
October 21, 2021 at 22:12
(Sagittarius) Psyle » Ways_of_Leavin'
2034 really stands out in terms of Venus-Mars but you surely have other interesting venusian chapters! With enough patience I managed to find my own key periods along with some decent predictions.

Any planetary return fundamentally impacts its natal house as you pointed out. But a returning planet also belongs to a house in the return chart. The natal house (and natal transits) show the ultimate influence on one´s inner life while the return house (and return aspects) describe the temporary external atmosphere surrounding the event. Yes, it is a technique like solar return. Your Venus will always ultimately evolve through your ASC (H1,H12). But each Venus cycle (7 months) and solar cycle (1 year) will bring their unique flavor to this alchemical process through their respective lense (solar, venusian, lunar).

Progressed Venus (and progressed DSC) changing signs signify a spontaneous major turn in one´s overall approach to relationships. Signs usually describe the underlying subjective psychic atmosphere. In Taurus you will take a more grounded approach, the hyperactivity of Aries will shift to a more loyal, steady, sensual and profound way of dealing with partnerships. For instance my progressed Venus entered Pisces right after a very emotional heartbreak. Indeed my heart had just opened up, from Aquarius to Pisces it became less recreational and more mystical, unconditional. At the time it also touched my shadow self (Corrected Lilith 0º Pisces). Now 5 years later it´s reaching the spiritual light (Mean Lilith 6º Pisces). Which takes place around an important peak (Saturn return 14º Aquarius).
October 21, 2021 at 19:08
(Aquarius) Ways_of_Leavin' » Psyle
2034?? Not 2024? So just 13 years left... :75:

Thank you though!☺️ May I ask, what do you mean by a 4th house Venus return? Isn´t any planet return a return to it´s position in the natal chart? So H12 for me. Or is this some other technique, like solar return ?

In your opinion, what do such ingresses (progression to the next sign) symbolize, and especially in regards to Venus ? (I suppose pVenus in Taurus vs Aries is considered luckier, but apart from that I cannot comment much)
October 17, 2021 at 20:20
(Capricorn) Emanuel » Psyle
Thank you :79:
October 17, 2021 at 16:56
(Sagittarius) Psyle » Emanuel
I found it here :…

It also talks about the Mars-Venus cycle´s influence on Jung´s life.
October 16, 2021 at 20:29
(Capricorn) Emanuel » Psyle
""The Venus-Mars synodic cycle is erratic and inconsistent, reflecting the ever-changing nature of relationships. These archetypal lovers meet together only in the Venus zone, which is within 48 degrees of the Sun. Here, Mars – the masculine symbol, is always direct in motion, reflecting its active nature to pursue relationships. Venus – the feminine principle, can be direct, stationary or retrograde when this union occurs, symbolising the fluctuating and mysterious ways of the feminine. "

Beautiful . I save this . Where you found this ?
October 15, 2021 at 23:14
(Sagittarius) Psyle » Emanuel
Damn what an impressive solar return chart for 2026. You rarely get some like these. 12th house Sun-Mars-Venus-Mercury, trine 8th house Moon, opposite 6th house Cancer Jupiter.

"The Venus-Mars synodic cycle is erratic and inconsistent, reflecting the ever-changing nature of relationships. These archetypal lovers meet together only in the Venus zone, which is within 48 degrees of the Sun. Here, Mars – the masculine symbol, is always direct in motion, reflecting its active nature to pursue relationships. Venus – the feminine principle, can be direct, stationary or retrograde when this union occurs, symbolising the fluctuating and mysterious ways of the feminine. However, there is a greater order that weaves these inconsistent cycles together. Every 32 years, Venus and Mars will repeat the conjunction in the same sign (albeit with the occasional precession into the adjacent sign). Tracking these 32-year saros phases can be rather illuminating. From an alchemical perspective, the sacred union – also referred to as the conjunction – symbolises the coming together of spirit and soul, thus combining the inner king which seeks clarity, consciousness and ascension, with the inner queen, which is more concerned with the cyclical rhythms of life in the material world below."

:155: :191: :154: :18:
October 15, 2021 at 17:31
(Capricorn) Emanuel » Psyle
Interesting indeed, about the mars venus conjunction on 8th ianuary 2026 (on my birthday).
October 15, 2021 at 16:21
(Aquarius) nikkia » Psyle
Holy cow! I totally missed the Mars return! So many new cycles hitting at once. This is so trippy from my end. A whole new me is emerging.

Watch out world! :61:

Do I apologize now or later? :4:
October 15, 2021 at 15:45
(Sagittarius) Psyle
As Nikkia said it would be interesting to report back on that period. Especially for those who will have activated natal planets.

The march 2022 conjunction triggers a Venus return for Emanuel and I (8 month cycle) and a Mars return for Nikkia (2 year cycle).

The next three Mars-Venus conjunctions (2022, 2024, 2026) will hit : Venus, Venus, Uranus (for me) and Venus, Venus, Sun (for Emmanuel). This aligns with our incoming Plutonian chapter (Pluto on natal Venus).

Further down the rabbit hole : I just realized that the last Venus-Mars conjunction in Leo (July 2021) hit my natal Chiron near the IC. And in september 2021 I met a girl (in a home: IC) with whom I share an intricate Chiron synastry! Besides, the day I met her, the Sun hit our composite Chiron. And the first meeting chart has a Chiron-ASC quincunx Sun. All exact! With transit Chiron opposite natal Jupiter in the profected 5th house. Naturally two Sagittarians do embody the Chiron archetype. Around the same time period I also met another person with Chiron synastry and he has : natal Mars conjunct Venus in Leo. Which means he has just completed his 32 year Mars-Venus cycle!
October 15, 2021 at 13:46
(Aquarius) nikkia
Very interesting... not a big V-Day holiday gal - although it tends to be a good a day for me :2: anyway.

This 4 planet stellium hits my Capricorn H1 that day... so? I have NO IDEA how this might affect me. 3 of 4 the transit planets are in my natal H2 Aqua where Sun, Saturn and Jupiter are all making their respective Returns. That´s amazing, really.

Big, big changes --- is my best guess. (personal and financial)

This will be fun to track.
And to reflect upon once it passes.

Thanks Emanuel. :78: and Psyle
October 15, 2021 at 13:29
(Capricorn) Emanuel » Psyle
Currently Pluto trine Moon transit is preparing me for those transits( Pluto conjunct Venus, Neptune square mercury, Uranus square Mars, Uranus conjunct Moon)

About Valentine´s Day... I m very lucky to have besides the Venus/Mars square my saturn that time, to have Saturn in transit conjunct exactly my Mars(the lord of my 5th) hehe. Very lucky.
October 15, 2021 at 08:44
(Sagittarius) Psyle » Emanuel
For sure. Then in two years time (2024) transiting Pluto, with its ingress in Aquarius, will hit your Venus and mine too. :160:

So this two year long Mars-Venus synod (2022-2024), which activates our Venus, will be offering a perfect preparation! The astral body will be reborn from its ashes thanks to plutonian alchemy.
October 15, 2021 at 00:47
(Capricorn) Emanuel » Psyle
Things are moving beautifully.
October 14, 2021 at 21:11
(Sagittarius) Psyle » Emanuel
What an appealing topic! This Mars-Venus season will be right on time for Jupiter´s final ingress in Pisces. Mars in Scorpio for Halloween. Mars-Venus-Pluto for Valentine´s day as you rightfully depicted. And Jupiter-Venus-Neptune around end of april which could be a good time for a Venus talisman. Such crafts are better with an exaltation (Venus in Pisces) than a domicile apparently.

It looks like both of us will be affected by this new Mars-Venus synodic cycle. Have you checked the actual charts of your Venus and Mars returns? The house of the returning planet and the house tied to Pisces will be activated for the next 2 years.

How does this transit influence me? Well it brings a breath of fresh air after a chaotic 2021 Venus return (VR 12th house, afflicted by Saturn-Pluto, Lilith ASC). The 2022 Venus return will have Venus-Mars-Pluto in my VR 1st house so there´s a kind of rebirth going on after the chaos. With transit Venus opposite my natal Mars my life will become very dynamic though and there will be quite a few rewards (Jupiter-Neptune-Sun in VR 2nd house and natal 11th house). The February conjunction hits my natal Uranus in the 8th house. And the March conjunction hits my natal Venus in the 9th house (sextile natal Mercury, opposite natal Mars). Besides, all my lunar return charts around Valentine´s day have Venus aspecting a natal planet : H11 Pluto (sept), H6 Sun (oct), IC Uranus (nov), DSC Mars (dec), DSC Uranus (jan), H3 Uranus (13th feb), H11 Venus (march), DSC Mean Lilith (april). Therefore the peak sentimental period for me is between sept 2021 and april 2022. Indeed things have really accelerated since sept 2021 with an activation of my profected 5th house : transit Venus on H5 natal Jupiter. Then a few weeks later I experienced a Vertex activation. Looking further with lunar returns the peak months for Venus are : december, february, march and august.

The best for last : dec 2022 will be a Jupiter 7th house profection year for me. With Pisces Jupiter-Neptune in the SR 7th house and SR South Node conjunct natal vertex :12:
October 14, 2021 at 20:09
(Capricorn) Emanuel » Psyle
At least for someone the future looks promising.
October 14, 2021 at 20:01
(Sagittarius) Psyle » Ways_of_Leavin'
Speaking of cherubic events, 2034 looks promising for you. :18:

With a progressed Venus in Taurus ingress (jan). Uranus in the 5th house. A 4th house Venus return conjunct Jupiter (16 feb). Mars-Venus hits your Moon (11 nov) then Mars-Venus hits your Pluto (30 dec) then Mars-Venus hits your Pluto again (Dec 2036). Finally Mars-Venus hits your Moon again (sept 2040). Also Ketu activates your Venus in 2035. 2031 and 2037 have a 8th house Venus return which could act as a kind of cleansing.
October 13, 2021 at 23:07
(Aquarius) Ways_of_Leavin' » Emanuel
I´d say Pluto 8th. But yes... I´m sometimes wondering myself (if it´s really Moon that resides there...)
October 13, 2021 at 22:45
(Capricorn) Emanuel » Ways_of_Leavin'
You have 8th house... Moon in Libra in 8th house :1:
October 13, 2021 at 22:27
(Aquarius) Ways_of_Leavin' » Emanuel
Lost and confused too, yep... 👍🏻
October 13, 2021 at 22:16
(Capricorn) Emanuel » Ways_of_Leavin'
Carried away... As a true Pisces Rising:)
October 13, 2021 at 21:54
(Aquarius) Ways_of_Leavin' » Emanuel
Ahje, truue... I got a bit carried away as you see
October 13, 2021 at 21:53
(Aquarius) Ways_of_Leavin' » Emanuel
I want house 8....... :61: :20:
October 13, 2021 at 21:38
(Capricorn) Emanuel » Ways_of_Leavin'
Also, since Valentine s day is in February, Sun is in Aquarius so Venus cant be in scorpio, it s too far away. Venus can be at maximum 48 degree distance from Sun.
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