twin flame indicator ??

October 10, 2021 at 20:08 (UT/GMT)
(Virgo) saturnsho
twin flame indicator ??
my sun is conjunct my partners north node & my moon is also conjunct his south node. what would this mean in terms of our dynamic? we have this bond that is really deep & psychic. I wanted to get some opinions on this. some say he’s my twin & others say it’s a past life connection which ik is karmic so I am kinda confused

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October 11, 2021 at 14:40
(Virgo) saturnsho » Catch-22
everything you said i’m already going through.. lol i’m just looking at the dynamic of our charts lmao. I think you misinterpreted what I said but again sorry that happened to you. same happened to me!
October 11, 2021 at 14:37
(Virgo) saturnsho » Catch-22
hm sorry you went through that but I removed my rose colored glasses a long time ago. nothing new here, in fact I already planned on making a vid on how twin flames are everything it’s hyped up to be but me & him still have a psychic connection lol & I hate it but I’ve been done a long time ago. i’m just now looking at our charts.
October 11, 2021 at 13:27
(Aquarius) Catch-22 » cubic
Yes, this pretty much describes it all. Just don´t follow about the ballads :61:

It´s a lot of drama in a toxic relationship where´s passion but too much ego. At least, it was in my case. In the long run, I just had to admit I fell in love with an immature bipolar woman that was mentally bend by a deficit of attention of het mother and damaged by witnessing a deadly car accident. I was a guy in a midlife crisis, having mother issues too, flattered by some sexual attention I finally got from a good looking woman and in a psychotic state thinking my life was some television novel. Both mixing up the terms "deep connection" and "emotional exhibitionism".

If that relationship isn´t toxic, nothing is. Paving it with some Twin flame crap put some whip cream on the shit but underneath it, it´s still shit. Especially if you start a process of awareness afterwards, you continue to deceive yourself that this was the mission of the twin meeting, till you see she still stays the same person and you are responsible for your own growth.
October 11, 2021 at 12:47
(Pisces) fishscales
".. and we don´t have 80s power ballads to latch onto"


Well, technically we do, but that doesn´t mean we should...

While we´re on the subject...who´s up for 4 minutes and 19 seconds of musical torture...
October 11, 2021 at 12:40
(Leo) cubic » fishscales
"makes it seem like a concept wherein it is somehow beneficial to have a shitty, unhealthy relationship in the name of some higher purpose. It is therefore pretty obvious why it appeals to so many people..."

It´s like when people look for fucks and drama, yet it´s by all signs a toxic relationship, need to fix the optics socially by calling it twin flame, soul mate etc. Healing journey narrative in normie society..

Toxic relationships are a thing that provides COMPLICATIONS which wards off boredom and generates soap opera-ish materials..

It´s so wonderful to be able to wash that with higher purpose aims

Others need it to bind lost suckers for long term relationships by brainwashing them that they are two parts of a lost whole etc.

Others are romantically minded which as usual seems to be accompanied by ultimate tragedy of some sorts.. and we don´t have 80s power ballads to latch onto, so there is spirituality/twin flames instead.

"It´s a profitable strategy."

Especially since the combo of astrology and twin flame kind of concepts is this ever-mutating dangling carrot for the audience. It´s only highly speculative, and you can write a book every 2 years about what you think the sigs of a twin flame are, node stuff, planet combos etc, book a twin flame focused reading etc.

TL;DR bring back 80s power ballads to save ppl from themselves
October 11, 2021 at 12:19
(Pisces) fishscales » Catch-22
The "mythology" surrounding twin flames makes it seem like a concept wherein it is somehow beneficial to have a shitty, unhealthy relationship in the name of some higher purpose. It is therefore pretty obvious why it appeals to so many people...

"it´s making you feel special and with a higher purpose and that makes you feel good"

Agreed. That´s the major selling tactic of all new age pseudo-occultism: twin flames, "starseeds", and whatever other mumbo jumbo that´s out there, or will be in the future.

It´s a profitable strategy.
October 11, 2021 at 08:13
(Leo) cubic » Catch-22
"I consider the concept now a mindfuck and self-deception."

October 11, 2021 at 07:07
(Aquarius) Catch-22
After firmly having believed in the concept, really believing I met my twin flame, the dust settled and I saw the things without pink glasses. I consider the concept now a mindfuck and self-deception. Don´t get me wrong, it´s making you feel special and with a higher purpose and that makes you feel good, just like an LSD trip makes you feel good, helps to see things in a different light maybe for eternity, but in the end it´s just a drug and not real.

The lady I am talking about has a triangle on my Pars Fortunae with her Mars and her Venus, while her Sun conjuncts my descendant. She squared my lunar nodes with her moon, which showed she gave tension with my karmic mission in this life.

I really believed this was higher than us but it wasn´t. I´m not God or another deity, I don´t know the truth, just be aware not to fool yourself.

Love is a verb. You need to work on it, no matter what your charts tell you.

And btw, many twin flame stories are not fairy tales. In many cases it goes along with a lot of pain and hard lessons (thank you Saturn). So a red light flashing should go off if it´s all pink and mellow.... Then it´s probably NOt your twin flame but just a good love story.

I know this is not what you want to hear. And probably I got it all wrong. :16:
October 10, 2021 at 22:54
(Virgo) saturnsho » Janelane
very true.. same boat haha the dynamic of our chart is really beautiful, even the negatives are still transforming & healing
October 10, 2021 at 22:14
(Aquarius) Janelane
My twin flame and I have similar aspects for our nodes
When it´s your twin flame you just know, you see your reflection in them..
October 10, 2021 at 21:44
(Virgo) saturnsho » Aren Levi
I love your interpretation. I heavily believe in past lives so it makes sense. I also agree w/that philosophy of the types of connections we can have w/ ppl. i’ve always felt that same way lol. thank you!
October 10, 2021 at 21:37
(Virgo) Aren Levi
if you believe in past lifes,

those nn and sn conjunctions you two got are deff signs of that :15:

if it is karmic, soulmate, or twinflame .... maybe all of that :4:

what i want to explain is
- karmic can be good, not just bad
- soulmate can be bad, not just good
- twinflame are never easy, but never boring

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