How to better integrate Neptune, especially whilst it transits the 5th house?

October 6, 2021 at 13:56 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) CasablancaXYZ
How to better integrate Neptune, especially whilst it transits the 5th house?
Does anyone have any insight or tips on how to ground and integrate Neptunian energy?

Neptune is currently transiting my 5th house, and will be doing so for some years to come.

Ideally, I´d like to eventually experience successful and healthy relationships - but what can one do to ensure that one is based in reality when Neptune is transiting their 5th house?

Thank you!

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October 25, 2021 at 20:12
(Gemini) CasablancaXYZ
Self Discoveries Along My Transit of Neptune through the 5H:

1.) I´m more prone to easily romanticizing things and seeing life through rose colored spectacles very, very, very easy.

If something brings me discomfort or there is an unpleasant reality in front of me, I tend to fixate on a hypothetical or a perceived positive and exaggerate its effect - when it more than likely brings more detriment in reality than not. In that, I am more likely to make more excuses for people who are taking advantage of me, just because I "like them".

2.) I give in to the ideal of "potential" more readily and very deeply. If I perceive "potential" to be there, welp, that is that! Much like the above explanation, I will amplify my hopes of the potential coming into fruition.

3.) Uranus is transiting my 7H, in conjunction with this Neptune transit - so I´ve been giving in to having a wild, "romantic" time with sketchy characters - so I ended up falling a bit deeply, or at least spending more time than I normally would´ve with people who simply do not have my best interest at heart.

However, I entered these relationships without the understanding of my transits - so I was trying to make certain situations fit where they would, could and SHOULD not. Nevertheless, going forward, I understand that I have to remain grounded in reality and take people for absolute face value. Even though they may seem like a good time right now, I have to realistically consider if a relationship has a functional potential - if it doesn´t, I have to know not to fool myself and waste time.

Lol! That´s just my momentary reflection of my previous circumstances!
October 7, 2021 at 18:47
(Gemini) CasablancaXYZ » cubic
Wow, this is actually a fantastic and pretty informative response - thank you!!!

With that breakdown, I can completely see how and why Neptune transiting the 5th house can manifest as it does, as I´ve experienced the reality of it a bit during this past year alone.

Sadly, I got caught up with a fella of Neptunian nature (actually in his chart, opposing my Venus!! Yikes) and it was a bit of a mess. It started out casual and friendly, but unfortunately for me, I became a bit more emotionally invested than he. He played on that for sure (mostly because I allowed it!).

Despite me cutting him off for valid reasons, he would still come around through different avenue´s - and I would let him back in, due to the emotional attachment on my behalf. However, it was all sex and manipulation on his behalf.

A MESS! I thought I could play a player´s game, but apparently not!

Needless to say, with regard to your response - experiencing the Neptune transit in the 5th house, I´m starting to see the importance in approaching dating from an objective reality.

In short, we can´t go into casual circumstances saying that we are okay with being "just fwbs", when one wants to experience the possibility of a real relationship down the line, depending on how the connection goes.
October 7, 2021 at 16:21
(Leo) Lilplayer822 » cubic
You hit the nail on the head here!

This is exactly what happens
I have experienced it 1st hand!!

I would like to learn more from you!!
October 7, 2021 at 12:20
(Leo) cubic
From what I´ve read only prevention comes to mind.

Tendencies to be interested in extra complicated situations - like unavailable partners - because of marriages or great, great distance. Like say somebody from South Korea.. or North Korea. Then you can just like fantasize endlessly, but nothing may come out of it of course, unless it´s realistic for your context.

So the success is based on initial assessment of the ground of the relationship - is this an alright person within a realistic for me distance, and do they have like 3 kids and a 10 year marriage?

These are themes that most people seem to deal with anyway. The whole field of relationships/dating predisposes people to ignore reality regardless of Neptunian transits, because relationships are so stimulating for the mind/soul and the sexual organs.

So in a way it seems to repeat the typical themes.. important to not kid one´s self - people do tell you what they are made of early in the relationship, you just have to believe it when they describe themselves.

The danger is that you may let your fantasy elevate them or glamourise them afterwards, even if they´ve told you that they are this or that way. But again people seem to do that despite not having 5th house in Pisces so lol.

As for the whole deception thing - it doesn´t have to be that you´ll be deceived or misled - you could be the one doing it too. The energy is there. If it´s a legit person nothing too crazy will happen etc. I wouldn´t be fearful if they are good stuff to begin with.

In general I wouldn´t.. how should I say this - play around with people too much? If one is so inclined. You don´t seem to be. Because it kinda lets them play with you in a similar way in return. Maybe there is more of potential with that sort of situation becoming big with Neptune in 5th.

So I´ve been keeping it straight, living within truth etc, so I don´t get to attract/interact with unsavory types.

That´s what comes to mind in regards to Neptune transiting the 5th.

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