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January 16, 2019 at 17:47 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) PhoenixSag
Astrology Luck Casinos
I have been into astrology since the early 60s; used it in business (management analyst) after I understood it - success. In the late 80s after quitting business used the information for casino gambling ended up filing income tax as a professional gambler for 9 years until my wife died: QUIT - can´t bet with a confused mind. Have been back at it after 19 year absence and have improved per hour earnings substantially; all that said would like to communicate with others who are or might be interested in the life style. I did teach astrology classes in Memphis during the mid 90s as well as individual consultations and now use astrology to assist in Pastoral Counseling for which I have a PhD.
Any body interested in exchanging info??

FOR THE BENEFIT IF ALL READERS: My intention when first opening this site was to communicate with others who were already into some level of casino activity be it as a Recreation Player, One who is a little serious, Some Few who are trying to move ahead, and maybe Some with contributory information.
I have found that the majority of folks here are pretty much NEW, Searching, and wondering about how to. Must change my train of thought to help the new bee so to speak and will answer specific questions directly IN ADDITION TO BEGINING TO POST SPECIFIC PREPARATORY TYPE INFORMATION FOR ALL WHO WANT TO GO TO CASINOS beginning today with "MONEY MANAGEMENT" because without it nobody can run any kind of business; takes capital to make a profit.
A serious point to make is "You cannot win all the time"; even grocers lose on some products; mechanics lose through error in mfg or repair, etc. It is no different at the casino YOU must be prepared for YOUR mistakes and MINIMIZE them to make profits later. That action at the casino is called "Stop Loss" and only you with knowledge, understanding and management of your capital can do it.

YOU are the most important point in all the future posts because you and only you can and must know yourself. First thing before we get into MONEY MANAGEMENT - next INFO POST - is YOU MUST be in Mental, Physical and Emotional condition to work at the casino games. YOU must not have any distractions as a result of upset, injury/pain/discomfort/, alcohol, nervous, emotional issues and definitely by yourself. If you are with a date/friend/etc you will not be paying attention to the very quick changes that take place in the process of playing. YOU MUST KNOW YOUR SELF WELL stay home if there is any distraction that will divert your attention.
INFORMATION POST #3 Feb 12, 2019
FIRST let´s understand that no one or business can win all the time - you must build your business with that understanding and work/strive to improve yourself and knowledge of what you are doing continuously to minimize losses and max out returns on investment. There are a few basic and mandatory rules to becoming and maintaining a positive capital reserve account balance(s). First determine what you can set aside to start and do not bet it away or use for anything except your INVESTMENT/gambling; you will also continue to ADD ALL WINNINGS from each session to INCREASE THE ACCOUNT for the foundation to increase your bet limit and thus your earnings potential to independence or more relaxed recreation gambling.
Principal MUST you cannot make any individual bet(s) greater than 1% of the value of your CAPITAL RESERVE ACCOUNT. Why? Because you can make 100 losing bets without going broke and if you do that - get to gamblers anonymous AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. KEEP RECORDS of your individual play at each table/casino/ etc THAT REFLECT YOUR Profit or Loss - criticize yourself and grow. Your records will be necessary for you to know your Efficiency Index so you can understand where you are failing/succeeding.

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April 6, 2019 at 16:22
(Sagittarius) PhoenixSag » TimeSciences
Time: Good temporary name for the great question and chart you have presented - I have put it all on PDF as there is much to consider. Do not believe I have ever seen a chart as equally distributed in the 50 years have been doing this.
Time, I can see some of what makes you a good manager and structured person; believe my opening note on this site references some of the benefits you have and your ability to accept the stress with knowledge/wisdom/consideration/deliberation all of which are very much required as we venture into handling other peoples money or ours.
This brief message is sent to assure you that I am going to put much thought into your question, chart and goals - will be asking you more about yourself, work, maybe even childhood before it is over. my name is Wayne hope you are a little patient for my next response.
April 6, 2019 at 04:46
(Pisces) TimeSciences
Hello, I´m not a gambler but the psychology and financial management of professional gambling seems similar to that of stock traders who use technical analysis of charts. I´m curious about astrology because a number of traders on do mention sites such as and occasionally throw out terms such as ´Mars retrograde´ etc. (see also info. in my profile) At one time in the late 1970´s I did a little bit of manual Astrology using an older book dated 1973 found in a thrift shop. I was able to draw up the charts and write down the meanings for friends and family who knew their birth times and quite a few were strikingly accurate! I don´t know yet how to read the chart generated using my best estimate of birth time but I did win $5000 once entering a free sweepstakes in a local newspaper and in past work with various companies have been consistently in the top 10% with sales production and wonder what might your experienced eye see in my chart with respect to finance and luck? I´m a firm believer in building sound foundations of knowledge and skill followed by working diligently with ´best practices´ consistently to create success and good relations and, I´m the one that have actually had a friend hand me his wallet to help manage his money and teach him how to repair his financial situation for a few years and this was in a roommate situation with someone I came to know many years ago!
April 5, 2019 at 08:28
(Aries) nutelina » AdeptMagician
Slot machines have algorithms which is always a win for the casino. They are tuned so that customers spend a maximum amount of time with them. There are indicators people can affect random number generation but just very slightly, it is however statistically significant.
February 10, 2019 at 19:15
(Aries) ram_goat » nkicks85
>It just isn’t the same as shopping plus there’s some people
>I buy things for not really because hmm how do I explain this....

No need to explain. Cancer Moon. Me too. Compelled to to take care of everyone´s needs..
in a motherly way. I got this too. Righting all the little wrongs. The stray dog on the curb. All the people who look like they aren´t having a nice day. Strangers. Yep. Shopping. Yep. In my mind I can decorate the entire house around a single pretty object that catches my eye or imagination. Colors, shapes, textures.

February 10, 2019 at 10:10
(Leo) nkicks85 » ram_goat
It just isn’t the same as shopping plus there’s some people
I buy things for not really because hmm how do I explain this.... I don’t really hold them close or anything but I see that there’s soemthing they are lacking and I see that they don’t have anyone else noticing or getting it for them... girl once didn’t have good work shoes she kept slipping and almost falling all the time I said I bought them for myself and hey weren’t comfortable and I couldn’t return them... she wasn’t someone I could really express much too just really a aquantance And worked it into a convo and yea... lol so it often isn’t even anyone I can say anything to soemtimes have to even make things up because people’s pride ya know.... but sometimes I even just buy the stuff leave a bag with their name on it. But it’s really the act of shopping alone is just a great feeling too... it’s like comparing apples to pizza lol both great but different lol and cheese is very addicting lol 😂 target is my happy place but yes it is rewarding expressing appreciation to people but also that can sometimes be a hard thing for me communication sometimes with some people can be hard when it’s about that stuff but with some it flows freely and easily for me just depends.

The whole mirror Neptune effect thing is far worse than the guliable thing I will say tho.... it’s a nightmare but I’m not alone in that tho thankfully there’s like support groups for it now lol
February 10, 2019 at 07:52
(Aries) ram_goat » nkicks85
>>Thing soon my self control and serious spending problem... ugh and I love spending >money on people nothing feels better....

Might just be a phase. Substituting one thing for another. How about just telling people how much you appreciate them instead? Priceless. Judge by the look on their faces when you do. :) Discover other ways to show the people you love that you care. It worked for me, and I love to spend money too. Most times they appreciate that more than the dollar value of any thing you could have bought. Especially if they are feeling down. Be their sunshine instead. Takes time, work & thought, though. Must be always on your toes. Oft times money is easier, but never as rewarding.

>but once I let someone in to a certain point I totally start to become gulliable again.... >but then flip flop back and forth I think it really confuses and comes off bad
>Sometimes but damn I really could be so ridiculously guliable and really did a number >on me for a bit.

Very Neptunian. The lesson is in the grand reveal, so I have heard. The curtain is raised, the illusion is revealed, and the lesson drops at the same time. Doesn´t make it less painful though, for those that are afflicted with it.
February 10, 2019 at 07:36
(Leo) nkicks85 » Trevor
Thank you. You’re actually on point I had made my biggest deal yes last February.
And recently when I gambled a bit I was doing great while I was alone or actually did even better when I set the machine on auto and walked away empty bar at the time just me and the bar tender then people showed up came over we’re saying hi and I had taken it off auto and was playing and immediately started loosing.... thanks for letting me know about 2023 I sometimes only get a few contracts and sometimes even only get paid a few times a year so I will have to make sure I save and plan accordingly because the dry spells well when inexpected can wreck havoc on my life and now that I’m sick and no longer have a job working for someone else as well as my own business where my contacts and now my only income come from....

Anyway you’re on point about the Neptune on my first.... and totally right about the guliable thing took me a while I think to really see it and so since then I kinda changed how I process and go
About things and interacting with people I think it’s caused me to now almost always be skeptical of everything first but once I let someone in to a certain point I totally start to become gulliable again.... but then flip flop back and forth I think it really confuses and comes off bad
Sometimes but damn I really could be so ridiculously guliable and really did a number on me for a bit.
As for
Jupiter on my 2nd hopefully I figure out how to be more consistent and save or die
Thing soon my self control and serious spending problem... ugh and I love spending money on people nothing feels better.... ugh 😑 but anyway I’m working on that... or maybe I just currently am being good as to a lack of funds... lol 😝
I look forward to December and the self improvement the most... lol but the luck with clients will be great.
Great and accurate evaluation
February 9, 2019 at 17:49
(Sagittarius) PhoenixSag » cancerdoubleleo
Thought I had replied to your request about learning maybe not - in any event there is a challenge by some opposed to me being selfish with my time - IN MY 80s don´t need to waste it on a lot of coffee shop bull so will limit my personal attention to those who are sincere and not a waste of time.
To make some information available to all in a manner that will work for ALL and without following it will fail in any business/investment venture; watch for the INFORMATION POST by subject many of which were mentioned in my post of Jan 24 to LB33. will try to get 1st up today-but I have my own life to live and limit my time on the computer so may be a little sporadic with each additional post.
Again your welcome to question on site - BUT I WILL NOT ANSWER WHEN THERE IS AN AUDIENCE THAT ONLY WANTS TO ARGUE. Consider Socrates - a man of great wisdom who never wrote anything because he felt he was not there to answer any questions the reader might have about his words/works.
February 9, 2019 at 17:34
(Sagittarius) PhoenixSag » ram_goat
OK so you expect me to spend HOURS UPON HOURS ON A COMPUTER TEACHING OTHERS WHAT TAKES MUCH TIME TO LEARN IN THE ACTUAL CASINO - VERY MUCH as if you were an apprentice plumber/mechanic/dentist/private in the army. NO Way - that is not why I began this thread. From this point on I will be posting serious outline guides for anyone to follow as first mentioned in my post of Jan 24
Not going to get into a pissing contest with unbelievers or those who are not serious about learning. WATCH FOR THE POST ON "BACK PLAY" AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND some of the extreme time and effort that goes into becoming a winner most of the time at the casinos.
February 9, 2019 at 16:58
(Libra) Bill Doubleu
Hi Brother,

I just started to write on the subject, it goes like this for a bit - "It was 1986, South Lake Tahoe. I was taking out the trash. The horoscope section of the newspaper was staring me in the face. It said “Libra- Lady Luck will really be with you.” I quickly became slack-jawed. See, that horoscope from the paper was from a few days earlier when I had become the Slot God. Every 20 minutes or so I was hitting 40, 80, even $300 pots. Of course that was the worst thing that can happen to someone like me because I felt that I had some kind of gift. Like I could “vibe” into a machine and get if it was lucky. “Vibes” and what is perceived and seemed to be perceived is interesting, and gambling and my gambling Karma but let’s stay on point shall we? Which was… oh yeah, Astrology. So now I’ve got what I thought was a simple question, “Why on any given day would a Libra be Lucky?”. I ended up getting a computer program on floppy disks with midpoints and Joyce Wehrmans reports. I even wrote a book called Contemporary Astrology for Casino Gambling. Horrible book that was never published. I´ve gone in and out of it over the years and now big into it for poker, which I´ve also been into since 1986. I´d love to share experiences and perspectives. Like this "What is luck? Many are the tale of woe told starting with ´The day I won the lottery was the worst day of my life"
February 9, 2019 at 02:44
(Cancer) TimeLord » PhoenixSag
Thank you!
February 8, 2019 at 20:23
(Cancer) Trevor » PhoenixSag
As you have commented on my chart, I will Reveal.. how you interact with others,

your Cancer rising with moon at your ascendant, is you communicate purely on how you ´feel´ not using intelligent insight, as your mercury in sagitarius is afflicted.

Uranus in Taurus in 11th of aspirations shows your life ambitions to be unexpected and financially unstable but making sextile to your moon makes your emotions feel happy and excited about this.
You also have strong desire for financial freedom which is driven by your emotions and shows in your interaction with others.

Your mercury square neptune on the angle says delusion or your a dreamer and as far as winning at gambling goes your 2nd house ruler(your money) and 5th house ruler (gambling) are making a red line negative aspect at 6 degree applying
and you have saturn in your 10th of career trying to balance with your imagination

So I would love to know how you lived on gambling? when your chart says it wont happen in a million years ?

So can your own Astrology skills explain why your money (2nd house ruler)and gambling (5th house ruler) make a frictional aspect ( :152: :192: :154: ) please explain ? because these 2 planets oppose they are very drawn to each other, but your moon square mars at 0 degree shows taking action on your emotions has very negative results!

You dont have luck in gambling either which would be jupiter in 5th or jupiter conjunct venus your 5th house ruler ?

you dont have astrology talent in your chart which would be planets in aquarius or scorpio and strong uranus,

so Im going to go with a ´no thankyou, but thanks for the insults sir´

:57: Astrology can also tell if information is True or False via Horary chart based on the Time of question asked, which iv just done on phoenix´s post

for Truth Rulers 1 and 3 and the Moon need to be in Fixed signs, thats scorpio, taurus, leo or aquarius ´And´ in Angular houses 1, 4, 7, 10

in the chart below
ruler 1(mars) in Aries
ruler 3(saturn) in Capricorn
the moon in Aries

All in Cardinal signs showing ´none´ of this info is true
and ´not´ 1 planet in angular house

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February 8, 2019 at 19:50
(Leo) pilipili » PhoenixSag
Got u will go read the books u adviced and check the craps.

By the way the only time I played some sort of lottery I won (not a big amount)
February 8, 2019 at 19:10
(Sagittarius) PhoenixSag » Trevor
LB: I previously told you I wasn´t looking at your chart - I did today and I fully understand why you didn´t pay any attention to my post to you of Jan 24.
Now that I have seen your chart I recognize several conditions that cause me to terminate the "argumentative" and "busy body" persons I counsel as a PHD in Pastoral Counselling. If all you are going to do is express an opinion about a subject "Casino gambling" you have VIRTUALLY NO KNOWLEDGE ABOUT I don´t care to communicate with you as it is as much of a waste of my time as with the "augmentative drug user" Take a look at the bucket pattern and the outlet of the bail - in your chart.
Incidently I don´t know whos chart you were looking at when you were telling me about my Jupiter and other planets etc - there is no such configuration.
February 8, 2019 at 18:58
(Sagittarius) PhoenixSag » nkicks85
Nkicks: This is a good comment your "wonder if it´s a astrology thing". I have taken a quick look at your chart and since you have Uranus trine Mars,Merc, Sun and sextile Jupiter there is a great possibility that your feeling the effects of transits or progressions causing minor benefits if they hit either of these points MAJOR benefits if one of them complete the Grand Trine in Aries.
Astrology, in my case is used to AVOID negative aspects, since I do not have what is a real worth while lucky chart - you do. But just astrology alone will not take you thru the casino scene because unless you are ready for the whole show you will only see the commercials. Read my Jan 24 post to LB33 for some information about what else it takes.
February 8, 2019 at 18:45
(Sagittarius) PhoenixSag » pilipili
Pilipili: sorry I seem to have overlooked the question you asked about what I play and blackjack - Mostly I use craps as it is the most profitable and least strain; especially if you know both sides of the game. As for BJ it is ok if you can stand the very high degree of attention you must pay when you do play and to select the right table and dealer; as for counting cards I don´t anymore quit in about 95 it isn´t worth it - in fact today the casinos are not as concerned about it as they were then. The biggest issue with counting - ref: I could count 6 decks in 45 seconds on my practice games BUT THE ISSUE of "clumping" which is very elusive and surprises one with a very la r g e loss when it hits. Clumping is my word for when the cards that have been moving in what is assumed to be a favorable direction you bet high, but the deck DIVERGES from normal expectation and deviates to the house - it hurts.
February 8, 2019 at 18:39
(Aries) ram_goat » PhoenixSag
>>If after a few messages you want to pursue learning call me so we can be be more direct and complete with questions/answer/suggestions will send my number if you want it then.

Classic con artist. Take all the "real info" and "secrets" immediately off-forum. Call this number, etc. Why post in here at all if you are going to immediately siphon the discussion off to private channels? You start the thread in here and as soon as someone takes the bait you swoop them off to private email. Where are your "secrets"? Why not share them here?
Don´t tell me it´s because of a few skeptics in the ranks. Save that line for your "marks" and your "johns". Keep the info flowing. Keep it in here if you really got what you say you got. For the benefit of all. Still nothing actionable out of you. Just some trite stats and percentages, and superficial banalities that could be gleaned from a google search in 5 minutes. Show us the goods, if you got em.
February 8, 2019 at 18:31
(Sagittarius) PhoenixSag » DarkOne
David: Good comment I have only recently tried the electronic machines and was very concerned about the extreme possible error in the program as applies to arriving at a TRUE Random result; so far I have found nothing that seems to be slanted to the house - I do dice most of the time - and the probabilities are in my head so can play between the house side and the player side; which most people don´t do because they donot know the game.
Having had a very good relationship with the casino dealers, brushes, pit bosses and lower executives they are not devious and depend for the most part on the "house percentage" which I admit is a little slanted as is the can of beans at the grocery - business´ especially one´s such as the casinos that give an awful lot away free HAVE TO MAKE A PROFIT to be there for you. Basic craps has only a 1.5 house advantage it is the players who make the mistakes and throw their money out voluntarily. At BJ the house has about a 34% advantage over an unknowing player - it is reduced to about 3-5% if you know Basic Strategy.
Appreciate your input and opportunity to know someone concerned about the machines.
February 8, 2019 at 18:20
(Sagittarius) PhoenixSag » TimeLord
TimeLord: Time and Money go nowhere by themselves; they require mental management. That was my message to a graduating class at ArkStUn about 1984.
My advise is DON´T BUY LOTTERY TICKETS - there is someone somewhere that has a lucky chart; if you win it will be minimal and one of those probability issues. Lottery in Tenn only pays out 14% Casinos pay out 93-97% and you can get free beer while you fiddle. Read my post of Jan 24 to LB33 for some of the absolute basics of making money at any form of gambling - including farming. Hope this helps.
February 8, 2019 at 18:12
(Sagittarius) PhoenixSag » cancerdoubleleo
CancerLeo Gal: Not crazy but time consuming - yes I can teach you an provide good book titles to help. PLEASE READ MY POST OF Jan 24 to LB33 for a few of the NECESSARY MENTAL ATTITUDES AND KNOWLEDGE YOU WILL NEED. It is not a crash course and the best learning is "back play" doesn´t cost anything and if you use it you will learn to use it when you start putting money on the board. Craps is the most productive and predictable betting IF YOU KNOW BOTH SIDES; BJ is a good breather, but pretty hard head work and patience, roulette takes on the nature of craps but with 38 to 40 numbers as opposed to dice with only 11 numbers.
My reason for posting on this site was to find some to help and to exchange good knowledgeable information - if your serious ignore the coffee shop bs that seems to be dominate.
If after a few messages you want to pursue learning call me so we can be be more direct and complete with questions/answer/suggestions will send my number if you want it then.
February 8, 2019 at 18:06
(Aries) ram_goat » cancerdoubleleo
Lots of hot air in this thread. Very little actionable intelligence. How bout we proceed the following way in the posts-

1. Time/ Date I gambled.

2. Where I gambled

3. What game I played

4. Aspects active in my chart at the time

5. Most important: How much I won (or didn´t)

6. Discuss.

and P.S.- no old "fishing stories" about the "one that got away" years ago, or
anecdotal wins from long ago in the past, with all the details forgotten or missing.

I suspect on those terms this thread will be even more DOA than it already is.

I´m also guessing we don´t have a real crowd of gamblers in here, but instead just a lot
of "tire kickers" who come on to the used car lot just to look & see after reading the title of the thread. The novelty creates quite a draw. Come to view the freak show. But nobody going to talk about their recent experiences under the terms I outline above. Nobody putting real money down on the table and reporting how it goes for them. Because of a few skeptical or mocking posts by various people, all the purported "secrets" will be passed out of sight, off this thread via email or PM, so the thread will never be more than a bunch of bickering, counter claims and ultimately, hot air.

February 8, 2019 at 17:54
(Sagittarius) PhoenixSag » pilipili
Pilipili: Good comment; "feelings" are usually triggered by a transit with out looking for a specific I won´t make an opinion for you at this time. BUT PLEASE READ MY COMMENT TO LB33 OF Jan 24 it will give you a good overview of an INVESTMENT/gambler. You probably should read my comment to LB33 today as his itching powder is a pain - no direct response and a lot of argumentative verbs.
BASICALLY STAY AWAY FROM LOTTERIES - there will be someone somewhere that has a very fortunate chart that wins. Most strength in a really power house chart would be Venus trine Jupiter with Mercury/Sun/Uranus/Pluto - very seldom seen but a big winner and they don´t know how to use it because they believe they are just lucky all the time - more so when a transit or progression activates either of the points. Economist in today´s stressed world is a tough job; you are young so make a good mental diary of whats going on and the changes as a result of Govt and Indiv foolish debt, selfishness and desire for more it will serve you well in the future.
February 8, 2019 at 16:45
(Cancer) cancerdoubleleo
Wow this is crazy! Could you teach me your ways please! I want to go back to school and the extra money would be so useful, also the extra knowledge of astrology
February 8, 2019 at 14:44
(Cancer) TimeLord
Never own any lottery or gamble etc in life. I buy at least two lottery tickets in each year. No luck...
February 8, 2019 at 08:57
(Cancer) Trevor » nkicks85
A good time for you to gamble is first week of Dec this year, when jupiter conjuncts your neptune raising your Intuition. You also got Sun trine sun and sun conjunct uranus giving unexpected success round this time, mars trine venus is your actions will possibly bring money or nice things your way.

Reason you get a weird feeling is your neptune sitting on your 1st house, this gives you psychic hunches, extra sensitivity, strong imagination, strong gut feeling but also makes you gullible.

Jupiter sitting on your 2nd house cusp, makes you lucky with money, and you are most likely knowledgable when it comes to making some :5:

Looking at what you said regarding a client, early last year, Feb 2018, jupiter would of been in your 10th house conjunct saturn, this is a perfect time for business in terms of luck and profit.
Your intuitive neptune is currently transiting your 2nd house trine to venus which is a cancerian venus making you currently very intuitive in business interactions with others but jupiter is currently in your 12th this is a non-social house so you will find luck when your not interacting or around others which is why you feel its gone right now, but will be back at the end of this year when it conjuncts your neptune and ascendant, although neptune moves very slow, when neptune moves out of your 2nd house in 2023, this lucky feeling will not be as strong with your clients. With mercury opposite moon in 7th thats indecisive mind or making rash decisions without forethought, saturn opposite sun in 2nd in 2023 is limitations are upon you extra patience is needed.

In Summary: It´s not a good time period to make deals jan - feb 2023 and may - october 2023 you have neptune square neptune I wouldnt advise any gambling during these times and the feeling you have among clients is against your favour during these months

And your Luck of making wins comes back to you in Dec this year, with jupiter entering your first house making you more optimistic, self confident, and ambitious. Deals with Clients during this time will go exceptionally well and self improvement will go along way too.

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