September 19, 2021 at 19:36 (UT/GMT)
(Virgo) astreo
Does anyone have planets in house 11?
How do you describe them?
How do they integrate with your chart?


Can you help me understand the dynamics of my house 11 - 8?

Sometimes I do doubt what I read in my graph, so I suppose, I am looking for someone to rectify what I am thinking about.

All my planets from my 11th house square with those from my 8th house.

Besides that I have Lilith conjunct Pluto and to Chiron in conjunction with Mars.
Some people have told me that Lilith is already quite obsessive and that with Pluto conjugated it is too intense.

All the locations of my house 11 I do not quite understand.

The only thing that resonates with me is college (because they are in Sagittarius).

I have always felt that the environment that is formed is TOO TOXIC (Pluto) and, there is always a lot of COMPETITION (Mars), the fact of meeting very despotic, rude, arrogant and humiliating people in my career is something that I feel has marked me a lot (Chiron conjunct Mars).

Very ugly environment is formed where either ´´ you crush ´´ or ´´ they crush you ´´, there is no humility, or support, your grade marks a lot, where you are from `` x ´´ famous school Or are you from ´´ x ´´ worthless school.

With Chiron in conjunction with my Mars I have always felt that the Arian impulse in my career has hurt me, one has to assert oneself, before very humiliating people.

As a Virgo, I have always felt that I have humility, but there is also Mars there, wanting to compete with the group. Lilith and Pluto I think they ask me to make a transformation with the "high ideals and standards" that Sagittarius has.
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September 20, 2021 at 18:47
(Virgo) astreo » tomdos
Thank you very much for your interpretation, I really like everything you said.

"This is an approach that only becomes apparent with a certain level of maturity," I liked that phrase.

I think that the 11th house is not fully understood until you reach a certain age, or at least I think that you do not begin to recognize it as quickly as the first houses, besides that they are things that are not so personal, except in my case that square my Sun.

This competition and rivalry to see "who is better" has really transformed my ego a lot, I feel that I must reaffirm my identity and security without implying a false ego, before the group and the "supposed innate cream" that only knows how to humiliate.

The 11th house, they say, is also about future plans, unlike the 5th, which is what you want in the short term, I don´t know, but really the university career is a long-term desire and, Sagittarius - 11th house, they resonate much.

´´Any aspect between the Sun and Pluto indicates that it has existed in the past and there will continue to be an emphasis on creatively developing a special purpose in life. These aspects promote within the individual an understanding of his own power to create a personal reality that reflects that purpose. In this way, the native has been taking control over his destiny, learning to shape it through force of will. ´´
- Jeff Green

It is as if one clings too much to wanting to achieve his life purpose, with a fear of not being able to achieve it deep down.

Very good observation about the water.

My Moon in Gemini really has a hard time feeling, she wants to understand everything through information or mental processes, the subject of emotions was hard for me because I didn´t realize that instead of feeling, I wanted to understand all the time my emotions in a logical way, which can be a bit obsessive.
September 20, 2021 at 18:08
(Virgo) astreo » Dryas
So you are related to a group?
September 20, 2021 at 13:56
(Leo) Anni23 » tomdos
This was a good interpretation. Can you do one for my 11th?
I don´t really understand it, and if/how it is ruled by the 10th
September 20, 2021 at 08:06
(Leo) tomdos
I have always felt that 11th house is ultimately about a sense of solidarity, togetherness, unity and acceptance. That anything that happens there should lead to achieving this, to understanding wholeness through society, through the world. This is of course approach that only becomes apparent with a certain level of maturity - which might be exactly your case, you may just about be getting there.

I sense the problems you describe with your environment to be very fitting lesson in that matter. Do not forget that it is how YOU perceive the environment and that your perception is maybe what should transform in the first place. Both Pluto and Lilith start to make sense then. These two are never anything else but catalysts of personal growth. Similar with Mars. I do not see the malefic influence, I see your unused potential there, which – as long as it remains passive and unconscious – will act as a source of shady influence, source of trouble, maybe pain and obstacles. These are all reservoirs of your great potential, which will only turn benefic if the right work is done.

The square of your Sun and Mercury seems to make the problem of the 11th house very conscious and evident to you, but you need to go deep, not stay on the surface. From the surface you will never understand it and will remain in the attitude of blaming the environment, the surroundings, the people, the society. Both your Sun and Mercury are in the 8th house, which also suggests the neccessity of an indepth approach. Simply put, Sun and Mercury are part of the equation. They are put to stress by the problems of the 11th house planets, which call for personal growth and transformation. The Sun and Mercury need to absolve this transformation, gain a new level of understanding self, then they will be able to understand the social challenges of the 11th house from both the inside and outside. At that moment Pluto, Lilith and Mars become comrades and obstacles turn into assets.

The 11th house has a transformative taste of Scorpio, which leads us back to 8th house.

Mercury may be the key overall as it is your final dispositor, if I read well.

Also, yor chart lacks active water energy. Your social houses 3, 7 and 11 are all ruled by water signs, yet these water signs are empty and their rulers are not that significantly placed. I feel like this may actually help you greatly – make the effort to put more „water“ into your life, into your attitude. Develop empathy, consciously put more feelings, sensitivity and perception into your communication. Try bathing your Mercury in waters of the Moon, Neptune and even Pluto. It will enrich him and help grow and understand not from the surface of the Earth, but from the depths of the Water.
September 19, 2021 at 22:56
(Leo) Dryas
Talked about that just earlier today. I have a stellium in 11H. :151: and :155: in Leo, :153: and :154: in Cancer. :163: is also there unfortunately, just like yours. Either Leo or Cancer for me dependeing on whether its the true or mean, but in any case conjoined with the Sun.

Meaning, whatever happens in 11H, stays there. We don´t get any of it, :163: takes all for herself. In this case firends, social networks...

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