Mercury conjunct Spica coming up

September 12, 2021 at 20:36 (UT/GMT)
(Aquarius) viv
Mercury conjunct Spica coming up
Hi everyone just to say I went for a, still cold, sunset walk on the beach tonight. I watched the sky darken, the waxing moon become visible and in a direct line below it to the west, above the fading golden orange glow of the sunset over our Western ocean, was fixed star Spica currently at 24 Libra (tropical) and then Venus. Over to the east was Jupiter. So beautiful and a change in mood, I felt, from the intense world events of the last months. Once home I looked up Spica who symbolises the wheat, the abundant harvest, in the arms of Virgo in the Graeco Roman constellations ... and I looked up an Aussie site, Astrology King, which always includes the fixed stars in forecasts ... turns out on the full moon on the 20 Sept, Mercury will be exactly conjunct Spica. Thoughts?

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September 13, 2021 at 04:39
(Taurus) s81
Yeah, Mercury applying partile conjunction to Spica and Arcturus by the September 20th full moon, forming a partile T-square with Eris and the retrograde Pluto.

I hope there´ll be some reaction from people against elites (Pluto, that is governments, global institutions like WHO, etc) soon or later. They have been disastrous for so many time. I guess due to commercial and communication (Mercury) reasons people could express themselves finally in many places (the trine with Jupiter could bring some news to the tourism industry btw)... so many people around the world are broke, isolated, ill and/or separated from their families due to restrictions, quarantines, etc. Too much poverty and nasty forced situations have been generated all over the world, plus inflation touching developed economies now (the Moon will be conjunct the retrograde Neptune just a few degrees before the full moon happens so it has it very present in it´s memory), so I wouldn´t be surprised if we see protests (Eris) in many countries... yeah, I know, sounds very difficult to actually happen, worldwide population prefers to get killed in their homes instead of protesting for their rights and freedom (just see the miserable last year), but let´s see.

But in any case it´s a complex chart in general, many T-squares involving planets and main asteroids, also planets in partile conjunctions to main fixed stars (Jupiter with Deneb Algedi, Venus with Alphecca, etc), etc, in a critical time for the entire world, so I think it´s not an easy reading.

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