Lilith / Node conjuctions

September 7, 2021 at 10:24 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Steve Guesshow
Lilith / Node conjuctions
Hi everyone! Few days ago, I just looked out for Lilith/Node conjunction (which is exact today at 11:22:41 CET in 5°39´09" Gemini). I´ve got an idea, to take a look at Lilith/Node conjunctions in past and future. And...what I saw, blew my mind:

20.9.1955 (21°31´ Sag)
18.9.1961 (25°32´ Leo)
18.9.1967 (29°32´ Ari)
16.9.1973 (3°34´ Cap)
16.9.1979 (7°34´ Vir)
14.9.1985 (11°35´ Tau)
13.9.1991 (15°36´ Cap)|
12.9.1997 (19°36´ Vir)
11.9.2003 (23°37´ Tau)
9.9.2009 (27°38´ Cap)
9.9.2015 (1°39´ Lib)
7.9.2021 (5°39´ Gem)
6.9.2027 (9°40´ Aqu)
5.9.2033 (13°41´ Lib)
4.9.2039 (17°41´ Gem)
2.9.2045 (21°43´ Aqu)

Interesting coincidence, isn´t it? No, it is not a is almost exact 6 year cycle. But what is more interesting: with every new cycle, this conjunction moves 116° backwards. So if we look out, we can see 25.9.1925 started conjunction in Fire, 16.9.1973 in Earth, 9.9.2015 in Air, and after 2063 it will be in Water...

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September 7, 2021 at 13:34
(Cancer) Victor_Valiant_
Indeed interesting. Nice discovery :37:
September 7, 2021 at 12:33
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Interesting indeed!

I´m still very intrigued by Lilith and everything that adds up to this phenomenal point, fascinates me.

There is one situation that happened couple days ago in my surrounding that I strongly relate to Lilith.

On person that has natal Lilith:191:Neptune:191:Ac was suddenly promoted to General manager out of the blue (she also has transit Uranus over DC and tr Lilith:191:NN at her 7th house) and she picked one person that she has Sun:191:Moon trine Pluto with to be her vice manager.

This was complete shock for the wide society since new vice-manager has no proper qualifications for the job.

This promotion is temporary (2 months) but when I hit her transits in two Months transit Lilith will get to exact conjuction to her Pars Fortuna.

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