saturn 12 house retorgrade

September 6, 2021 at 09:35 (UT/GMT)
(Cancer) rohinivenus
saturn 12 house retorgrade
Saturn gave me quite a few issues during my saturn return and saturn 1st house transit...any help on really trying to understand that saturn in 12th house, it´s in sag. and retorgrade

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September 6, 2021 at 18:20
(Leo) tomdos
In my book he is not even in the 12th house but sitting well in the 11th. He is only in the 12th if you use whole sign system which is based on rounding up, ie less accurate (in my opinion).

Im no expert at all, but IMO your Saturn is not such a culprit as you see him. Has good relations with Mars. Opposition with Moon is the only problem or rather a challenge. But Id like to turn that around. Your Moon has simply encountered Saturnian energy and yet needs to learn to accept it, deal with it, build upon it. Saturn is always a teacher, not a punisher. This maybe manifest in emotional oversensitivness in some areas of life that need to mature.

But its not just Saturn, its also Uranus opposing Moon, maybe showing up as emotional instability, radicality, impatience. This combo may truly be unpleasant as its hard to ditinguish between the different pulls. While Saturn wants to teach you patience and solid emotional stability in the ever-changing environment, Uranus disrupts this with a seeming urge to move on, which in reality is a call to utilize feelings and emotion in more noble, selfless, maybe even spiritual way. These two pulls in fact beautifully synergize if understood and utilized, they both carry noble Sag energy and with selfless touch of the 11th house (in my opinion). But until then, it may feel painful and confusing as long as you confuse inevitable life lessons for obstacles and injustice.

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