It sucks

August 30, 2021 at 14:37 (UT/GMT)
(Pisces) 11
It sucks
I just came home from visiting my grandmother. She’s very religious and usually we don’t touch these subjects. But this time we started talking about astrology. I was explaining how Bible and astrology is intertwined, but it only made her mad. Basically she said that it’s a horrible sin to practice Astro.

I try not to listen, but it’s hard when all my family (and not only) is against what I enjoy doing. My chart ruler Moon in 4th- family and their support is very important.

Currently transit Chiron (natal 10th h) Opp my Natal Jupiter, which could explain this talk I had and why I felt so triggered that I had to make this post.

I have transit Neptune on my MC.
Although I think they’re wrong, sometimes I feel like being astrologer is just a phase and illusion that Neptune brought, and it will dissolve after it moves farther. There’s little encouragement, but strong doubt.

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September 1, 2021 at 04:34
(Taurus) s81
Well, since superstition is the worst enemy of religion, what´s wrong (and obviously forbidden) by jew and christian cosmologies are the fortune telling practices (oracles, any kind of them) which were followed as if they were divine commands, believing that planets are gods, believing in a deterministic fate and alike.
Today we know astrology has nothing to do with all those things, and even in ancient times that was clear for many people, but unluckily oversimplifications are all over the place, and it will be always hard to study and to understand what´s behind the appearances.
But a simple immersion into how astrology were used by so many religious people by centuries and centuries will reveal they are not incompatible at all: the Three Wise Men were chaldean "mathematicians" (astrologers), Avicenna and Alfarabi were a muslim religious men to name a few that practiced astrology and wrote about it, Abraham Ibn Ezra was a jewish biblical commentator and a famous astrologer, amongst protestants John Pordage and Richard Harvey were priests to name a few, and in catholicism is much more obvious the adoption since many Popes (Leo X, Urban VIII, etc) had personal astrologers for centuries, even cardinals had them (for example cardinal Richelieu appointed Morinus as his personal astrologer), so many monks (like Placidus of Titus), priests (like Marsilio Ficino) and even bishops (like Luca Gaurico) not only used astrology but also published books about it, and long etc.
In fact, thanks to religion (specially catholicism in our western world) we have astrology nowadays, but you know, ignorance it´s easier to embrace: it takes no effort.
August 30, 2021 at 18:41
(Pisces) 11 » OS*
I don’t think I’m good at this technique at all.

Thanks for advice! Detachment is good superpower
August 30, 2021 at 18:38
(Pisces) 11 » rohini moon
It’s a bit different to share views on something and others disagreeing about it.
or to not talk at all with your closest people about something you enjoy doing so much. And they thinking that you going wrong path.

I’m just sad today, maybe I exaggerate..
But thanks for advice! I know I made a mistake mentioning this to grandma and hoping she’ll be exited about what I have to say :8:
August 30, 2021 at 18:23
(Virgo) rohini moon
I´ve been there before, 11. Not exactly about astrology or religion with family members...but more so - propaganda on television.

It does suck. Especially when you´re coming from a place of well-intentioned, honesty and the other person/people just simply don´t get it. They are conditioned to believe lies the mass media has programmed into them since time immemorial. I remember reading Jacque Elul´s book on propaganda and in it he clearly said that, when you try to tell people that the television isn´t the truth and that it´s actually harmful to consume, the people on the receiving end actually get mad at YOU. It´s very similar to telling a drug addict or alcoholic that they need to stop drinking or doing drugs, to them, the drugs or alcohol isn´t the problem...the problem of course, is YOU. :61: for even telling them that they need to stop. Television itself, is a drug. An addictive habit that most people can´t break.

I laugh, but it is very sad and disheartening to see what the brainwashing does to people.

As for your grandma, yes, the Bible does say not to practice I can understand her reasoning, I´m not saying I agree 100 percent, but I understand.. I think in your case, Just don´t bring up astrology. Keep it more so about the world events that are indeed playing out in the real world on a global scale just AS the Bible prophesied. If she agree´s in not getting The Mark, I´d be more than grateful with that and just speak on whats actually happening in the world.
August 30, 2021 at 16:23
(Scorpio) OS* » 11
Simply agreeing to disagree becomes more effortless. . .
August 30, 2021 at 16:05
(Pisces) 11 » Catch-22
I’m close with family, everyone’s is in each other’s business. So this situation makes me feel bit of an outcast.

It feels like to enjoy my moon Jupiter placement I need to please my family desires. Otherwise not so much harmony.
August 30, 2021 at 16:01
(Pisces) 11 » OS*
It was my mistake. We were talking about covid, she mentioned bible and then I mentioned astrology.

But I stopped talking when I noticed she’s mad.
I agree that no point explaining things to an angry person.

I don’t get what you say about neutralizing need to understand ..
August 30, 2021 at 15:54
(Aquarius) Catch-22
Hmmm... :152: is also in :177:, which means you want to keep things "in harmony". And also :156: is over there, the lucky planet. You got nothing to gain from conversations like that, but family can make you happy.

I´d avoid awkward conversations like you used to do. Religious people have a tendency to be very tenacious and stubborn. They should, because if they are dwelling from the true dogma´s, they go straight to hell where angry black men with pointy ears and tails stick tridents in their asses. Can´t beat it from that, unless you´re a mean she-devil with an even bigger trident.

It´s good you keep track of your transits, it makes you aware of all the pitfalls. So you have a choice...
August 30, 2021 at 14:59
(Scorpio) OS*
I’m wondering how it came into topic.

If others get angered, it’s pretty useless attempting to try explaining yourself. No wisdom, no information comes until we are calm. Furthermore, if you delete your needs to understand them (those opposing you), you’ll become more neutral, balanced and benign.

I´m also from a religious background, and understand it isn´t easy.

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