Capricorn Moon in a Female Chart - bad placement?

July 24, 2021 at 14:40 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) Raudlilleke
Capricorn Moon in a Female Chart - bad placement?

I was watching some type of Astrology show today and the astrologist there briefly mentioned that Capricorn Moon in a female chart is quite bad - brings about a lot of restrictions and blocks, however, she did not elaborate more and since I have my moon in Capricorn I got intrigued by this comment.

Anyone with more knowledge of this placement, what is your opinion?

In what way can a Capricorn Moon in a females chart affect her life negatively?

Thank you!

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July 24, 2021 at 19:59
(Leo) MichelAngelo
The above, as any generalization, narrows the perspective of seeing. It doesn´t make much sense to discuss the archetypes of zodiacal systems in isolation from the individual case, especially when we ask about issues not only of interest to us, but also of direct concern to us.

In the case of your chart, the Moon is related in a straight line to the opposition to Venus shifting in front of twelfth house. Both of these signifiers, of course, represent dionysian-ionic female energy (yang) - as well as the qualities of the signs in which these signifiers are found. To be more precise, Venus resides in Ashlesha nakshatra ("head of Hydra", ruled by Mercury), while the lunar station for the Moon is here Shravana ("auricle", incidentally being its domicile - from the sanskrit: "pramudita/dipta avashta Chandra"). The twelfth matrix (Pisces domicile) in the ecliptic circle is, of course, the sector of the subconscious and self-knowledge, while the sixth house (Virgo domicile) symbolizes social obligations and condition - both physical and mental. Ashlesha´s guiding motivation is "dharma", or knowledge of the universal law of transience, which governs everything that is born, exists in a physical form (or subtle, such as thoughtform) and then dies; Shravana´s stimulus is "kama", i.e. the nature of social relationships based on visual and verbal communication.

Taking all this into account, it should be assumed that Venus, so situated, implies a contestation of the value of physical attractiveness and the legitimacy of using it as a tool in a "game" that ultimately aims to win the right to reproduce. Unlike in the fifth or seventh houses, where she usually dazzles with charm and sex appeal, here the mythical lover of Mars is not very eager to tuck her skirt up, but much more often plunges into reflection over her nature - although she may also not shy away from becoming entangled in self-destructive emotional and erotic behaviors, the effects of which are later discussed for the purposes of numerous monologue deliberations.

The Moon, on the other hand, may suggest sensitization to signals coming from the human interior - both physical and mental. It is very likely that there is an offer of self-learning behind this, through the observation and assimilation of experiences related to the body, especially its ailments, through tracing the source of these ills, supported by inquisitiveness and intuition.
July 24, 2021 at 18:29
(Aries) ram_goat
objectively, no worse than any other moon..

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