Progressed Sun ? & Moon ?

June 29, 2021 at 18:37 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) RAW
Progressed Sun ? & Moon ?
I wanted to make a topic for everybody to leave their words on the progressed sun & or moon. My progressed sun is at 3° degree sagittarius ♐. As soon as the sun hit the 0° degree in sag. Its like the lights got turned on somewhere in me and this focused intense self left which was my natal scorpio sun ♏. These past 3 years have been very very enlightening. Also when I 1st came across progressed charts it was also when I had my progressed sun exactly at the 0° degree of sagittarius ♐. I moved the progressed date some days back & confirmed it was just the 1st day of progressed sun in sagittarius for me. I entered the progressed sagittarius sun with a progressed libra moon. Like a year later it went into scorpio ♏. It got really intense & personal ive never had such strong intense reactions to my life. My natal moon is in aquarius ♒ so that was different and very obvious. Now my progressed moon is still in scorpio ♏ at the end degrees and made its way to my AC. My life was slowing down & dreamy in ways when moon was going thru my 12th house and the closer and closer it got to my Asc the more & more this progressed scorpio moon♏ got personal. Everything in my life now is intense in a way but personally. My progressed sagittarius sun♐ is whats keeping grip on all this and its also in my 1st house getting closer to pluto. & moon getting close to sun. Thats all I have to say. If anybody wants to add or say something about your progressed sun or moon or just just talk about something around this topic. Feel free to start typing. Thanks for reading.

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