Asteroid Psyche in the signs for guys and gals

December 26, 2018 at 13:37 (UT/GMT)
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Asteroid Psyche in the signs for guys and gals
Aestrotex Signing
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Asteroid Psyche in signs

The native likes the thrill of someone falling madly in love with and pursuing them at all costs. You enjoy feeling valued by someone and find security in hearing this from your lover/partner.

Cosmically activated by crimson flowers of all types. With her, you should say it large, say it with scarlet. Types like roses, tulips, gerberas. She likes anything that’s boldly burgundy. She needs to know that she is feminine. Psyche in Aries is the warrior queen. Headstrong, a thrill-seeker and imbued with a strong sense of entitlement, she charges young into romance. The initial approach to love is combative and her high demands scare many men off. Psyche in Aries can be too strong, sticking in a vile relationship because she is ‘not a wimp’. Truly in love, she learns that a love affair need not involve a constant power struggle. She needs, more than most, someone exciting and tough enough to earn her respect but who is also tender with her well-concealed dreams of love.

Cosmically activated by a powerful bass riff. He turns onto music via the beat and this is the way to his heart. He knows how to vibe in a sophisticated way, but he’s a closet metal-head. He needs to know that he will not be lied to. His dream girl isn’t even a girl – she’s a dominatrix. This guy is fearless and in no way intimidated by the strong female dynamic. He is confident enough about his masculinity to flip things around and become playful or even passive if he feels like it. He falls for women other men would consider officially difficult. This man is not remotely threatened by her success, opinions or charisma. But he can’t bear to be lied to and will always honor his lover’s candor. He loves the energetic and positive woman.


This position is the embodiment of sexuality. You want others to find you attractive. You are also attracted to people who give gifts of love.

Cosmically activated by wildflowers gathered just for her. Try dandelions, moss, herbs, flowers with therapeutic meaning. The ultimate? Something you’ve grown yourself or perhaps something you can drink? She needs to know that her allure is working. Psyche in Taurus is the natural born seductress who trusts her sensual instincts above all. Her vital indicators of love are the scent of her mate and pleasurable skin-to-skin contact. However, if the fingertips don’t zing off one another at first touch, she turns off. Flighty, on-off-on-again guys need not apply. However, these types will still swarm around her, longing to be soothed by that aura. A true sybarite, she is drawn to abundance. Nature and stability evoke her deep inner serenity.

Cosmically activated by the music of his youth. The Psyche in Taurus man lives in a world of how things should be. He needs you to totally ‘get’ the tunes he is most loyal to. He needs to know that frequent sex is not an issue. Psyche in Taurus is the guy in love with a figment. Okay, a time-tested classic ideal of beauty and femininity. He secretly yearns for the swimsuit-model type who’ll cook him a carb-loaded dinner or the mogul woman, ‘wealthy in her own right but who trusts his financial advice. Yes, it’s tricky, all right, but easier to handle once you remember that he’s enraptured by his sensual urges, an utter lover of beauty arid aesthetics. No matter what his prowling habits, he longs for a settled and stable love existence. Once he is taken, he rarely gazes into other pastures.


You are drawn to powerful personalities who are able to switch between staying home and painting the town. You also enjoy mates who challenge your intellect.

Cosmically activated by a surprise posy. She officially thinks flowers are a cheap romantic trick. But, if you pull out the totally unexpected, for-no-reason bouquet, she melts. She needs to know that she will be amused. The muse of love and a sparkling wit, she is able to spin the mundane into sparkling fresh vistas. Psyche in Gemini is comfortable with romantic ambiguity to the point of perhaps even preferring it. She trusts her mind, staying where the stimulation is, needing both to amuse and be amused. Her romantic ideal is to be a co-conspirator in love, the true companion and confidante of her soulmate. She quickly realizes that Mr (You-Figure-It-Out) Taciturn is not for her. Complex and beguiling, she is literally terrified of dull people.

Cosmically activated by whatever he has not heard before. Don’t bother this guy with songs of meaning, just amaze him with something gimmicky. With his fickleness, he loves compilation albums. He needs to know that change is okay. The guy with Psyche in Gemini will put up with sly and fickle vixenly types. Actually, he prefers it that way. If a woman wants to mess with this guy’s mind he tells them to go ahead. He loves it. In fact, without a willing partner in his innuendo, wit and sibling-combative-banter games, this love affair won’t even begin. A variety buff, his true love is a multifaceted minx-witch type, never the same persona for two days running. His true love is complicated. However, he is neither boring nor a whiner nor into making turgid emotional demands. Remember, his Psyche is symbolized by The Twins.


You tend to take on nurturing or motherly roles, not necessarily with everyone, but definitely with your lover/partner. You will go out of your way to make a partner happy.

Cosmically activated by water lilies. To trigger the nurturing but complex depths of the Cancerian Psyche, bring anything that grows in the water, or November lilies. Think lush. She needs to know that she is safe. She is the empress of hearts, a woman of profound nurturing instincts and compassion. Some wince at the ‘lame duck’ guy — she sees only the swan-in-waiting. Her all understanding mien attracts many not-so-suitable suitors. Spookily, she is able to morph into whatever guise feels most appropriate for the circumstances. Yet this Psyche must take care to stay attuned to her own true needs and avoid wandering around lost in the desire-driven projections of others. Highly emotional and intuitive, she needs a lover to cherish her extreme sensitivities.

Cosmically activated by emotive music. It could be classical or New Age, perhaps Ennio Morricone. What does it for Psyche in Cancer is a musical piece from their belle époque. He needs to know there’s a safe place for his feelings. The sign of Cancer is linked to the goddess Psyche, so the man with Psyche in Cancer seems to have a direct line into the female soul. Combine that with his deep subconscious drive for total security — that is, back to the womb and he can be the classic womanizer. His relationship with his mother or a key maternal figure is intensely important and provides the key to his romantic self-expression. His feminine ideal is totally womanly, soft and giving. She is a natural-born nurturer of both children and animals, a total girl’s girl and spontaneously artistic or creative.


You are able to discern the best in people and bring that out. You are attracted to charming, good-looking people. You also have a tendency to project onto your partner the way you want to be.

Cosmically activated by yellow flowers such as sunflowers, marigolds, daffodils, yellow roses. The Psyche in Leo girl is at the centre of her universe. Maybe the Sun Goddess rose… She needs to know that she is the star. Psyche in Leo is the showgirl at heart, needing admiration from more than just one-quarter of the male population true happiness. A born creative spirit, that flees fast from mediocrity. She makes men giddy and she fancies the idea of being dizzy with love. The first moments of a crush are heaven for Psyche in Leo. But herein lies the problem. She craves a love beyond all others, the greatest love show on earth. But what relationship can actually live up to that? Easily bedazzled by good looks, her heart’s true fulfillment lies in manifesting her own star quality.

Cosmically activated by glitzy music. He may have a secret collection of songs from the New Romantic period. Or he adores OTT pomp 1ike, the 1982 Overture. Make sure it’s grand. He needs to know that everyone else wanted her. His inner ideas of the ultimate woman is a superstar – gorgeous, acclaimed and his. The man with Psyche in Leo fantasizes about -or has! – a life of success and luxury of which his woman is one of the most important indicators. He likes the glitz, glam and psychodrama of love, someone who is a personage in her own right, a prima diva by nature and yet also warm, generous and talented. Frankly, he needs to feel that she is an ‘object’ of some worth and status. His inspiration is old Hollywood movies. Think golden, think bombshell.


You show your affection to someone who accepts them unconditionally. You are usually concerned about what the lover can bring to the table. Once smitten, you are very generous of your time and material resources.

Cosmically activated by rushes, river grasses, or one of those lettuce arrangements. She likes anything that’s green. Her vampish knowingness and grasp of nuance suggest an arrangement of kale with sword ferns. She needs to know that it’s more than good sex. Psyche in Virgo is the vamp of love and the mistress of nuance. Whatever her lover’s unspoken fantasies or secret motivations, she’s onto it. She’s slinky, suave and so totally together that it’s holistic. But Psyche in Virgo frets, yearning for someone to show the same grasp of her details. She wants to be finessed, to have someone remember her favorite poem or the thread of the conversation from three months ago. Utterly sensual, she is nonetheless most enticed by a deep mental affinity, by someone who understands her with no explanations needed.

Cosmically activated by clever, even difficult: music. Don’t think that just because he’s into jazz, it means he wants to dance. When he says jazz he means goatees and berets. He needs to know that details count for something. The man with Psyche in Virgo longs for someone to understand him on every level. But this trick must somehow be accomplished with a high degree of sophistication. He loves the woman who can draw an intelligent conclusion without him having to spell things out. His Ms Ideal is meticulous without making a big fuss of it, and someone who is together, worldly and witty. Eschewing mess and living an out here lifestyle, she is dean-living and discreet. Intensely moral, Psyche in Virgo appreciates a ‘good’ woman who respects his need for privacy.


You are fascinated by partners with striking looks, possibly to the detriment of other aspects, in order to indulge the fantasy of the relationship. Usually you get wise to this tendency in due time. You treat everyone around you lavishly.

Cosmically activated by pink flowers. The Psyche in Libra woman is girly-girly in love and she prefers subtle shades. Think pink: fuchsias, pink gerberas, coral carnations. She needs to know that she will be allowed to breathe. Psyche in Libra is the dream girl of many but her own heart remains somehow detached – a skilful romantic player but somehow disengaged from the action. So sophisticated in the arts of love, she is also too smart for many of her would-be lovers. The Libran Psyche requires someone with her own depth of sophistication and worldliness. She can’t handle too much emotional intensity or someone who sees a relationship as simply a socially convenient unit. Rife with ambiguity, she wants to be doted upon, yet at the same time afforded her precious personal space.

Cosmically activated by elegant quartets and beautiful singing. Gorgeous music is perfect for the Psyche in Libra; it reaffirms his love of beauty while letting him stay distant. He needs to know that she is a mystery. Psyche in Libra likes mysterious beauties. Familiarity can create contempt with this guy and perhaps the next step is longing for the new stimuli. He can wind up in love with the general concept of ‘woman’ but, really, he is ducking the challenge of true romance. His other method for avoiding the nitty-gritty of reality? Being madly in love with another man’s woman. If her situation changes he may lose interest faster than he loses her phone number. His feminine ideal is lovely, supernaturally elegant and smart. She stays forever just a few steps in front of him, creating that elusive quality he prizes so highly.


You tend to be secretive about your true feelings, including sexual feelings. You also tend to be reserved when expressing yourself until you feel absolutely comfortable. Once committed, you take the relationship very seriously and will do anything to keep it going.

Cosmically activated by something growing. It has to be viable, alive and a bit different from the run of the mill. A cactus? A feng shui money plant? She also has a soft spot for berries. She needs to know that she will not belied to. The enchantress of love, Psyche in Scorpio is a strategist. Preferring to bewitch rather than be bedazzled, she moves in quietly and presents herself in many different guises. Her ultimate love goal is the ‘nothing but you’ paradigm. Should she be involved in a mere fling, her standards are almost impossible for anyone to live up to. She is a super control freak, running the dalliance on her terms, like it or not. The lover who betrays her trust to even the teeniest degree is out that door, forgotten in a moment. She knows her journey to find The One.

Cosmically activated by intense, brooding pieces with eerie instrumentals or featuring depressing ‘poetry’. He often selects his music based on how the musician lived or died. He needs to know why another man’s photo is in her wallet. Bring it on! Psyche in Scorpio engenders the man who is ready for the big challenges. His ideal woman is intense, complicated and difficult. He can be the biggest womanizer on earth but, secretly, this guy yearns for the grand passion, for the female who awakens every cell of his being. His ideal girl is spiritual, creative, bold and beautiful, as amazed by the Universe as he is and just as much of an ‘extreme-o-phile). He’s totally into true togetherness. Once in love, he wants to merge. Despising sycophants, he loves the woman who is first true to herself.


You are attracted to someone worldly, ethnically diverse, philosophically-oriented, and free-spirited. You are able to give others the freedom to be who they really are.

Cosmically activated by plants that make a political statement. She loves natives, especially the ones that have been ousted by exotics over the years. She adores the eco dimension. She needs to know that she will not be forced to be someone else. Psyche in Saggo is the adventuress, the most free-spirited lover of all. She is at her most ecstatic during a ‘You understand me, you really do!’ moment with a new love interest, in her soul she is a child at play in the sometimes too-grown-up world of adult relationships. There is always a wild child in the heart of this woman. She would throw over a sensible liaison in two seconds – even if only in her mind – just to experience the bliss of the moment. No matter how fixed her reality, her heart may only be unlocked by a fellow visionary wanderer.

Cosmically activated by loud rock ‘n’ roll or gratuitously ‘free love’ hippie music.?The Psyche-in-Saggo guy sees himself as a free spirit who needs a sexy soundtrack. He needs to know that she is untamable. The return of the lotus-eater; the man with Psyche in Saggo loves the woman who expands his horizons, blows his mind and then flits off unencumbered. His ideal girl is fun-loving, utterly uninhibited and able to relate to anyone. He is incapable of setting boundaries for the woman he loves – the louder and more vivacious she is the better. In his mind he wants to be in Shangri-la with his fun-loving adventure girl and someone who says about the impossible dream, let’s just do it!’ She is completely candid -this man can’t handle manipulators – and feels that she is as unlike ‘the others’ as he does.


You are attracted to emotionally mature and stable individuals who can also provide an outlet for your romantic fantasy. Sexual intimacy is a longing, and once fulfilled, you feel like you have everything in life.

Cosmically activated by a mauve journey of status. Psyche in Cap is switched on by nature’s finest like orchids, tulips and dahlias … but not in red. Stay elegant and stick to lavender. She needs to know that she is The Trophy. Worldly and assured, Psyche in Capricorn is the prima diva of love. A true trophy bride for a hero, she is adept at scoring the guy that no-one else can get. Until Mr Perfect comes along, her heart is often a no-fly zone. Her secret soul is well enclosed, protecting her from exploitation. Mature love often becomes her more than the games of early youth, where her gifts can be overshadowed by some tougher competition. She is a work-in-progress, learning from life as she goes along, honing her extreme sensuality and insight.

Cosmically activated by Top 40 soft rock. Not man who likes to be sidetracked, Mr Psyche in Cap keeps to the musical straight and narrow. If in doubt, check where his car radio is tuned. He needs to know that the pursuit of success will be mutual. This is the alpha guy in love. The dream girl of the guy with Psyche in Capricorn is a classic Type-A personality: vibrant, demanding and ambitious. He is most easily turned off by the victim stance or by a woman who wants to coast along on someone else’s slog to success. His ideal female has poise, goals and a plan on which to structure her life. He likes the ones who don’t need him. In fact, icy indifference inspires his ardor far more than over-the-top declarations of needy emotion. He fantasizes about being one part of a dynamic duo. These two are an unbeatable power couple.


You like to put a little bubble around yourself and your lover and bask in the fulfillment of your hopes, wishes, and dreams. You like to be acknowledged for your unique and special qualities and do not like to compete for affection.

Cosmically activated by the Zen approach. Psyche in Aqua leans heavily to the simple yet powerful. Think bamboo, ikebana but not bonsai. Watch her thrill to the perfect origami. She needs to know this is for real. From an early age, Psyche in Aquarius knows that she is unconventional in love. The druidess of romance, she is euphorically independent, unwilling to be ‘grounded’ by any but the most ideal of men. The source of her power lies in her refusal to be anyone but her authentic self. Her dream relationship is a true companionship, mutually supportive beyond the dreams of most love affairs. Breathtakingly frank, she has no time for playing games and typical romantic cant. Her only true love is the man strong enough to let her be her utterly complicated self.

Cosmically activated by German synthesizer bands and symphonies played entirely with drums. He has odd tastes in music: do your , homework before giving him a Céline Dion CD. He needs to know that his mindwill be stimulated. Luckily, for some women, the man with Psyche in Aquarius is a connoisseur of female eccentricity. His ideal woman is a clear-thinking, way-ahead-of-her-time type of individual. A natural-born feminist sympathizer, he is not particularly keen on the usual ‘tricks’ of seduction and instead relishes the great minds thinking alike paradigm. He likes it when a lover can challenge his preconceptions and turn him on to new ways of thinking about ‘the obvious’. Though a romantic player when he wants to be, his soulmate must first access his mind and form a friendship.


You seek partners who can express the utmost love and adoration and partners who can help you escape a routine life. You tend to attract attention through illnesses if your needs are not being met to your fullest expectation.

Cosmically activated by white flowers. Whether they’re conspicuous gardenias, sexy jasmine or mysterious Apache plumes, this girl adores the intricate scent of such blooms. She needs to know that her sensitive side is also acknowledged. Jaded as she may pretend to be, Psyche in Pisces is love’s princess, the most romantic of them all. This is a woman who never gives up on her girlhood dreams of true love. Compassionate and blessed with the magic gift of being able to love unconditionally, her kindness can lead her up many a wrong track. Under estimate this woman at your own peril. She likes to project vulnerability but is actually the Psyche sign most capable of reinvention. She needs a lover sensitive enough to see beyond the myriad of personae that she tries on for fun and to nurture the sweet ‘child’ within.

Cosmically activated by sexy, maybe even the girl bands and female singers. He’s openly interested in sex and the idea of the sexy chanteuse. Loves female musicians being raunchy or naughty. He needs to know that she is cuddly but difficult. Psyche in Pisces wants the impossible in a woman — an intriguing blend of vixenly cunning and baby-like innocence. His fantasy of the perfect woman is the most idealistic of all and can easily keep him from forming a real-life romance. His soulmate has to be someone fluid of personality, forever in flux, and yet also firm enough to keep a grip on herself amid the changing projections of Psyche in Pisces. Easily beguiled by beauty, he can also be at risk of falling in unrequited love. What better way to ensure that the excitement and allure he craves do not become overly real?

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Original source:

Mystic Medusa – Signs of Soulmating

The original text is from the book of Mystic Medusa, as I found out later. You can order the book for more information at

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June 10, 2021 at 06:44
(Taurus) Rosincvist » arrowhorse
The symbol for Psyche is more than a little like cursive for :159:, kind of an exciting role for a rock that looks like a peanut-shell painted red!
January 24, 2020 at 10:17
(Taurus) dani_mae1
If I calculated the chart correctly, mine is in Scorpio in the 11th house. But often I don’t think I use it right lol.

I think other aspects play to this because it states Scorpio psyche is out the door once trust is broken. My first husband (a Sun sign Scorpio) was a adulterer and couldn’t seem to control it, and I spent 7 years in that relationship till I could no longer forgive the cheating.
January 24, 2020 at 00:05
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32
Thank you for the nice post. I agree with psych gemeni. I do think that way sometimes. I get bored with men who are intelligent or stimulate my brain. And very true about trickery. Sly moves with gifts and flowers not so hip if your not sincere and genuine.
January 23, 2020 at 21:53
System message: Post has been written by user Rosa‏‏‎ ‎, who already deleted profile on this website:
Love this topic and the flattering words for my Taurus psyche! I’m very happy with my Gemini psyche dude. It’s almost like our minds are aligned when it comes to our intimacy, no words are necessarely needed, but definitely incorporated.
December 26, 2018 at 14:52
(Taurus) » arrowhorse
System message: Post has been written by user Snm Str, who already deleted profile on this website:
thank you for the compliment ? You are so elegant! Yes, astrology is the best way to understand ourselves and people
December 26, 2018 at 14:35
(Taurus) » Snm Str
System message: Post has been written by user arrowhorse, who already deleted profile on this website:
You changed your photo,you look very nice, Sinem.

Sometimes you might have to take a chance, Sinem, and with your knowledge of astrology you can help yourself make an educated choice that will lessen the risk.
December 26, 2018 at 14:03
System message: Post has been written by user Snm Str, who already deleted profile on this website:
I am the lotus flower! ? Psyche cancer! Cancer always wants to be sure, but his love of courage is reserved..

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