June 2, 2021 at 22:18 (UT/GMT)
(Cancer) sadashel
i just wanted to ask how this situation affects my romantic relationships (most likely negatively) and whether it can be worked out or corrected? in addition, i have this aspect: venus is the opposition to uranus...

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June 5, 2021 at 07:12
(Cancer) sadashel » astreo
i also attract a lot of Aquarians in my life and they somehow treat me in a special way, fall in love with me immediately to the point of losing their heads and begin to act quickly and on the spot, from which this passion then burns out.
such an experience does not bring anything good, but only the thought that everything happened spontaneously and insincerely
and thank you for sharing your experience ❤️
June 5, 2021 at 07:01
(Cancer) sadashel » OS*
thank you very much for these words, i really needed them🥺❤️
June 4, 2021 at 23:06
(Virgo) astreo
I have Venus in Leo (8th house) in Uranus position in Aquarius (2nd house).
As such I have no problems with my freedom and independence in love, since my venus is in a house where people wish to have a ´´ fusion ´´.
But if it manifests EXTERNALLY.
It´s amazing how many Aquarians (sun sign) I attract into my life, my three past relationships were with Aquarius people. I tried to meet more people, avoiding that sign a bit, but the three dates I had were with Aquarius !!!!!! It´s amazing how I attract this energy. Personally, that sign feels very good to me, since it allows me to be "affectionate" as my Venus in Leo makes me and apart from that it gives me a certain "freedom", since I am always very busy,I can disappear for a few weeks HAHAHA

Leo loves with the heart, Aquarius with the mind.

Leo loves with the heart, Aquarius with the mind.

My opposition asks me to balance both.

My first girlfriend was very Aquarian, I suppose that with the negative traits of the sign, since she was VERY detached, I feel that my Venus retrograde in Leo opposing Uranus retrograde in Aquarius MAKES ME REPEAT experiences of emotional detachment from time to time in my relationships, since the aquariums that I have encountered are very very cerebral and detached, my Venus in Leo makes me passionate, but hey, I guess after having ´´ despised ´´ the Aquarius for that, now they give me a certain kind of taste and tranquility.
June 4, 2021 at 22:46
(Scorpio) OS*
Oppositions needs a balance. You’ll probably be good with partners that give you freedom, allowing you to be yourself. Perhaps in day-to-day 6th house stuff, and between the sheets, intimately, which you probably will prefer to keep love relationships very private. . .note that your Venus is on the cusp line of 11th so you might consider looking into that, maybe it will resonate. I would think you’d be attracted original, aquarian types, not necessarily the sign but the qualities. Moon & Venus in 12th, you’ll need your time alone to process your thoughts, specially with Sun and Mercury in water sign. . .
I’d pay more attention to the t-square with your moon; intense, transformative, maybe dark at times, you’re bound to have emotional experiences because of that configuration that surely will affect relationships.

Every experience you have will be part of your growth. I’d rather have a square than anything, it forces you to deal with and make the necessary adjustments, most would say a breakthrough”. I´ve seen a ton of negatives about the 12th, but there´s benefits. You must have unconditional faith in the order of the Universe, your spirituality, whatever your beliefs are, built them strongly. We come here temporarily, we do not belong here, after all the "neptune fogginess", 12th house people understand this very well. We are here to learn about expression of freewill choice and learning about our emotions. There´s Always something that "can be worked out or corrected" but we can´t expect it to magically happen. You have protection, assistance by that 12th house, good things will happen and you are able to give unconditional love with that Venus in Virgo placement there.

You can’t see my chart time on profile, but I have Venus in Virgo, 12th house stellium. Venus sextile Uranus. Just sharing my thoughts with you, wishing you best of luck! :80:

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