May 3, 2021 at 13:08 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) Saiya
I have asendant in Capricorn and its ruler Saturn in Cancer.

And I think it makes me vulnerable, sensitive.
I don´t know if it is only the moon in Pisces making me feel like this, because I feel like I can´t process some feelings, feelings from the past especially. They are very strong feelings. I feel like I got stuck in them.

Do you think my Saturn in Cancer could be the indicator of this condition?

What else does Saturn in Cancer bring to the person if it is the chart ruler? Is the person more introvert, more gentle? What else does this position bring to me?

Thank you in advance. :1:

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May 3, 2021 at 19:57
(Aries) Jay Jay
The short answer is YES. I do think Saturn in Cancer makes one sensitive, vulnerable, sometimes insecure - all the Cancer qualities. And Yes, I think Saturn could make one hold onto feelings. I do think your South Node ruler - Mercury in Scorpio - is more likely what makes you hold onto and be attached to feelings though - Saturn adding to the theme. Looks like Sun and Mercury are in Scorpio - and so, you may be attached to certain thoughts that are connected with feelings. I believe that if you work on changing your thoughts, that you will be relieved of the feelings that go with those thoughts.

The thoughts and feelings probably center around responsibility and guilt - and this part of the past life wound. It is in part, your self-identity - SN in 5th - and the way you perceive yourself - and perhas communicate - that is at the heart of it. If you feel guilt because you feel responsible - Capricorn - Saturn stuff - then you really need to look at the thoughts associated with this and work on changing the dialogue.

The area of life most pertinent is your self-identity in relationships. You need to have better boundaries and to not help others at your expense. You were probably raised to think that being selfish is wrong - and so you aren´t giving yourself enough nourishment as you need to. You need to develop your own goals that will be fulfilling to you - even if you feel guilty for doing so.

When we stand up to guilt - and start seeing it as separate from ourselves - we will feel guilty - but it goes away eventually. You just have to start challenging the thoughts, beliefs and conditioning that keeps you feeling responsible for other people´s feelings or situations. Say NO when you really don´t want to help - and make it okay to feel guilty. The more you do that, the sooner the guilt will disappear. Helping others is a good thing - but not at our expense. Choose when you really feel like helping and say NO when you don´t. You must realize that no one is responsible for how others feel - about you or anything else. We are all responsible for our own feelings.


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