Natal Pluto opposition Mars - Works with Relocation?

April 2, 2021 at 15:44 (UT/GMT)
(Pisces) aanita
Natal Pluto opposition Mars - Works with Relocation?
For several weeks, I have been discovering this amazing field and observing its operation in life. I wonder how this opposition, not so rare, manifests itself in the natal chart. I didn´t find any specific conversation on this topic (?)

Pluto on IC at 4 ° Scorpio opposition to Mars at MC at 0 ° Taurus

1. Considering that the planets on the axis have a very strong influence, I am wondering if this opposition works on me at all if I live almost 1000 km away from my birthplace - Should I use then my "new" horoscope as my birth chart? In that case:
Pluto disappears from the axis, the IC falls in Libra - MC in Aries, and Venus (R) conjunct Lilith exactly on MC.
Can someone experienced explain which horoscope is my basic matrix in this situation ??? Of course, I am still very basic with interpretation, if anyone could tell something about t I would be very grateful!

2. The very opposition Pluto IC - Mars MC:
If you take into account what IC says about our childhood, I did not experience violence, I grew up in an ordinary, full, middle-class family, although with a conservative and religious father which is nothing uncommon in my country (interestingly, he also has this opposition in his horoscope, but unfortunately I don´t know the time of his birth). It was oppressive to some extent, but you could rebel, and I am the walking opposite of conservative - and - catholic. Since I started my independent life and left for college, the topic is completely over and we have always had loving and caring relationships.

I don´t know what else this Pluto could mean? I don´t see the explosive, violent tensions.

Thank you in advance for any hints and observations! :)

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April 3, 2021 at 20:30
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
It is the natal chart that is the most influential in a person´s life, even if the person relocates at any age. The relocation chart will add influences, but it will not override or be more influential than the natal chart.

Oppositions in general are about balancing the polar opposite positions. It suggests a need for balance and equal development.

Pluto is not always about violence. It can be, but it is only one of many possible interpretations. It basically says - this is what you need to evolve in yourself. So for you, Pluto is in Scorpio, 4th house - and your South Node is also in Scorpio, 4th house. This tells me that it is more likely that the problem is you are too close in your family relationships. That you were greatly defined by your family in some way - and that perhaps the relationships could be enmeshed. In other words, perhaps a parent lived through you and you did certain things because you knew it would please them. This is just a possible example. Perhaps you were dependent in some way, or one of your parents depended upon you. I have no idea how it is playing out for you, but Scorpio can often be a symbol for people being too close in some way - not enough boundaries. Pluto there says - you are evolving the way you do close relationships - learning to have good boundaries.

The Mars opposition is saying there needs to be attention in the social sphere to balance the strong bonds of family. Mars is about independence too. Venus and Mercury are in Aries in the 9th - an expansive house, the house of higher education. So, part of the reason you have Mars opposite Pluto is to encourage your independence. It sounds like you are responding well to that.

The North Node in Taurus, 10th is about your self-value or self-concept in the social world or career. You are there defining yourself in a different way than how your family perhaps defined you. Leo rising definitely is a very social placement - Leo loving interacting, being recognized for who you truly are - and not someone else´s idea of who you are) - and being applauded - expounds upon this theme.

The Pisces Sun in the 8th is your chart ruler, and there you investigate yourself - you get to know yourself on a deep level - and you have a connection with your Soul Spirit. You are more than who you were in your family and you will continue to explore who you are in a deep sense throughout your life. Sun there - you are bonding with your own self-identity - opposed to how others see you. Pisces can have poor boundaries, so you will no doubt be exploring this issue and understanding it as you go. Boundaries is the major life theme - self- and other.

This is not a complete reading, but I believe I´ve responded to your questions.


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April 2, 2021 at 18:45
(Taurus) s81
Relocation charts work on top of natal charts, just like a lunar revolution chart works on top of a solar revolution chart.
The setup of your natal chart will follow you everywhere until your last day alive, no matter what you do.
BUT, with a relocation you can reduce or even neutralize the effects of a natal aspect, for example with a square between two planets you can activate the middle point to create two octiles. Depending on the involved planets, the planet/asteroid/or even calculated point you may want to be there.
In the case of an opposition, you can work with the dispositing planets of the bodies involved too. For example in your case your exiliated Mars is in mutual reception with Venus, so the position of Venus in the relocated chart counts a lot to understand how your natal Mars will express overall.

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