What if I don´t have any planets or other points in my 8th/7th house?

March 23, 2021 at 20:49 (UT/GMT)
(Libra) Deermaiden
What if I don´t have any planets or other points in my 8th/7th house?
What does it really mean? I was always curious about what if few of my houses are "empty". Like even in my 7th house I don´t seem to have anything. I´m really just being curious. :D

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March 25, 2021 at 08:16
(Libra) Deermaiden
Thank you so so much :79: now I understand it better than before.
March 24, 2021 at 18:02
(Capricorn) Emanuel
If you have an empty house you could interpret that by looking at the sign on the cusp of that house. Also you need to look at the ruler of the sign on that cusp.

In your case... You have Virgo Rising with 7th house in Pisces and 8th House in Aries, în Whole Sign System(a system that says every house correspond to a sign... In your case Virgo it s the first sign, the sign of The Ascendant/1st house, Libra it s the next sign and occupies the 2nd house and so on).

As I said above... You could interpret the meaning of the Pisces Sign on the 7th house cusp and the meaning of the Sign Aries on the 8th house cusp... Even if you don t have any placements in one of that house.

Also you need to look at the ruler of the sign Pisces and Aries (they are also the ruler of the 7th and 8th House by extension).

In your case: Pisces is ruled by Jupiter traditionally and Neptune is the Modern ruler. I tend to give Jupiter the upper hand(a more personal planet that Neptune), but since you have Neptune aspecte în your birth chart, i would look at Neptune too. So you have Jupiter in Gemini 10 th house and Neptune în Aquarius 6th house... Which means that some of the topics related to your 7th house Pisces are intermingled with issues of your 10th house and 6th house.

So with 8th house in Aries... The ruler of Aries is Mars. Mars is in Virgo in the first house. This means that the topics of 8th house are relevant to things related to 1st house (very important topics since 1st house is the house of the Rising).
March 24, 2021 at 17:05
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
An empty house just means that it does not figure into the major life purpose or focus for the lifetime. At least, the life focus isn´t stated in that way - by having a planet or planets there. It doesn´t mean that you won´t have relationships (7th) or that you won´t investigate your inner world (8th) or have good sex, or not inherit some money from family. We all have the areas of human experiences that the houses represent. You simply don´t need a planet there for the chart to illustrate where your prominent energies lie. The focus of the lifetime is more on Self than Other - your personal development. You will indeed learn a great deal about yourself through relationships (Sun in Libra), but first and foremost, the chart is about you and your personal development - even with a Libra Sun. That´s why you have Sun in 1st house instead of 7th. With Sun in 7th, you´ll also learn a great deal about yourself through relationships, but the emphasis will be in learning about other people - and not about your own self-development. See - there are fine lines.

The rulers of the sign on the house cusps are somewhere, and they say something about those houses. You´ll have transits and progressions going through those houses.


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March 23, 2021 at 23:27
(Taurus) s81
Well, I think nobody really has an "empty" house, since there are tons of asteroids out there in the solar system, a lot of them undiscovered yet, but with a meaning you don´t know yet and might never know at all.
For example, the "asteroid" Eris (not really an asteroid but a dwarf planet like Pluto), associated with the discord, is present in your 8th house. So it is not "empty".

What you can exclude more easily, I think, are the calculated points, so you can call "empty" houses to those without a planet or a "well known" or "often used by astrologers" asteroid. In that terms, you will have other "empty" houses too. Let´s say the 6th (since the Vertex is a calculated point, not a body). Also the 11th (the Lot of Fortune is a calculated point, not a body) for example. But we should remark there is not a truly reliable convention on what is an empty house at all.

In any case, what does an empty house means at all? I think the simplest explanation is that they will express more attached to, with higher fidelity to, the meanings involved in the sign of where the cusp (where it starts) is present, and will show better, with more transparency, the cosmic state of the ruler of that sign. Example: your 7th house is in Piscis so it will show that sign characteristics better in that area of your life, it´s ruler is Neptune that is in Aquarius so it will show the characteristics of that planet in that sign more clearly in that area of your life.
That explanation bases in that planets present in a sign affect with the way that sign will manifest itself, and how it´s ruler will manifest thru them too (since the ruler of the sign disposes the bodies inside of it).

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