Can someone explain my chart?

March 21, 2021 at 01:56 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) Zane771
Can someone explain my chart?
I don´t really have an idea about my chart, I would like more insight on what it means, the type of person I am. Also if there´s any positives or negatives with my chart etc.
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March 21, 2021 at 16:39
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
Hi Zane!
All the planets and signs have both positive and negative qualities. How we respond to them is very personal - which is why you can find so many different interpretations of planets and signs. Most of us respond in both positive and negative ways to the planets and signs. If we´re responding with a negative quality, then we can work toward expressing the positive quality instead.

Your chart shows a very independent type person - and someone who is perhaps a bit different in some way. You have an Aquarius Rising with the modern ruler of it on the ASC - so it´s like being a double Aquairus. I´d think you have quite a lot of nervous energy - or you might seem high strung. Aquarius and Uranus is electric energy - intuitive, brainy, thinks out of the box - likes to do things their own way. Aquarius can be very inventive and have a touch of Genius. You could feel like an outsider, outcast, or somehow you don´t belong. The traditional ruler of your ASC is Saturn, and it is in Aries - the other most independent sign in the zodiac. So you are truly your own special person. Aquarius rising could make you a bit disorganized or appear to be an absentminded professor type.

With a Gemini Sun and Venus, and Gemini IC (4th house cusp), it also suggests that you are smarter than the average person = that you are a thinker, and you seek out the truth of things - how things are put together - how things work - pieces of puzzles you like to solve.

Despite how smart you are, I think you feel a little lost - like you aren´t quite here. Yet, you are looking. Because you are "different", you may feel judged. But this is what you are here to work on - to heal. You have concluded some things about yourself and life that probably aren´t true - a belief, a stance, an attitude. It could be as simple as believing you will never belong, or that you won´t be accepted for who you are. You need to analyze how you do relationships - really look at it in depth so that you understand why you do the things you do, or believe the things you believe. You do like to analyze things, but the focus is on understanding yourself in relationships - and this is key to understanding yourself in general.

You are independent - and there´s nothing wrong with that - but you do want to fit in the social world in some way. Leo DES says so. It´s important. I think you need to accept the fact that you are different and learn to use it to advantage. You need to find your crowd is all - and - shine. Learning and growing is a big part of you - and you might even have a good natural understanding of what makes people tick, but you want to cultivate how you express your understanding.

You´re someone who tends to be "in the head". So, it´s more difficult for you to be more in the heart and gut. Relationships require a lot of heart and gut - as well as head - so learning to feel more, to tune into others, to walk in their shoes so you know how it feels to be them - having empathy - is not your strong suit - but you can learn if you´re not good at it. Your scorpio Moon might very well give you more empathy than the rest of the chart might suggest. I like your Mercury in Taurus - because I´d think you could be gracious in the way you communicate. Taurus likes harmony in relationship - and doesn´t tolerate conflict much - so perhaps your mind has that quality. You probably think about matters of money, security and having enough to be independent and secure.

Down deep, you have a lot of love to give. Venus in the 4th house says so. You have a nurturing side - even though you probably show by doing thoughtful things rather than being romantic. I could be wrong about that. You might want a family, if you don´t have one already. I think you´d be a good communicator - and someone who would create a peaceful but lively home environment.

These are my first impressions of your chart.


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March 21, 2021 at 05:16
(Taurus) Rosincvist
Usually better than not to have some space between :153: and the Sun, also Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception which means they power each other up!
Several planets relate to an interest in literature.
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