Delay in love?

March 10, 2021 at 19:27 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) Gemini25
Delay in love?
Hello everyone,

I am 35 and still haven´t met my soulmate. Not sure if he is around me and I just don´t know. I would like to know does my chart show hope? Is there a delay for marriage?

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May 15, 2021 at 20:35
(Capricorn) Joanna Suzanne » Gemini25
I said to my friend that I don´t think I am capable of loving and caring about someone anymore and I said that there is no mam WHO can interest me and a month later I´ve met someone who was absolutely like from my dreams and I was so attracted. Things do not work out, but at least I was proven wrong. There are men who can make you crazy in love. I think everybody is ´picky´ we do have some type od there are things we like more. This doesn´t have to change. Maybe you will meet someone who is good and attractive for you. And will make you feel attractive. With this kind of problems it´s beneficial to learn and work on attachment styles.
May 15, 2021 at 20:27
(Capricorn) Joanna Suzanne
This is an optimistic perspective that meeting a significant person cannot be predicted. It may happen anytime and we don´t have to wait for the right transit or anything else.

I worry about those things too, because I was heartbroken and I was looking for problems within me and even checking the birth chart to know what is wrong. Now I believe that it does not matter if you have Saturn in the 7th house or whatever, we are made for love and connection and this is available to us. There is a person that can be a lovely match for you. Wish you all the best and lots of love ☺️
May 15, 2021 at 19:14
(Gemini) AmberMoon » JayJayAstrology
I see you have more of a modern/non-traditional friends pool? There´s a chance you need not look that far and your future mate might be right there in front of you.

And then, I´m also feeling more aligned with JayJay if understood her correctly, that is :)

South Node being that close to H7, also in Scorpio, and North Node on the other side, I was also wondering if in time you could embrace more focus going to you as an individual?

Pluto in domus (Scorpio) might also make relationships very/too intense.

Soulmates not rarely bring with them karmic issues. To people actively pursuing soul mates I would say, watch out what you wish for.
May 15, 2021 at 15:56
(Pisces) Cind » Lsinsocal
I have Saturn transiting my 7th now what do you think?
May 15, 2021 at 14:49
(Taurus) nutelina » Gemini25
Maybe you should look around here. With that Venus you might want something unreal, read up on it.…
March 15, 2021 at 22:15
(Gemini) Gemini25 » Emanuel
Wow thank you for that. I can relate to some of it yes, but my problem is I´m not attracting Men who want to date me longer than 2 or 3 dates. I don´t understand why. Another thing is I am not attracted to just anyone. I cant seem to find a Man that interests me. Sometimes I think I will never. I´m on a dating app and even there the Men are just blah.
March 15, 2021 at 02:27
(Capricorn) Emanuel
And since you are a Scorpio Descending s important to read about this too .

"The Descendant The Other Half Of You
By Wayman Stewart

Scorpio Descendant
To have a Scorpio Descendant, you must be born with a Taurus Ascendant. This creates a dichotomy in your life where everything seems like it should be simple and easy but it feels like other people are constantly bringing drama or upheaval into your life. The thing is that, with a Scorpio Descendant, this is just a part of what you want from your close relationships. The truth is that you want some drama. If things are not going to be intense and consuming, you don’t see much of a point. This can draw you toward powerful, deep, convoluted personalities who seem to be capable of either changing your life in a magnificent way or destroying you and leaving your life in ruins. But, this is only a reflection of how much your own powerful, deep, convoluted energy can either create or destroy when closely involved with others. Essentially, the Scorpio Descendant is about a balance in your romances and friendships that will allow an intense, emotionally rich connection to thrive without eating you both alive.
What You’re Looking For
As a Taurus Rising, you already live your life, generally speaking, with a style that is as easy as Sunday morning. You instinctively see yourself as someone who is grounded and level-headed, preferring to just relax and enjoy yourself. But, since you have already cultivated this laidback persona for yourself, in your relationships, you are looking for something different. Everything is already so stable and so comfortable in your life. So, you are seeking out partnerships that are going to pull the rug right from underneath you. Taurus Rising people can be so balanced that they want to throw themselves off balance. Because of this, you have this expectation that your close relationships are supposed to really rock your world. You don’t want something that is going to be lukewarm, half-hearted, or not fully invested. It has to be intense and it has to grab you at a soul level. So, when you’re one-on-one with other people, the last thing that you’re looking for is something that’s all nice and simple.
Many people with a Scorpio Descendant can find themselves fatefully drawn toward people who seem rather dangerous or threatening because of this. Getting close to someone always involves some element of danger to you anyway. Your Taurus side has crafted this very steady and very languid life for yourself. When things seem that comfortable and that safe, it can always feel like there’s some threat around the corner, just waiting to ruin all of that for you. In spite of how much you like to enjoy life, there is a side of you that has this terrible feeling that none of this is going to last for long. The Taurus part of you digs in those heels, insisting on that security, that peace of mind, that reliable status quo. But, the Scorpio Descendant within you tells you that this can only last for a while before someone changes all of that for you.

This can be a rather fatalistic feeling that you have, which is why you can be so drawn toward relationships that seem doomed or destructive. It’s as if all of your good sense goes flying out the window when a volatile or turbulent relationship comes into your life. It can be that significant other who is the bad boy or the bad girl or the close friend who may be a lot to handle emotionally. Even in business partnerships, there could be a feeling of underlying tension that simmers and simmers until it reaches its boiling point. In a certain sense, you want that. We all have Scorpio in one of the houses in our chart and this tells us where we can be most destructive. With Scorpio on the Descendant, this destructive streak can emerge when it comes to the kinds of relationships that you are compelled toward. And it does truly feel compulsive, like some other force has taken control or like fate has intervened and pulled you two together.
At the same time, this placement certainly does not mean that you are doomed when it comes to relationships or that you won’t know how to pick healthy partners. You can find many Scorpio Descending folks end up close to people who have that combination of intensity and mystery but who are relatively healthy people. In fact, this can go the other extreme and these partnerships can actually be incredibly empowering. So, your romantic companion or the best friend could be someone who brings a really powerful energy into your life in a way that completely transforms you for the better. In either instance, whether it’s a very toxic or a very empowering relationship, this is what you’re looking for: transformation. To you, relationships must be about both individuals being able to evoke change in each other. If not, you don’t see what the point is.
As a Taurus Rising, you are already too familiar with resisting change and being stuck in your ways. So, when you make an important connection with someone else, you desire the opposite. You want someone to pull you out of your set patterns and guide you toward transformation. You also want to be able to do the same for someone else. The thing is that it often doesn’t matter to you how this happens, whether it’s through a tumultuous relationship or a deeply healing one. Either way, you have the opportunity to become stronger. If you have to survive a volatile partnership in order to change, so be it. Almost every person with this placement, though, has to go through at least one turbulent relationship in order to realize that this isn’t necessary. You can experience this change through someone else by simply being with a highly evolved individual who will shine a light on your inner depths and resources, pushing you out of your comfort zone for your own good.
The key is to not be too fixated on change and being changed in these relationships. At an extreme, this could become a rigid attempt to control or manipulate the other person, on your part and/or on their part. There may be a lot of psychological mind games being played in order to for the person to feel like they have that influence over the other. And there can also be intense responses that come out when the other person realizes that they are being controlled. This is the

source of the power struggles that are quite inherent in your relationships when you have the Descendant in Scorpio. Since you both will need to feel like powerful individuals in your own right, neither of you will take kindly to the sense of being under the other’s thumb.
Because you are looking for a formidable lover or friend, you have to be willing to respect the fact that they are so formidable. You cannot try and create a dynamic where you’re the one in control all the time. Again, thanks to the Taurus Rising ability to cultivate a lot of security and stability, you can actually be more controlling than you realize. At the same time, they cannot try and shift the dynamic so they are in control constantly, either. You two have to be willing to meet in the middle by sharing the power in truly equal ways. Since Scorpio is such an extreme energy, this can be quite a challenge. But, if you both take the time to sincerely honor the power within the other person, then a fulfilling relationship will ensue where your mutual resourcefulness allows the love between the two of you to thrive.
It´s also very important that the passion thrives, as well. You are seeking out that intensity in these relationships. You want it to be exciting and seductive and even kind of scary, all wrapped into one. Scorpio Descending indicates that the sexual element of your romances will be vitally important. There cannot be much of a relationship unless there is a very rich, satisfying sexual intimacy between the two of you. Things can get quite complicated, however, in terms of close friendships because they might also take on a rather sexual dynamic. If you are single, you will be yearning for that intimacy on a profound level. Being sexually involved with your good friend or even your best friend can easily happen, which only makes things even more complicated. While this could be a deal-breaker to some, the fact that you like it complicated and dramatic only sucks you further into that dynamic.
So, it is often best for there to be some well-defined lines or barriers set in place in your good friendships that cannot be crossed. The fact that you can be close to friends who are highly sexual only makes that more necessary. But, it’s really not just about the sex. It’s about the emotional intimacy involved. However your relationships manifest, they will be full of feeling and they will require a lot of emotional unpacking. Your partners will challenge you toward a level of introspection that your simplicity-loving Taurus Rising does not press you to achieve. Conversely, you can also challenge them to be more introspective, resulting in a lot of mutual soul-searching.
Your Type of Partner
The Scorpio Descendant creates a pattern where you keep getting involved with people who have some dominant form of Scorpio energy in their chart, either through placements in Scorpio or an angular Pluto or planets in the 8th House. They could be considered dark or emotionally intense personalities. In some cases, this darkness or heaviness could be obvious, whether it’s the brooding

type or the strong and silent type. In terms of romance, in particular, if a man or woman seems like they spend their free time writing melancholy poetry and pondering the meaning of life and death, then you feel this magnetic pull toward them. This sort of person is so attractive to you because of their depth. It is crucial for you to feel like you can deeply engage with your partner, instead of sliding along the surface all of the time. Someone who downright refuses to live on the surface has what it takes to pique your interest and eventually stir your heart.
But, your choices won’t always be so obvious. The Scorpio Descending individual can also find themselves compelled toward someone who is seemingly nice, easygoing, and light. However, this partner is an eternal enigma and the mysterious element of them could be that they don’t seem all that dark or heavy or brooding. Yet, the more time you spend with them and the more intimate you are with them, the more you realize that they do have a lot of intensity under the surface. So, you unravel one complex layer after the next. This is equally intriguing to you. When it comes to your romantic partner or your best friend, you never want to feel like you completely know them. There always has to be this mystery to them because that’s what keeps you coming back for more. It’s also what can make you suspicious about everything seeming to be on the surface or out in the open. If you know everything about them, what else is there to know?
Have no fear, though. It’s safe to say that you will probably never know everything about your mysterious partner. But, as much as this attracts you to them, it’s also something that can strike fear in your heart. It can sometimes be for good reason, as this is a person who is most likely very in touch with their shadow side. They can leave you wondering who you’ve married, who you’re living with, who you’re trusting. The question of “who are you, really?” can constantly plague you and make you feel like you could actually be sleeping next to an outright psychopath. To be fair, your partner can have episodes that, metaphorically, verge on psychotic or psychopathic. Since they are so intense and have so many layers, these extreme emotions or thoughts can rise to the surface one day, sometimes through a seemingly small provocation, and scare the hell out of you.
It usually takes some more digging for you to figure out just where all of this is coming from. The Scorpio Descendant can make you a real psychiatrist toward your romantic or platonic companion. It can take a lot of for them to open up but it wouldn’t be at all surprising to hear about a history of abuse, neglect, sadness, or addiction. In some way, you choose a partner who is deeply wounded and who has either had to fight hard to overcome those demons or who has succumbed to them.
This is where we see the Scorpio Descendant with a significant other who is a drug addict or a good friend who comes from an abusive family. The pain that they carry around could possibly make them difficult or tough to connect to. The yearning to heal them, to transform them, can overcome your practicality and make you stay in these bonds, even if they’re troublesome.

The best sort of partner for you is someone who has been through Hell but also does not create Hell for themselves and for other people. Scorpio Descending individuals can find themselves with people who take them to the Underworld and back. But, they can also find themselves partnering up with those who have been to the Underworld and don’t need to bring anyone else along for the ride. Sure, this person won’t be perfect and will have their own moments of darkness. But, they have great self-control and self-awareness, understanding how to handle and channel their shadow energy in a creative, compassionate way. Then, you can see the partner who is an artist, a healer, or a counselor in their own right, instinctively understanding the full, intense range of human emotion and how the psychology of other people works.
Because of this, they will be able to get into your head exceptionally well. You will just have to get used to being psychoanalyzed by them. But, often times, their insights can be tremendously helpful. It can also give them the emotional strength to survive tough times in the relationship or help you get through your own trials. While other people may run from intense situations, this partner will stick right by you and not waver. In the end, this is what you want: someone who is strong enough, deep enough, and resourceful enough to be there for you when life tries to put you through the ringer. Their presence can be healing and give you the strength to rise from the ashes of whatever you’re going through and feel reborn.
Also, in terms of romance, you will want someone who is very sexy and alluring. Your significant other will probably have a lot of sexual energy and can be downright mind-blowing in bed.
Sometimes, this is just a part of the volatility of the relationship because the crazy intensity that pushes you to the edge also seduces you like no other. But, with a healthier partner, it’s just an intimate exchange between you two that bonds you even more profoundly than usual. In fact, you will need for your partner to be quite an animal in bed because without that really powerful passion, you just don’t know how to connect with them. It’s an energy that can become addictive and all- consuming, with the sex between the two of you feeling like a drug.
The Type of Partner You Are
The Scorpio Descendant makes it not so easy for you to realize just how intense, magnetic, and potentially volatile you can be in partnerships, as well. With your Taurus Ascendant being your point of reference for yourself, you might just see yourself as someone who is very easy to get along with and doesn’t rock the boat that often. And it’s true that your general demeanor is really sweet and often very calming. But, no one can be calm for forever. The truth is that you store up a lot of the passion of your Scorpio Descendant on the inside until it builds and builds. People don’t usually realize this until your normally patient, low-key self gives way to a terrifying side locked within.

In general, you don’t think that situations and people are that much to fuss over. But, when you get involved with someone on a one-on-one level, you start getting very wholeheartedly invested. All of a sudden, you can’t relax as much anymore. When a Taurus Rising goes from single to a committed relationship, they suddenly start eating and drinking and breathing their lover. It’s as if they are all that you can think about, in a much more intense way than the average person. It can bring out the demons within, like the jealousy or the controlling behavior. Again, since you generally like things to be secure, getting emotionally involved via the Scorpio Descendant can be tough because it always feels like who you love is going to be taken away from you. So, you may do all that you can to prevent that, even though it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
In fact, a fear of losing the people you love can be tremendous with this placement and needs to be addressed. This anxiety over someone abandoning you could cause you to act out in dramatic ways in your partnerships, obsessing over what’s going on with them and between the two of you. There can also be intense fears regarding being betrayed that make you just as obsessive and that slowly start destroying the relationship. There can be no real trust if there is this much jealousy, insecurity, manipulation, or control. And you might just have to face this problem: you don’t trust people as much as you should. When you get close to someone, this can become all too clear.
All of this isn’t apparent to those who just see your calm, steady, level-headed Taurus side. But, with your partner or your close friend(s), you may be anything but calm, steady, and level-headed. This could also affect business partnerships in a way that makes things too dramatic and too emotionally charged to function. It’s something that could happen in romance and friendship, as well. However, the worst thing is that you can easily project this on to the other person. While projection is an issue for everyone with their Descendant, it can become particularly complicated and troublesome with the Scorpio Descendant. It can be all too easy to see the darkness in the other person that’s actually in you.
This is also because the people you love the most are usually dark, complex personalities. So, the intensity that you initially loved about them can gradually become too much for you to handle, sometimes. They may seem as if they are always stirring things up and always trying to make things deeper than they actually are. You need to consider, though, the fact that you may be the one who is actually stirring things up and making things deeper than they are. Because you will partner with people who have no issue getting down to the raw truth, conversations can take an intense turn very quickly. But, if you are overidentifying with your simplistic Taurus Ascendant, it can create a powerful reaction within you that is often negative. The truth is that you really don’t like to be probed. But, here’s the kicker: the people you attract will probe you so easily that they often do so without thinking or realizing it.

And they may not even mean any harm by it, often even doing it out of genuine love and concern for you. So, the question you have to ask is why you feel so threatened by their insights and their line of questioning. You can find yourself being transformed by these people if you just allow them to do their psychiatric work, so to speak. They have these perceptions that can be used to transform your life. You just have to realize how attached you can be to the way things are, including your
self-image, and how you will often need to let go of these attachments in your close relationships. When you do, you will be the kind of partner who is very open to intimacy. As much as you say you want it, when you actually get close to it, the sheer threat of the change it carries could make you run in the opposite direction. But, if you truly understand the part of yourself that yearns for this profound connection, you’ll welcome it with open arms.
Regardless, you do have a way of inviting these intense moments and confrontations. Often times, you will provoke your partner but do so in a seemingly innocent way that they will learn to see through. You will quickly learn what buttons to push with them because you are equally as perceptive toward them as they are toward you. So, you know what is going to set them off. The thing with a Scorpio Descendant that you have to remember is that your partner isn’t to be trifled with. You get close to people who are powerhouses, after all, and who know the crap that you’re pulling. So, when you go there, they can take it two steps further and burn the whole place down. I mean that figuratively but it would be a mistake to not take it literally, either. Before you know it, you have a vicious fight on your hands that wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t provoke them.
But, because of their extreme reaction, it could be easy to pin the blame on them. You could complain about how volatile your partner is. Yet, you also have to stop and realize just how much you often contribute to these situations or even how much you secretly enjoy them. Owning up to your manipulative behavior is key in your relationships, instead of falling back on that deceptively simple Taurus Rising persona. The truth is that you are super-complicated in your one-on-one connections. Because you are so generally slow-moving, you can be very slow to reveal yourself to another person, almost painfully slow, at times. This can be a way of maintaining control and making sure that everything remains just how you like it.
The thing is that you cannot be afraid of the other person knowing you deeply. You are so used to appealing to people and being so likable, in a way that is quite similar to Libra Rising. So, the idea of showing all of your traits to your partner – the good, the bad, the ugly – can be truly terrifying or paralyzing. This is what can make you just as hard to get to know as you may see them as being.
But, the truth is that the success of this relationship relies on that all-or-nothing intimacy. You have to be willing to totally expose yourself and share your secrets, without worrying if this is going to scare them away. Because, in the end, you do not let emotional lightweights into your life. So,

showing them the not-so-pleasant sides of yourself is actually only going to make you more attractive to them and bring you two closer together.
Your Personal Appeal
With the Descendant in Scorpio, you have to accept that your way of appealing to other people is through your depth, complexity, and emotional power. Those with this placement have a really seductive impact on other people. Since your intensity is not entirely obvious upon first glance, it’s as if this sweet, serene demeanor draws people in and allows them to relax and get comfortable.
Then, once they get close enough, you virtually hypnotize them with your incredibly magnetic ways. People can sometimes feel as if you are overpowering them with these charms and they have to succumb to your personal power. It can be really intoxicating and thrilling but also a bit unnerving. Still, that is a big part of what makes people fall for you. As much as you are drawn to this element of danger, there is an element of danger others feel when they are drawn to you.
You possess the ability to make people feel as if you are completely, utterly invested in them. You can give them your undivided attention and focus in ways that a lot of people cannot. It’s a cliché but you can truly make someone feel like you two are the only two people in the room. The fact that you get so intensely engaged could be intimidating to some but could also be a complete breath of fresh air to others. Yet, you are going to take your time in terms of who you allow yourself to be that engaged with. It’s not going to be just anybody! They have to be someone of emotional or psychological substance for you to go there with them. Therefore, when you do connect, it can be a real pleasure to someone else because they can feel as if you see that there is more to them than meets the eye and you would like to figure that out.
Also, on an interpersonal level, there is very little that makes you experience real discomfort. It could be because you are so utterly comfortable as an individual that when you join forces with someone else, you are relaxed enough to handle just about anything. There are few revelations that can throw you off that much. So, another very attractive thing about you will be your ability to handle people’s darker, deeper secrets; sometimes, their deepest and their darkest. The Scorpio Descendant encourages such intimacy on a one-on-one level that people can find themselves feeling compelled to tell you things that they would never tell anyone else. The fact that you will guard these secrets close to your heart only amplifies the intimate rapport between the two of you.
In the public sphere, people will admire you because of this emotional substance. The fans that you accumulate will love how emotionally real you can be and how you can get down to the nitty- gritty in a way that makes other people look simple or superficial. Famous people with Scorpio Descending are usually beloved because they readily express raw emotion or deep insight into life and human nature or explore dark subject matter in their artistic work. Their fans can feel deeply

understood by them and they can also feel deeply understood by their fans, creating a profound kind of relationship that few people can penetrate. This intimate relationship can also be quite erotic or sexually charged, as this person can possess a sexual appeal that is on another level and drives their fans really wild.
Also, there is a real air of mystery and privacy surrounding famous Scorpio Descendant individuals. They come off as reluctant to embrace fame entirely or to let people into their business and their personal life too much. So, their admirers can be left with all of these deep feelings about them without actually knowing that much about them. This is why the more enigmatic you are, famous or not, the more people will admire you and be attracted to you. As in all of your relationships, this rapport with your admirers and fans will be strengthened the more that you keep them guessing and create a gradual intimacy with them that slowly reveals your secrets.
Mystery is quite a rare quality these days, given the prevalence of social media and all. But, those with a Scorpio Descendant are able to cultivate an appealing public profile that doesn’t give everything away about themselves, guarding their own secrets as closely as they do others’. This is what leads to an appealing air of power that you have and that cannot be easily understood. People who respond favorably to your public self are doing so because that power that you possess attracts them to you. Whether it’s emotional, psychological, or sexual power, it makes a big impact on those in the public who love and admire you. The Scorpio Descendant person can attract this love their way through being formidable, often seen as powerhouses, survivors or catalysts for change.
Being Your Own Partner
It is important for you to really value your emotional depth and your inner complexity, whether you are being admired by others or not and whether you have Scorpio-like or Plutonian partners to reflect that depth and complexity back to you or not. You will always feel inwardly unbalanced and lacking in wholeness if you can’t appreciate just how profound you can be and also how you have this inner darkness that needs to be handled well. Therefore, being your own partner, with this placement, requires a self-love that comes from serious introspection and the ability to understand all of your inner complications.
There is a side of you that will always be down-to-earth and set in your ways. But, you will see, time and time again, that the people who love you will reflect back to you the ways in which you are a fascinating and sometimes challenging enigma. So, in order for you to really love yourself, you also have to accept that you are a fascinating and sometimes challenging enigma, truly appreciating this aspect of yourself. It’ll keep things from getting too boring or too routine because there is this intensity within just waiting to stir things up. This might be troublesome, at times. But, to a certain degree, you need to be willing to make things a bit difficult for yourself emotionally. You need to

recognize that you possess inner emotional conflicts that need to be addressed and worked through, instead of you acting as if everything is fine and easy.
You might look toward your partners for help with this but you have to know how to do this on your own, as well. You will become whole unto yourself through this almost ruthlessly honest process of sifting through your emotions and your complexities. In doing so, you will become both the astute, insightful psychologist, via the Scorpio Descendant, and the simple, easygoing patient who just wants to be happy, through the Taurus Ascendant. You are much more likely to be genuinely satisfied with your life when you can work through all of that seemingly scary inner stuff. Once you do, you’ll see that it’s not that scary and that, in fact, you have all the inner resources needed to be a true survivor.
In doing so, you will be able to meet your intense, penetrating, passionate partners halfway. You can create a mutually satisfying relationship where there is an equal give and take of depth. And this is because you’ll be experienced enough and whole enough to provide this depth for yourself, with or without them. Scorpio Descendant people can fall into consuming patterns of dependency, otherwise, feeling like the relationship with this person is life-or-death. But, as powerful and life- changing as your love is for them, you can live without your romantic partner or best friend, even if this means temporary separations or time apart. When you know your emotional strength, you will see that it’s something that you can’t get from anyone else. It’s only something that you can express to and appreciate in someone else.
Basically, you cannot look toward anyone else to empower you. This is the trap that you can fall into, feeling as if your empowerment can only happen because of or through other people.
Empowering yourself is an act of true self-love for the Scorpio Descending person. When you do this, you will find your relationships with others will progress more smoothly because there will be no power struggle involved. Again, it will be about shared, mutual power, instead of one person trying to be more powerful than the other person. And when this happens, when you partner up with someone who is equally empowered as you are, then you can be truly unstoppable.
March 15, 2021 at 02:21
(Capricorn) Emanuel
Also quite important to read Wayman s take on Moon-Pluto aspects to ,as you have a tight square between Moon in Leo 4th house and Pluto in Scorpio 7th house (house of the Descendant ,your other self and your closest relationships).


You are a deep well when the Moon is conjunct, square, opposite, sextile or trine Pluto in your natal chart; a deep well of emotion and intensity. Since the Moon rules our emotional responses and Pluto is a planet of extremes and complexities, you have an inner life that could be called tumultuous. You feel things profoundly and your needs are never simple or easy to understand. Getting to the
bottom of your emotional life is like peering down into that mysterious well. It’s dark down there
and you don’t know exactly when or how you’ll get to the bottom. But, you have this lifelong task of learning how to process all of your feelings in a way that will truly make you feel safe and comforted. The problem is that your idea of comfort is not exactly nice and easy.

In fact, you are more comforted by intense experiences in life, something that you can feel strongly within your gut. Because of this, Moon-Pluto people can believe that they possess a need for drama (which is false) and act out this desire very compulsively. It causes you to fall into toxic, painful, or turbulent experiences on a regular basis. The self-destructive streak is definitely strong with this placement. This is usually very evident with the conjunction, square, and opposition. However, even those with the sextile or the trine can drink their own form of poison and believe that it’s somehow good for them. The Moon is the irrational side of us, after all. So, even when you know better, it can be hard for you to break out of these patterns that make you a tormented person, set you up for heartbreak or terrible pain, or ruin good things in your life.

This all stems from the conditioned rapport with the mother figure in one’s life. It’s not something everyone wants to hear but it must be said: just like some Sun-Pluto people can have a terror for a father, many people with Moon-Pluto aspects are plagued with a monster of a Mom. Not always, of course, but it is a common pattern and should be addressed just for the sake of healing and
56 awareness. In this case, the mother was abusive toward the child, on some often covert level. She

held some sort of frightening psychological power over you, making you feel suffocated and like nothing was secret or sacred. Feeling so controlled and invaded by Mom contributes to you feeling this compulsion to always control your emotions (which you’ll soon learn is essentially impossible) and keeping so much to yourself.

Yet, there is also usually a love-hate attachment to the mother while growing up, even when the situation is unhealthy and painful. You might have loathed her with as much fervor as you adored her, with either extreme being hard for you to understand. Moon-Pluto individuals certainly have very complicated relationships with their mothers. With Pluto representing death and loss, the
maternal parent also could’ve died at some in the upbringing or abandoned the child. Even with the Mom alive or present, there is still some strong fear of abandonment. This makes it hard for you to need people without going to extremes about it or having some sense of paranoia surrounding the connection. In the case of the toxic mother, there is an unconscious belief that develops that makes it hard for one to trust the support of other people. You can always suspect people of having terrible or evil intentions that they’re hiding from you. It’s hard to move away from such suspicions and it takes consistent self-discipline to do so. If not, such feelings will compulsively rise to the surface and end up destroying good connections with people who just wanted to love you.

It also needs to be said, though, that this placement doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to hate your mother or have an evil mother. There are also many Moon-Pluto individuals who have wonderful relationships with their Mom: empowering, rich, and passionate in a healthy way. The mother, however, will be fiercely protective (and, strangely enough, you can even see this in the
case of the Mommy Dearest types). She’s the kind of parent who will kill to protect her children. Due to this intensity, a part of you may have always been scared of her, even if the relationship was a good one. Similar to Sun-Pluto people who have healthy bonds with their father figure, with this

aspect, if your mom was good to you, it’s probably because of how she suffered in her own upbringing or past. In either case, the maternal parent went through Hell at one point, struggled with her own trauma. It’s just a matter of whether or not she used that pain to transform in a positive way, serving as an admirable example of power, or if she succumbed to those demons and created a Hell on earth for other people. It’s not an either or situation, though, because she could’ve lived life as the latter, at one point, and then shifted into the former.

This is a form of tremendous power that is passed down to you. You have to make a choice when it comes to how you deal with and use your trauma. You can either become a stronger, wiser person because of it or you can allow yourself to be consumed with all of your emotional issues. Moon-Pluto energy usually gives a person a lot of issues to work out and since it all goes so deep, it takes plenty of work to unravel it all. Again, how do you get to the bottom of the deep well inside of you?
Introspection will be required, which will involve a brutal kind of honesty with yourself in regards to what you’re feeling and why. With this placement, emotional awareness means confronting every single emotion that rises up inside of you, no matter how terrifying or forbidden it all may seem.

Some people with this placement can be scared of the darker emotions that they experience, particularly those with the square or the opposition. The conjunction makes one more at ease with this shadowy energy while the aforementioned aspects can resist or shy away from much of it. But, eventually, it will all come spilling out very destructively. You sometimes feel like a monster yet you need to know that this monstrous part of you is often being driven by fear, by need, by a yearning for love. It’s said that anger is only another expression of pain and hurt. So, when you get down into the very depths of what you feel, you’ll realize that this scary rage or obsessiveness inside of you is only stemming from the part of you that wants to feel loved or protected and that didn’t, in some way, during your childhood. You cannot run away from the unpleasant parts of your upbringing.
57 You’ve got to be honest about it all in order to function emotionally.

There can be other Moon-Pluto people who are more so scared of their vulnerability and their softer
side. A signature of this aspect is a very driving need for control. We’re dealing with very
unconscious energy here, so it can drive you so much that you don’t fully realize it. Being subjected to so much volatility or instability as a child has instilled this notion that you’re only safe (Moon)
when you’re in a position of power (Pluto). However, you have to know that being able to enter into states of vulnerability or letting go is another expression of power. Instead of bottling up your emotions or believing that you have to control them, you have to remember that your emotions are your strength. Being able to feel things on such an intense, powerful level is part of what makes you strong. Therefore, expressing these emotions or revealing them is not a weakness. Those with their Moon in aspect to Pluto can come off as truly calm and controlled, all while they’re boiling or dying on the inside. Trying so hard to contain your emotions, though, only makes them stronger and
stronger, leading you to either explode or implode when you can’t hold them in or back anymore.

In order to overcome this pattern, you have to recognize the power your mother has held over you in the past and still may be holding over you. If you’re still letting her control elements of your life, she still has the power. If you still cannot forgive her for certain ways in which she’s hurt or mistreated you, she still holds the power. Even if you have a Mom who means well and just wants the best for you, she can be such an overpowering influence that you feel too dominated by her.
You have to look within yourself and recognize the power that you possess: through your emotional intensity, your intuitiveness, your insights into situations and people. Your mother passed this down to you in some way but it is yours. So, you have to use that energy to not “take the power back” but to realize that you already have that power and it cannot be taken from you. This stops her from being an overwhelming presence, because you will be in charge of your life, and also from you obsessing over her potentially bad mothering, as you are a formidable mother to yourself.

Moon-Pluto types experience the feminine in a very powerful manner. Women with this placement are particularly fierce, with the ability to be either amazing, empowering alpha females or femme fatales who are not to be trifled with (possibly switching from one to the other, depending on their mood). That is, if they have truly owned their power. Otherwise, they’ll find themselves in situations where they feel powerless, degraded, even abused, until they come out on the other side and realize just how incredible they are. Meanwhile, men with Moon-Pluto energy feel their feminine side very strongly. There is something much more mysterious, complicated, or sensual about him than the average man. They drip with a certain femininity yet in a way that isn’t deemed as “weak.” These men typically don’t have some sort of superiority complex with women. They don’t see them as the weaker sex, often because of their formidable mothers (Moon-Pluto people also usually come from families that are very female-dominated with strong women all around). If he is interested in women, this can create some power struggles yet also a deep respect for women.

Being so formidably feminine gives you an easy access to the Divine Feminine. It’s just a matter of letting yourself go to that place. This influence makes one a natural-born witch. By the way, witch is a gender-neutral term and applies to both men and women (don’t say “warlock” ever, it’s inaccurate and offensive to many). It’s also a word that can conjure up stereotypical images of evil and danger and terribly dark forces, reminiscent of stereotypical profiles of Pluto placements. But, there are
many ways to be a witch, just like you’ll come to understand that there are many ways to express your intensity. You could potentially go to that very dark place of no return. Yet, you must be wise enough to know not to go there and use your power in a healthy, healing way. The occult is deeply comforting for a lot of Moon-Pluto people. It allows you to utilize your perceptiveness to understand the mysterious workings of the Universe, to hone and cultivate your immense power for good, and to understand just how much you can transform your life and others’ lives for the better; all things that you inherently need because of this placement.

There are many ways to be a practicing witch and the fact that you study astrology is already a form of it, as long as you’re using astrology as a guide toward deep empowerment, higher awareness and positive change. You could also focus on manifestation and any sort of rituals needed to cleanse you of negative energy or send out the right intentions. Maybe you’ll even veer toward doing spells of some kind. Since your energy is so powerful, it can either be highly destructive or incredibly creative. The choice is up to you. Even creativity can be a form of magic for you, if done with the proper mindset, as it’s so intuitive and mysterious and such an outlet for you in terms of ridding yourself of all of the accumulated emotions that can block you, cripple you, make you sick. There is a reason why a lot of folks with a Moon-Pluto aspect inherently resonate with being a witch or magical. Some may say it casually or humorously but it holds a lot of truth.

Your ways of nurturing and protecting others and yourself are pretty uncanny and spooky. You tend to know just what’s going wrong with someone, without any words, and can naturally use your advice, insight, or presence as a healing balm. You can create an unnerving force field of protection around yourself or others, either through your intentions or the way you strike back at the offender. When you have someone’s back, you do so wholeheartedly. So, Heaven help the person who tries to mess with them or, for that matter, with you. You’re more than capable of cursing a person who has ill intent, either through fierce disapproval or exposing all of their weaknesses via some sort of confrontation or telling off. These are the many ways in which you can be a “good witch”, using your inner power to eradicate negativity. However, you also must come to recognize that there is
still a “bad witch” within you that has to be sublimated in some sense. You’re all too familiar with
evil and know it exists within you. Just don’t let it consume your being.

You also are very aware of how much evil exists within other people. People cannot hide their
innermost secrets and their darker selves from you. It’s something that you just pick up on without

even trying. You can plumb the bottom of other people’s emotional wells just as much as you do your own. This makes you hard to fool or lacking in naivete about who people really are, unless you have some Neptune aspects that get in the way. But, you would rather know that stuff, anyway.
You feel more at ease with people who know and accept the uglier, messier, or scarier parts of
themselves. People who just act like everything’s fine all the time or who can’t engage in deeper
self-examination tend to alienate you, making you feel like you’re too much for them. This is another reason why you can keep so much of your inner life so private. Even when you’re more “open”, you’re still going to have plenty of secrets. This only draws people to you more, as there is always something within you that people have to discover or unravel.

So, others can fall into your deep well quite readily, not knowing until it’s too late, while some can be kind of scared of you because of this quality. But, it contributes to the raw magnetism you have that’s also driven by your strong sexual energy. Pluto is erotic and animalistic in that way and when blended with the deep needs of the Moon, you have a highly sexual nature that constantly is looking for a release. The key is allowing this energy to flow and not blocking it, which could be easy to do because it’s so overwhelming. It magnetizes people and sends out strong, primal signals to people, whether you embrace it or not. So, it’s better for you to just go with it, seeing it as another form of power, which it is. For you, sex is a vehicle for real, hard-hitting emotional intimacy and also for healing of yourself and others.

You might find that much of the pain that plagues you is because you haven’t completely embraced or come to terms with the true depths of your sexuality. Many Moon-Pluto people feel connected to their sexual energy since the earlier parts of their childhood and can internalize a lot of the
messages of it being “inappropriate” from that time, as well. But, this only gives just as many with
this influence the need to express that, no matter how taboo or discomforting it is for others. Since
59 there is such a raw emotional charge behind your sexual expression, letting your feelings flow will

allow you to feel sexually freer. Conversely, sex can be a cathartic release for your emotions, which means that any sexual encounter, no matter how casual or committed, hits you very deeply. You also have a way of making your sexual partners feel at ease in terms of fully expressing their hidden desires, seeing it as another form of intimate comfort you can give.

Moon conjunct Pluto: Having the conjunction means you experience your emotions in the most intense, complex way and are also the most secretive about what you feel. Yet, all the pain you endure only makes you an amazing survivor and a formidable being. You’ll eventually emerge as the Supreme, the fiercest witch of all, as long as you use your power with correct intentions.

Moon square or opposite Pluto: With the square or the opposition, you suffer from a lot of emotional repression, avoiding the demons that plague you until you can’t afford to anymore. This can lead to breakdowns and push you to the psychological edge. You have a lot of inner transformation to do until you truly come into your power, which will make you a magnificent force to behold.

Moon sextile or trine Pluto: Since you have the sextile or trine, you’re emotionally intense without going overboard with it, much of the time. However, you are still capable of being too obsessive, resentful, or stuck in a dark place. This is why it’s important for you remember your strength and your ability to transform whatever is in front of you or within you.
March 15, 2021 at 01:58
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » Gemini25
I wish it were easy to predict when love will happen, but it isn´t. Even when we think it ought to be good timing, we are often proven wrong - it doesn´t happen. And then we don´t see an indication, but love happens anyway. No one knows the future. I think it´s possible any time. Sorry I can be of more help.
March 15, 2021 at 01:38
(Capricorn) Emanuel
From Wayman Stewart book "Jupiter and Saturn through the houses" (you have Saturn retrograde in Scorpio ,7th house,or your Descendant House in Whole Sign System) :


Relationships aren’t easy for anyone but they’re a particular amount of hard work when you have Saturn in your 7th House. This placement means that you have to establish a dynamic with those close to you that has to do with putting more than enough time, effort, and dedication into the partnership in order to make it work. But, because of this, these partnerships can feel like they come loaded with a lot of pressure. It can get to a point where it feels like too much work and that you keep dealing with these people who are real pieces of work. Is that completely true, though? You receive what you put in when you have this placement. So, if you keep attracting people who seem so difficult, this is because you’re very difficult to be in a relationship with. In fact, much of the time, they’re not the problem. It’s not them, it’s you.

Many people find it hard to be entirely aware of their 7th House qualities, even when they are obviously expressing them. Sometimes, the 7th House is what is clear about you to everyone but you. It’s other people’s perspective of you that you might not share but that you also should be open to if you want to learn more about yourself. So, with Saturn in the 7th, you might not think
that you’re all that defensive or that you have many walls up. You might not believe that you’re hard to get to know or get close to. However, close friends, significant others, or any other important person in your life can attest to how unavailable you can be. More than the average person, you have a deep-seated fear that if someone else really got to know you, they wouldn’t like what they saw and they would reject you. So, you have a way of rejecting others or shutting them out before they can do the same to you.

However, you can also enact this pattern by attracting people who are going to reject you. This is what draws you toward those who are emotionally unavailable themselves and not easy to get close
to. You might have also a thing for romantic partners who are chronic liars, cheaters, or even 67
abusers. Their poor treatment of you affirms what you feel about yourself and your lovability. However, in less negative or dramatic cases, someone’s perceived rejection may not even actually be rejection. Maybe they have their moments where they’re more distant or not so demonstrative. But, it doesn’t mean that they can’t connect to you. In this instance, you’re projecting your own issues, your inability to connect, on to them. This ends up pushing them away, more and more, because they feel a sense of futility with you, as if no matter what they do, they’re just going to keep hitting this wall. Because of this, many people with this placement go at it alone a lot in life, remaining single for very long periods of time and seeming to have few to no close relationships. But, this is all due to a deep inner resistance to closeness that you may not even fully recognize.

7th House Saturn individuals get very caught up in the blame game with others. It can feel as if everything that’s going wrong is the other person’s fault. Even if you don’t directly put it all on them, you draw people into your life who will readily put all the blame on themselves and shoulder all of the responsibility. This is something you can just go along with, eager to be free of accountability.
Yet, you also can have people in your life who do hold you accountable, to the point where they dish out some tough-love in order to make a point or teach you the consequences of your actions. It’s
easy to feel like they’re being mean or insensitive or cold by doing this. However, it’s often for your own good. At the same time, you can be attracted to a dynamic where someone is punishing you consistently for things that you haven’t done wrong. In this sort of relationship, you will be the one shouldering all the responsibility for what goes wrong between you two, beating yourself up over things you shouldn’t be blaming yourself for.

When we look at the 7th House, we see how we experienced the relationship between our parents (if you come from a single-parent home, it’s how you witnessed that parent going about romantic relationships). This is our first example of what love is and it sets the stage for how we go about our

own relationships in life. Saturn being in the 7th House tends to go to one extreme or the other. In one case, there is a very contentious, strained partnership between the parents. But, there may have been no divorce involved. Interestingly, those with this placement can have parents that seem more “stuck together” than “in love” during much of the upbringing. It have seemed like there isn’t a healthy amount of affection or appreciation between them. There might have even been forms of abuse, dishonesty, or infidelity on display that deeply affected you and that you later enact and attract in your own romances. Their example makes you feel like staying with someone through thick-and-thin means remaining with someone who is mistreating you or who you’re unhappy with, feeling too committed to the relationship to leave.

On the other hand, a person with Saturn in the 7th can have a highly idealized view of their parents’ marriage. This becomes detrimental because they don’t take enough time to recognize the faults of this seemingly incredible union. Even when they do, they may side much more with one parent than the other. As a result, you see relationships too idealistically. You’re unable to handle the faults of other people without pushing them away. Also, you have a hard time admitting to your faults within the relationship because you feel like you’re supposed to get everything right. This is what causes you to project on to the other person and to have a hard time seeing things from their point of view. It may feel much easier to be alone because being with someone else seems so demanding, when it was seemingly so easy for your parents to make it work. But, it wasn’t. It’s not easy for anyone.

When you don’t want to put enough work into your relationships, this is because you had a father figure (Saturn) who you constantly leaned on for strength and guidance. You didn’t feel as effective, as strong, or as successful without his influence. This attracts you to very powerful, competent people who you consciously or unconsciously expect to handle everything. But, everyone has their breaking point and when people reach theirs with you, you feel bewildered. On the other hand, you
may have had a father who pushed you a lot or who was so much work that the relationship was 68
exhausting, in some way. So, you have attracted many exhausting relationships into your life that make you feel like nothing you do is ever going to be good enough.

Some things can be fixed between people and some things can’t. You must understand this to know how to navigate your relationships. If you’re operating without a true understanding of both other people and how you deal with them, your Saturn Return in the 7th will involve some sort of breakdown of an important relationship in your life. It could mean a divorce, a major break-up, an ended friendship, or an estrangement from a loved one. Regardless of the situation, you’re going to have to step back and take stock of what happened. Were they not getting what they needed? Were you not getting what you needed? Were you as present and as available as you could be? Are you scared of getting close or truly letting people love you? All of these questions must be pondered and answered in order for you to successfully go about your life. Your relationships require real and solid closure, often times because they’re so fraught or unstable.

In the process, you’ll discover whether you lack accountability for your actions as a partner or you keep getting involved with people who lack serious accountability. If the former is true, then you have to find the inner strength to apologize, to own your mistakes, to truly see things from the other person’s point of view. This is a part of having real integrity in relationships. You cannot just do
whatever you want, whenever you want it, and think you’re going to get away with it with them. During your Saturn Return, it may feel like someone in your life is punishing you when they’re really just insisting on necessary boundaries. Conversely, if you are constantly attracting people who are very negative, burdensome, or harsh influences, you’ve got to learn how to let them go. You deserve real happiness with someone and not this constant, unnecessary struggle. Even though relationships are hard work, they do not have to put so much stress and pressure on to you, either.

Be aware of who you’re attracting into your life and what that says about you. Projecting only gets you into trouble as you spend so much time focusing on someone else’s issues that you’re not worrying enough about your own. Being responsible for yourself in a relationship means
understanding why you’re with this person, why you formed a relationship with them in the first
place. Being so drawn to people who aren’t good for you is an indicator that you don’t think you’re good enough, as is pushing people away who really haven’t done anything to you and only want you to love you and know you. It’s easy to feel like you’re that person who is offering nothing but love to someone when you’re actually making their life more difficult. It’s also easy for you to feel like you’re no good for someone else when you have such amazing love to give them. So, keep in mind that working out your issues as an individual allows you to see your relationships clearly and wisely.

It’s your purpose in life to relate, to bond and connect, and you’ll find that your partnerships lead you to success in many ways. Your best friend or romantic partner will be an especially ambitious person, someone who is goal-oriented and intent on being a highly successful, effective person. By bonding with them, you’ll be able to access that side of you. 7th House Saturn people often do not know what they want to accomplish unless they have the right partner by their side. You’re not as efficient when you’re flying solo. This doesn’t just mean when you’re romantically unattached or free of company but when you’re attempting professional ventures alone. You need someone by your side to consistently push you toward greatness. Yet, it’s also crucial to remember that you don’t stop being great because you don’t have these influences around you. They just significantly help take your goals and shape them into something that is workable and achievable.

But, you also have to understand how to acknowledge your own strength. You’ll have an excellent relationship with yourself that shows you how capable and respectable you are. It’s just that you must use your capability and respectability in order to bond with someone else. Knowing the
strengths you have to bring to the table in a relationship allow you to really contribute all that you 69
can and to also recognize and encourage the strengths in someone else. This is when the positive form of 7th House projection happens. You’ll see the power in the other person and reflect that back to them, showing them that they can achieve anything they want to achieve. You both are meant to take the reins at the appropriate times. No one person should “wear the pants” in your relationship. Instead, you both need to wear your own pants. Since you will end up succeeding by either turning your personal relationships into professional ones or vice versa, you both need to be strong in your own right in order to make it work on multiple levels.

Saturn in the 7th House people will eventually need to come to terms with how much they are
looking for their Dad in their platonic and romantic partners. You’ll be surprised to note that the exact same issues you have with your Dad are experienced in these close companionships. Your Saturn Return is a time where you should fully come to terms with the reality of that relationship so you can understand the reality of all of your other relationships. Ultimately, having a 7th House Saturn means that you’ll go from looking for a Daddy, which can also mean being attracted to older, very paternal figures at a young age (to a sugar-baby degree), to becoming the Daddy, whether
male or female. The 7th House indicates your influence on the public and why they’ll love you. Your fans love you because of how strong, sophisticated, and wise you seem, how you’re a very grounding influence on them. Your appeal and attractiveness lies in how secure you can make others feel. On the job, you can provide great authority and exert control in palatable, even likable ways. Developing a constant awareness of how other people respond will lead to many in the public really respecting you and turning to you for wise, expertly delivered advice and guidance. "
March 15, 2021 at 00:41
(Gemini) Gemini25 » Lib_8
Thank you. I hope so.
March 15, 2021 at 00:41
(Gemini) Gemini25 » JayJayAstrology
Wow thank you. The thing I never had a relationship because I havent met anyone of interest to me. I am very picky. When I do meet someone I like, they usually just want a fling and nothing serious. I´m so tired or this. Do you see anything timing wise for potential love?
March 14, 2021 at 00:36
(Libra) Lib_8
I’m like you in terms of having gone through life and not found that connection.

I haven’t given up hope but I have chosen to not keep thinking about it or actively seek it out instead focusing on devoting my time to family and friends.

Best of luck to you! It will come when you least expect it.
March 13, 2021 at 15:30
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
What I see in your chart - is that your South Node of the Moon (the past life symbol) is conjunct Saturn toggling the 6th and 7th houses - which means you can become overly attached when you are in relationships. Pluto in Scorpio says that the Soul´s intention for this lifetime is to evolve the way you relate to others - especially around helping, teaching or counseling (being of service to others) - so that you are more independent in relationships. In other words, you are not the service you are giving. You are too attached to it as an identity.

Mars is the traditional ruler of your past life symbol - and it is in Gemini in the 2nd house. Your self-concept or sense of self-worth is wrapped around your ability to communicate, use your words, mediate, or translate - for others. Maybe you play the role of teacher or counselor in your personal relationships too.

With North Node being conjunct Mercury and the ASC, the remedy or balance to the past life wound is a similar message. Mercury on the ASC is like having a Gemini Sun or Mars in Gemini (along with Chiron, pointing to a problem) - and you have both. That tells me that the way you communicate, teach, counsel, mediate or translate - causes some kind of problem - and you need to analyze the parts that cause a problem for you and keep the good stuff. A change is needed in this area - but you are not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. You have a lot of skill and talent that serves you well in this area. I don´t know what it is you need to change, but I´m guessing that you will know what I´m talking about.

The first house is Aries´s natural house - which speaks of themes of independence. Your rising sign ruler and chart ruler is Venus - and it is in Aries in the 12th house. Aries is all about independence - self-reliance - and being your own person. Aries is in an intercepted sign - which says this is an internal process you are undergoing - feeling more independent is the goal.

I´m reading this part of your chart because this is possibly the answer to your question. There´s a need for you to learn to know yourself as an independent person before you partner up. Otherwise, you will not feel fulfilled in your life.

I always feel there is hope and possibility for love - for everyone. Those of us with a need to develop independence have a harder time of it, simply because relationships require compromise. We definitely have a harder time with that. But, there are plenty of people out there who need independence and more personal space than others. So, you´ll want to be with someone who also needs what you need. Think out of the box when it comes to the kind of partnership that will work for you. For instance, when partners travel for work, they give their partners room to be independent, or some married people live in separate houses, even though they´re committed to one another. There are no rules on how to do a love relationship.

Some people´s lifetime isn´t about relationship at all. It just isn´t the focus. I´m not saying that this is your case. I´m just saying, that there is no one size fits all Your Moon is in Leo in the 4th - and I would think that this necessitates a relationship. Perhaps you need to be more receptive? With Leo Moon, are you trying too hard? With Mercury on ASC, are you talking too much? When you are helping too much, you can push away because a love relationship - if its real love - is mutual and we aren´t playing counselor or helper.

I´m just throwing out some ideas for you to think about. Am I reading your chart correctly, or should I be taking another tact?


My website: - I do western astrology readings, dream interpretation, and mind-body healing by a donation of your choice - and classes at reasonable rates. Sign up for my newsletter!
March 10, 2021 at 21:58
(Taurus) Morena_Lu » Gemini25
It is, but it is a very turbulent one. Next one will be more peaceful, not for something new to start..
I think it is more likely to be in the next 2/3 years, but I hope it will be sooner. :1:
March 10, 2021 at 21:51
(Gemini) Gemini25 » Morena_Lu
So this year is possible I meet the one?
March 10, 2021 at 21:51
(Gemini) Gemini25 » Lsinsocal
I´m 35 and getting anxious.
March 10, 2021 at 19:57
(Taurus) Morena_Lu
You are 358 code. This year is 8 energy for you.
The year number 8 is a year when, after a hard year of number seven, you get to relax and take your life into your own hands. Now you will turn to the outside and the material world. Stress and nervous tension that followed you in the past years will slowly disappear and you will be calmer. Good moods, relaxation, and a laid back approach to life will prevail, but don´t let this fool you into relaxing too much, because this is certainly not the year for being completely laid back. You will feel an inflow of driving energy and will want to realize plans that will bring you material gain.

You can expect good opportunities and success in all aspects this year. It would be nice to share your success with others. Although luck is on your side, that doesn´t mean you won´t struggle to achieve your goals. Know that the final result depends on you, and what you receive depends on what you give. Therefore, don´t make yourself a victim but roll up your sleeves and start realizing your goals. Think carefully and set your goals to avoid wasting your energy. It won´t be easy, but chance favors you.

You will get into situations that couldn´t have been prevented and on which you won´t have any influence. Whether they will be good or bad for you depends on your response. If you don´t play fair, your guardian angel won´t offer help. Otherwise, you will be lucky.
This year is mainly focused on business success, but may also bring fulfilling moments in love. Those who are single may meet someone and begin a relationship based on material security, although infatuation will be present as well. This kind of relationship will soothe you, and it may also benefit you. You will also have opportunities to return to an old love or restart a relationship if you wish to do so. Those already in a relationship may experience disagreements, arguments, or sex problems because your sexual appetite will be emphasized this year. You´re advised to leave discussions and making serious decisions until next year, which will be ideal for these things. However, if you need to break up or divorce this year, it will be peaceful, consensual and without major consequences, but with certain material losses. This year you can also expect a wedding or pregnancy.

But I think that for you 2023. will be very important. Also, somehow 2015. was like a destiny year for you. You need stability, but you are lacking 4, you need someone who is very mature.
March 10, 2021 at 19:50
(Scorpio) Lsinsocal
Well, you have Saturn in your 7th house and that can delay marriage. It´s not hopeless, trust me. It usually just means that when you do marry, it will likely be for life. Saturn in 7th or Saturn in Libra people take their relationships very seriously.

I see this question so often from Saturn in the 7th that it was literally the first thing I looked for in your chart.

Edit- also noticed Venus in the 12th. That too can cause issues with idealization of the wrong people (things just don´t work out with them), especially if they activate your Venus ruled houses.

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