Natal NN/SN question re. career

March 2, 2021 at 19:28 (UT/GMT)
(Taurus) KellBell428
Natal NN/SN question re. career
Hey Friends-
I have a career question as it relates specifically to my SN/NN axis. I´ve been really feeling that I´ve always had a desire for social media/internet success or notoriety - nothing too crazy, more of a niche variety success would be what I´m after- but there´s just been an ever-present feeling that I have *something* to share with the world, but I was always refining what it is and it seems I´m honing in on it now more than ever.

My North Node is at Aquarius 12 in my 9th house (feel free to check my chart in my profile if you need more info). My 10th house cusp is Aqua 19, so it´s near there, but still in House 9. All of the Aqua stellium energy we´ve been getting is hitting these points and this feels like a significant time period for me, like I´m almost on the cusp of a breakthrough in so many areas of life right now, but not there just yet.

I have a SN in Leo in the 3rd house and this expresses as a love for music: singing, playing guitar and performance. I have a natural talent for it, but it never quite expresses properly. For instance, when I was younger, I had a debilitating shyness that stopped me from performing as well as an undiagnosed thyroid problem that ruined my singing voice for many years. There were always barriers to success in that field, which I *know* I do have a talent for and desire to express. This has caused so much heartbreak and frustration I cannot even tell you. I do have a very small social media following of performance videos/clips that never really took off or came to fruition. I continue to do it, but I´m feeling like maybe I will end up sharing something along the lines of spiritual, metaphysical, biblical and religious knowledge - all things Ive been studying for years. I am specifically interested in how "New Age" topics, such as Astrology, intersect with more traditional faiths and ideas of God. I feel I´m supposed to share what I´ve learned in so many metaphysical/spiritual areas, but I don´t have the specifics yet. And what do I do about the fact that I´m in love with music and sort of sad that my efforts in that field have been getting blocked for many years now? Do I just accept that isn´t for me this lifetime?

Other 9th House NN stuff about me- I´ve lived away from home for 9 years and I´m sort of a "foreigner" in the place I live, though not exactly since I´m American and I´m in the US still. Yet, I´m among many people who are from another country altogether and I don´t quite fit in. I plan on moving this year, but not to home- to a third state- but many people who are there are from the state I´m from, and would have similar ethnic/culture background to me, so I suppose I´d be less "foreign" in that place, which I am somewhat looking forward to. If that makes sense? All of these things tie together somehow. Any insight on my nodes would be appreciated at this time and thanks for reading if you got this far!

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