How does my Lilith work?

November 28, 2018 at 06:11 (UT/GMT)
(Virgo) DeamOrientem
How does my Lilith work?
I have Lilith in 7th and ever since I was a teen I’ve drawn in the worst kind of people. The biggest example of this is my recent ex. We lasted 3 years and when we broke up last year it was very traumatic... (I ended up in a psychiatric ward)

I started a new relationship about two months ago and the person I’m dating now is the exact opposite of anyone I’ve ever been with. The more time I spend with him (combined with the trauma from last year), the more I realize what kind of people I opened myself up to in the past. With that being said, the personalities that I was so heavily attracted to are huge turn offs to me now. For example I used to seek out people that were rougher around the edges, and now I’m soley attracted to the softer type.
...Not only that but I used to be very submissive in relationships (and in bed) but now it’s the exact opposite. I like being the dominant one.

I heard that Lilith in 7th makes you seek out people with the qualities of Lilith ... or that it can be the opposite and you become Lilith.
I’m not sure if anything is aspecting my Lilith and if so I wanted to know how it plays out?
Will I be doomed to bad relationships/marriages?

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December 1, 2018 at 09:55
(Aries) astro-flame » Al
Yes, I posted this link in another Lilith thread - it´s easier than to write a mile-long post. And yes, the calculations for Lilith vary from author to author, from site to site. This site uses Mean Lilith by default, but it does offer an option of true Lilith in the extended settings. I have also encountered a point of view, that there is a "Lilith corridor" which is a sector between your Mean and True Lilith. It can be from 1 to 30 degrees! In my case it´s 9 degrees, so you can check and see what yours is. So I do kind of keep an eye on both and take a note of how wide this corridor is, because according to that author, the narrower it is, the stronger the influence/effect. I have seen charts with both 1 degree difference (suggesting that it is def. a sensitive point, just that one particular degree) and charts with Mean and True Liliths about 25 degrees apart, in different signs (so this effect is dispersed, spread thin).

Of course, there is also Asteroid Lilith and a fictitious point called Waldemath Moon (Dark Moon Lilith) - I think it might be the object Laura Walker is using? You can find out your Waldemath placement at - in the box "additional objects" type h58

I´ll have to do a separate post about the Higher Zodiac a little later (probably will start a new thread)
November 30, 2018 at 18:45
(Virgo) Al » astro-flame
HI YC88!

I´ve seen your article "The Three Faces of the Moon" before! I´m in the process (this could take a while!) of encountering various information on Black Moon and trying to figure out what it is to me.

I like your point about choosing the true value nowadays rather than the mean. However, something new is confusing to me! You´ve described using the apogee and perigee of the lunar orbit as points in space that correlate to the Black Moon and the White Moon. The site we´re on now describes the second focal point of the elliptical orbit of the moon (the earth being the first focal point) as the place calculated as Lilith.

Laura Walker describes the Black Moon as being the point in space that used to be the position of the planet that is now smashed and appears as the asteroid belt. Quite a calculation to decide where THAT might be! But her determination of where the Black Moon point is (when she looked at my natal chart) is exactly the same as the results arrived at by the calculator of this site (second focal point). I´ve not received a reply from when I asked her about this.

I was fascinated to read the second article about the elusive 13th Zodiac sign. Thankfully I missed the whole NASA bru-ha-ha. Well, maybe not totally missed it. My handyman Terry, who likes to reply to people on forums who believe the earth is flat, brought the NASA point-of-view up when we were chatting as we installed light fixtures together. He cited it as a reason that astrology was way off. Since I´ve recently read Steven Forrest about how the Zodiac is related to seasons, not to the position of stars in the sky, I was able to reply in a way that I think he understood. It shouldn´t be too surprising to us these days how stating something as a fact don´t make it so.

I´ve just done a little glimpse at how the 12 Higher Zodiac Signs and my natal chart combine. Sun and Jupiter are in the one between Aries and Pisces, so that would be Hourglass. Saturn is in the one between Libra and Virgo, that would be Herdsman. Uranus is in the one between Cancer and Gemini, that´s the Ship. And Venus is in the 12th one, Sea Monster. That´s five planets in Higher Zodiac signs. Is that right? Sun and Saturn are in opposition, as well as Jupiter and Saturn. Uranus is sextile to Venus.

The concept of circle turning to spiral where the serpent eats its tail has a wonderful resonance. Geometrical analogies often do, to me. Story Waters once described a view of many circles (individual lives) forming a torus (a group soul of, say, all the people on earth). That torus itself is a ring, a circle, which is one of many other circles of similar compound nature forming yet another torus... I find that a cool image of unified diversity. Fractiles and patterns within patterns... Things that describe expansion of dimensions interest me, you got that right!

Thanks for sharing the articles! I love your writer´s voice in them - down-to-earth, sassy and funny. Makes them very fun to read.
November 30, 2018 at 01:29
(Aries) astro-flame » Al
Hi, Lalla! Great to hear from you :34:

Here is the Lilith article…

also I have one about Ophiuchus (aka The Serpent Bearer aka the 13th Zodiac sign) I think you might like…

Enjoy ))

P.S. Any feedback is appreciated :6:
November 29, 2018 at 23:15
(Virgo) Al » astro-flame
Hello YC88,

What a lovely reply.

I´m interested in reading the article about Lilith you mentioned. Where would I find it?

Thanks! Lalla
November 28, 2018 at 08:19
(Aries) astro-flame
Nobody is ever doomed to anything. No more than we´re all doomed not to win the Olympics - we ALL have the potential, but only the ones that work hard every day achieve it. Our chart is our potential, what you do with it - is up to you.

That being said, I want to bring your attention to the fact, than Lilith (or any other object/planet/point) ALONE does not decide or show a specific thing. Furthermore, Lilith, Selena and other additional objects are just icing. The cake is the main planets. Lilith will add some hues and tones to what is already going on in the chart, but many astrologers don´t even use her, yet they get the same results.

You have a huge stellium in Scorpio for once. That alone shows you´re drawn to extremes, especially emotional extremes. In teen age and early twenties it is usually more upsetting, until Scorpios learn to manage that energy or learn to channel it creatively elsewhere.

Not only it is a stellium that includes your Moon, that Moon is also conjunct Pluto, so issues of power struggle, domination, manipulation and jealousy are even more pronounced.

Which area of life this is all happening in? Well, the 1st house of self! If you had that in, say, the 3rd - it would be your siblings/neighbors going through these turmoils, but in the first - it´s all your personal experience.

A finishing touch is that your ASC ruler (Venus) is detriment (in Sco). Venus is not very assertive to begin with, and in the sign of its detriment she has even less power. I would say your present change to dominating role is the Sco 1st house becoming more pronounced.

Coming back to Lilith - I´ve studied the matter in depth (and wrote an article about it) and the way I see her is as the point of imbalance and sort of where the temptation or imbalance comes from. In your case - from partners. Which doesn´t mean you should avoid having relationship altogether. But you should be aware of this fact. Besides, temptation is there to make us stronger and if you work with your shadow self and learn to harness that Lilith energy, it can be immensely creative and liberating.

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