My Daughter is SUN SQUARE MOON, Advice Please

February 22, 2021 at 04:29 (UT/GMT)
(Taurus) Carlys_lit
My Daughter is SUN SQUARE MOON, Advice Please
I am the mom of a six year old daughter who is sun Capricorn square moon Aries. I came across what Sun Square Moon could potentially mean and am curious if this means I subconsciously hate myself and her? OR does it indicate some past life negative karma of hers?

I love my daughter very much. I can see this square impacts her in our relationship. Are there any sun square moon people here who can share on this topic?

Thank you,

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March 1, 2021 at 17:25
(Virgo) LotusStar
I´m probably not be best to reply to this because my Sun square Moon is involved in a host of other difficult planetary aspects and t-squares.

Personally this is about an inner restlessness and harmonizing conflicting goals vs. needs.

My parents had a very volatile relationship. It was a tug of war dynamic between them and then me trying to relate to them was better off done seperately one at a time.

I don´t think this is that bad of a square overall but it can also make one more sensitive, their ego is quite sensitive believe it or not. Emotional support and healthy ego validation may have felt lacking growing up and this can cause their inner second guessing of themselves more often than not.

Capricorn with Aries Moon is a very ambitious combination. Sometimes the parents push hard too much with this combination. Sometimes there is conflict with the father depending on the rest of the chart.

An inner tension and restlessness is present, but this same restlessness can drive them to accomplish and be productive.

What houses are these in?
March 1, 2021 at 16:04
(Capricorn) VichrutaSuryaYutiRahuNavamsa
I am a person that in their natal chart has Sun Square Moon Aplicative with Moon waxing. I agree that this is a very dinamic and active placement that can give courage and strenght.

However also I´m studying (not in a proffessional only autodidactly way) Vedic/Sidereal Astrology.

In Vedic/Sidereal Astrology (which is a system different than western astrology) I´m an Aries Sun Cancer Moon. What I´ve learned is that you can´t just consider one aspect in a chart. You need to see every chart (in vedic are like 16 or more important charts).. But the lunar chart and the ascendant chart i think are the most importants as well as the Navamsa d9.

Moon in vedic symbolizes Mind and Mother and Sun symbolise Soul and Father. What this placement brought me as i´ve learned as well I experienced all my childhood was a lot of discrepancies between my mother and father. They both loved me but they fought a lot between them and disagreed in simple aspects of life.

I loved them both and they loved me too. I learned discipline and courage from my father and discipline and protection from my mother (i learned a ton of other things from both too).

But of course this aspect still affected me. Sometimes i felt that whenever i did something from my will(sun) that gave me emotional insecurity(moon) or a weird insatisfaction... or whenever i did something based on my emotional security(moon) I felt like was not being totally honest about that and my will(sun).

Also after years of learning ive realized and accepted this aspect in my life. So i guess thats the first step to start integrating the aspect in my psyche.

What I want to say is that this aspect gave me pain from a moment in my life but this painful experiences brought me expansion of my consciusness and made me aware of the pain of others. It made me grow. Finally i learned that pain is a teacher when we dont fight it.

Of course as human we feel aversion to pain... Which is only fear to feel it. But when we adknowledge it passes away and teach us important lessons. And then those lessons make us wise C:

Also i have other aspects in my moon and sun as well wich are important. So i didnt saw my parents only as fighting.

I know that a parent... Specially the one that is mothering in most cases wish to save their children from any pain... But sometimes the child needs to fall and hurt their knees to learn to walk. (how lame is my example? lol)

That´s all I can say as Sun square Moon Native.
February 22, 2021 at 14:48
(Aries) Jay Jay » Carlys_lit
There is no way a beginner can take interpretations off the internet and accurately read their chart. Those interpretations of planet in sign and house are general ones and cannot address how the planets function within anyone´s whole chart. Plus, people respond differently to the same influences. There are many interpretations of any planet, sign, house and aspect - and - all of them have possible positive and negative qualities. We only relate to some of them because we each use them differently. So, you have to have studied quite a lot to be able to see how any person is using the energies in the chart.

I do not see an attached chart.
February 22, 2021 at 14:09
(Taurus) Carlys_lit » Jay Jay
Thank you for your informative response! I have attached my chart as a reference. As a brand new student of astrology I would love to learn accurate information on natal chart interpretations.
Simple google searches of sun square moon is what brought me to the aforementioned beliefs about the meaning of sun square moon. Everything turned up daunting and terrifying.

According to my own chart I have many squares, three planets in the 12th house and six planets in retrograde. If I didn´t know myself and read my own natal chart I would not place it with the person I am today.

Thank you again!
February 22, 2021 at 12:32
(Aries) Jay Jay
I´m a seasoned astrologer and I don´t believe in this type of interpretation. Don´t believe it. Sun square Moon in a natal chart can be very energizing and productive. If you study Moon phase astrology, a waxing square is about building toward something - learning something, acquiring skill, developing the self, etc. The waning square helps one to let go of something that inhibits them from building toward their goals.

A Sun in Capricorn usually gives a hard worker - someone with ambition and possibly leadership skills. Aries Moon tends to be a fighter - like a lawyer fighting for the rights of others - or someone passionately fighting for the environment or victimized women. It all depends upon the rest of the chart how her Sun and Moon are functioning.

I assume that you are thinking her Moon represents you because the Moon often represents mother. But, that isn´t always true. If it is representing you, It´s how she experiences you more than a statement about your relationship. Aries is not bad. Like all the signs, it has positive and negative qualities and anyone can manifest this energy either way. She could as easily be inspired by you and learn independent thinking - if you are modeling that for her with your own Arian energy - than see you as someone to do battle with.

Also, it seems you assume squares are bad. They are not bad. They energize and promote growth and change. Interpreting squares are "bad" is very old and outdated thinking. Unfortunately, we still find this kind of interpretation on the internet.

Why would you think your daughter´s Aries Moon would be about you hating yourself? I don´t get this at all. You have to look at both of your charts to see the dynamics that are there. You really can´t tell how her square is playing out for her, or you and her, taking it out of the context of your whole charts.

Capricorn and Aries are cardinal signs - lots of strong, outward-moving energy. It´s dynamic "doing" energy. How you respond to it will most likely shape your relationship. But again, you really need to see both of your charts and see that square within the whole to know the possible ways it can play out.


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