Placidus or whole house system?

February 22, 2021 at 00:01 (UT/GMT)
(Pisces) celeste6
Placidus or whole house system?
Planets change position in the houses when you play with these two systems. Curious what you prefer and why.

Was interested to look at my career path according to my chart so that brought confusion.
Thanks for answering!

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February 23, 2021 at 00:47
(Capricorn) Emanuel » celeste6
Yes. That´s what i mean. Astrologer Wayman Stewart had a big influence on my understanding of astrology. Truly one of the best astrologer on the market. Sadly he chose to retreat from the game...
February 22, 2021 at 15:27
(Aries) Jay Jay » celeste6
The Pisces Sauturn/Sun is a bit above the material world. It is of a more spiritual or private space. It is associated with creativity and imagination, which is like channeling higher energies.

In the first house, I´d say, you need to keep moving. Sun in first house almost always gives a person the need to physically move. Aquarius can add to this - but - given other influences, it would not necessarily demand physical movement like the Sun in the 1st.

With Pisces Sun/Saturn in first house, I´d assume greater leadership qualities, but I would interpret the fact that most of your planets are on the left side of the chart as being someone who wants to be their own boss. So there are several ways I see that - and Sun/Saturn in the 2nd would not negate it.

Sun/Saturn is ambitious and physically moving, hard-working and likes to be the boss in any house, with some variations.

In the 2nd house, I would say that you would likely do well financially - but the fact that it is Pisces can negate that some. Pisces is not about anything material and the 2nd house is about material comfort, resources and money. 2nd house is also about self-concept - which is also a Sun thing too. So, if it´s in the 2nd house, it makes me think that there could be a conflict with making money unless it´s in a creative or spiritual context.

In Placidus, Pisces is still on the 2nd house cusp - so - I would actually say the same thing, even if Sun/Saturn is in the first house.

I have Neptune in 2nd house - and - money, matreial things, simply are not up front and center in my life. It´s not what I´m about and there´s no way that I can be. I´ve always been able to take care of myself - have had enough food and whatever I have felt I´ve needed to be healthy and happy - but - I cannot make decisions or plan my life around money and have any success. I have inner security and don´t have a need for outer security.

I would suspect that a Pisces 2nd house says something similar. Money, material things, are not an emphasis. I think that´s all it says. I think your security comes from an inner place - your own being - and I would say that using either house system. I would not read it as you need to be careful of material resources. To me, it just says that material resources will come from your creative and hard-working self.

On the other hand, Taurus really wants material security. Your chart has so many interesting contradictions or conflicts. All charts have conflicts - but you seem to have quite a lot of them that you have to balance or resolve - or accept.

I would say the same things I said about your career paths with either house system. I was considering both of them when I wrote what I said. I would say that there are different types of teaching - like being a public speaker who can pace on stage - or - teaching something physical. Not all teaching happens in a classroom.

Sometimes we have to be creative in combining our strengths and desires in coming up with the best career. So - if you feel a need for material security, then I would add that to my thinking about career. Perhaps, you can reach a compromise between needing material security and having enough creative latitude to take risks that also feed your ideals, keen mind and ability to innovate.

It sounds like you aren´t satisfied with what you are doing. What´s missing for you? What do you really want to do?
February 22, 2021 at 15:10
(Pisces) celeste6 » Emanuel
Thank you for your opinion! So did you mean in the last sentence that you use astrology more as tool to better understand yourself, your needs and desires, rather than trying to see future events ? Or you meant something else by saying that you use more psychological approach?
February 22, 2021 at 14:58
(Capricorn) Emanuel
Whole house. I just found this system to be much easy and logical to use. Every zodiac sign match with just one house (Ascendent sign represents the first house, next sign represents the next house and so on) , no interceptions, ruler of signs in houses (ex :ruler of 7th house in leo in 2nd house in Pisces) much easy and logical to interpret, transits and synastries much easy to interpet.
After all it s the old antique system from the old greeks time.
The only thing i change in opposition to Antique Greece it s the interpretations of placements jn houses, signs etc. I follow the more psychological approach to astrology,not predictive.
February 22, 2021 at 14:30
(Pisces) celeste6 » Jay Jay
Think it is important to consider charts in both house system as they broaden the picture.
But what do you think if the planets shift the houses like Saturn and sun (which are conjunct) do when opening a chart with whole sign house system? They change their position from 1st house to 2nd in this case. Would that indicate that I have to be extra careful with my material resources or would that influence my career path even more?
February 22, 2021 at 13:58
(Aries) Jay Jay
Personally, I use Placidus. It is the most popular system among pros - but - of course, many pros like othr house systems - Koch, Porphyry, whole sign, and others. So, it is confusing to a lot of people. Astrologers use the house system that works well with the way they interpret.

I assume that you want to know how to think of your house of career has Scorpio or Sagittarius on the cusp. Here are the 6 most commonly used house systems and which ones have Scorpio or Sag on the cusp. Most others not listed will have Sagittarius MC with Equal House and whole Signs being the only two with Scorpio.

Scorpio MC = Whole Sign, Equal House
Sagittarius MC = Koch, Porphory, Placidus, Campanus

When interpreting career choices, I look at the whole chart.

Pluto is going to be conjunct the MC regardless - and since it is the modern ruler of Scorpio, even if it is in Sagittarius and you think of your MC as Sagittarius, Scorpio/Pluto is going to be very influential. You also have North Node in Scorpio, emphasizing Scorpio.

And then, Jupiter is in Sagittarius as well as Pluto - so both signs are super-emphasized. Jupiter is in the sign it rules - so it thrives there. Usually people who are on the cusp like this - feel both signs - are influenced by both - and so very often, this is a theme in the chart.

Your Past life symbol - South Node - is conjunct Moon in Taurus, 3rd. Since the 3rd house is naturally Gemini´s house - and Taurus-Gemini straddle the IC - there is again a sense of Taurus and Gemini together. You will probably feel both, as both are emphasized. Taurus likes harmony, peacefulness, security. At the same time, the 3rd house suggests that life wasn´t easy - that you didn´t have enough, there was a lack of security.

This is a really fascinating chart. As I´m studying it, I see a tension between liking everything to be simple, natural, uncomplicated, peaceful, harmonious, stable, secure - with an edgy, active, intuitive mind seeking the truth, knowing things could be better, super-intelligence and a clever mind.

This is what I´m getting looking at your chart. You have some strong ideas about how things ought to be - how they could be - how they should be. You really dislike violence and the harshness of much of life. Yet, there´s a problem with the way you´ve come to these conclusions. A Taurus South Node suggests a past life that is quite tranquil and enjoyable, so the person knows that a loving, harmonious existence is possible because you feel it in your bones. The only problem is, life tends to be complicated and messy, and for most people throughout history, this is not the experience. So, the conclusion is right according to your experience, but it isn´t true on a larger scale. Maybe the Taurus South Node is more like a belief in peace and harmony rather than it being the actual experience. This is the only way I can reconcile Taurus and 3rd house South Node.

So, there is a need to re-evaluate the conclusions. There´s a need to accept that life isn´t what we all wish or want it to be - and we need to deal with it as it is instead of butting our heads against the wall. This is the meaning of Pluto in Sagittarius and North Node in Scorpio.

Your Mars is in Leo in the 7th. This means that relationships are important to you. You want and need to enjoy them, to be seen, heard and acknowledged by others, to feel like you belong, to feel like you can express yourself and be liked. This is in the opposite sign of Taurus, where Venus in Aquarius on your ASC. The Venus there likes things to be harmonious and pleasant. You like beautiful, unique things around you - or you might be a very unique dresser - so you present with a stunning attire. But, depending how you use the Aquarius, you could be seen as a bit odd or different.

Mercury is also in Aquarius - so - you think outside the box. You may be highly idealistic with the Jupiter in Sag influences and Mercury in Aquarius. You may wonder why people don´t see things the way you do.

Sun-Saturn in Pisces - can give someone who is ambitions but also quite spiritual. You could easily be an artist-type - art, writing, etc. You are here to reinvent yourself - your beliefs and what is true and how you relate to others in the social world. You could be quite critical of either yourself or others or both - and you - need to open your mind to understand others, life and yourself in a new way.

I can see you pursing a career as a teacher, writer, journalist, psychologist, social worker, artist - and careers that utilize these skills. You could work for a non-profit doing some humanitarian service. You could have a career that involves travel or even working in the travel industry. Whatever you do, you will need to have variety built into your job. You will most likely be bored sitting behind a desk. You´ll like to move your body. You will need to use your keen mind. You might enjoy being your own boss or contract work.

Did I get it all or some of it right?


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