Can it be seen in my ex´s chart on why he won´t leave me alone?

February 15, 2021 at 05:39 (UT/GMT)
(Aquarius) Jujutini
Can it be seen in my ex´s chart on why he won´t leave me alone?
My ex I serious think he has a mental illness or maybe a bit autistic.

He constantly contradicts his feelings for me, where he starts sending hate texts messages on his opposing political side and how I failed America by helping Biden win (he is a republican).

While I have to remind him I am not into politics at all. I didn´t even vote.

To being fascinated about the funny things my cat does...which is pretty adorable

Then telling me how he misses me intimately but then the next day say its not all about the sex.

Which I really don´t want anything to do with him regardless but sadly need his advice on my car sometimes as we fixed the engine together and he has a bit more knowledge in that arena.

We broke up bc he cheated on me numerous times and cross a boundary that put him in the category of creepy. He seemed to have a hard time admitting his flaws and seemed conditioned to rebound in bad habits.

Is there a hint of something really off with him in his chart?
Is there something in his chart that makes him strongly drawn to me?

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January 31, 2022 at 21:15
(Aquarius) Jujutini » rohini moon
Yea luckily I live in Syracuse and he live in NJ busy working the ski season like crazy...

But I can´t help and just walk away with the chance that he can harm someone.

I am definitely walking away as he blocked me when I revealed to him that I have footage of the videos on his laptop he tried to deny.

He even told me he got rid of the laptop.

I will drop some bombs of truth with hopes that it will stop him from harming someone else.

I called child protective services and they said until he harms a child and has straight up child pornography, they can´t do anything.

So I got him on a list through my friend that works for human trafficking for the UN that watches people that are risk for children.

The thing that I realized is my approach was something I was capable of doing due to my own hardships in my childhood which I wouldn´t want anyone to go through. This is why I was so insistent in making sure I walk away trying my best to keep others safe.
January 31, 2022 at 19:02
(Virgo) rohini moon » rohini moon
Dude, it´s not worth it.. you can find plenty people who will fix your car who are not mentally deranged...

If I were you I don´t think I would have even mentioned what I saw, I´d be far too scared and horrified/disgusted, to the utmost degree, and I´d probably would have left before he even came back. On Foot!
January 31, 2022 at 16:15
(Aquarius) Jujutini
So I have to revive this thread bc shit hit the fan with the same guy.

I drove down to NJ to learn how to fix the breaks on my car with his help. This was Jan.4th

It was great but difficult since my car is old somewhere along the line my right front axle got broken.

The daylight was done and we had to postpone to fixed the axle in the morning I had to stay over since my car was not drivable.

Then the shit show happened that night.

He said he was behind in homework, taking classes to expand his degree in psychology to get license to do counseling.

Sometimes in the past I helped him with his homework. He went up to shower and left me his laptop to watch my astrology youtube videos I wanted to see...

I glimpse at his homework on his Microsoft documents to find another tab that said dance I thought maybe it was a project...

I look and saw links to youtube videos

I clicked and found a recording of a very perverted angle of little girls doing ballad with their legs wide open no tights just a leotard. horrific

I was literally shaking bc he admitted to me how he has been abusing adderall to keep up with the ski lesson he has been doing. He teaches all ages including adults and kids as young as 5.

I texted my friend (she works in Human trafficking organization)everything videos of me recording that I was in his basement on his laptop. Basically me retracing my steps but filmed it and sent it to her.

Just to have proof and just in case something happens to me.

When he came down I tried to act stoic but I was too stoic bc I was trying to contain my rage. My hands were shaking and I put a blanket over me to try to hide them.

He knew something was off and I confronted him show him what I found and I told him to delete it and he refused. I asked him why and he yelled ´I jerks off to that shit bc it makes me feel good´

Long story short he tried to kick me out and I literally had to remind him that I didn´t do anything wrong and not going anywhere until my car gets fixed plans will go as usual or else.

The next day came and I tried to tell how he needs to see professional help that specialized with his pedophilic disorder and he didn´t agree.

Afterwards I went home and it was so draining but I will not allow him to succeed in his path bc I´m worry he may eventually harm a child.

I am currently writing to the director of his program to warn them and suggest a way to address it, by assigning him to the appropriated psychologist. As they are required to for their program. As there is not enough studies on pedophiles.

Is there anything in his chart that may indicate harming little girls?

I definitely have researched preventive programs for him and just want to leave him with that at the very least.

I also will contact a few responsible adults in his family.
February 17, 2021 at 03:08
(Aquarius) Jujutini » rohini moon
Very interesting I may look into it

I can´t help but see how its a bit funny

Being a tall girl he would always want me to be the big spoon
Now I would joke around saying how he may have to start dating a guy to be a small spoon :4:

Thank you so much for your insightfulness
February 16, 2021 at 07:04
(Virgo) rohini moon » Jujutini
Hmm, i know there are some Vedic aspects (quite a lot actually) that I´ve read inthe past that could show homosexual traits...but I gotta say, I´m not that skilled in the gaydar of chart reading, unfortunately! I do find it interesting,though. If I recall, Ketu plays a role, dependent upon who he sits with Ina males chart, and then Certain Libra placements for a man.... Its tricky to see, in my opinion. But there have been quite a few gay astrology threads on here, that proved this Libra theory
February 16, 2021 at 06:55
(Aquarius) Jujutini » rohini moon
I definitely will, thank you so much

I´m curious though, I sense he has been with guys, can that be seen in his chart?

He loved this one tv series oz and was very attentive to these two male characters that fell in love but were still would date women.
February 16, 2021 at 06:44
(Aquarius) Jujutini » Datta108
I´ve experienced his shouting obscenities a few times, he blamed it on his self diagnose bipolar that he is not treating.

It was pretty bad but I seemed to handle it well by keeping my cool. Yet I definitely know I don´t want to continue dealing with such a person. Now it´s my time to heal.

It was pretty strange when I 1st met him I saw something very dark in him but did see a bright light of goodness, a big part of me wanted to steer him in the right direction bc the direction.

I sense he was going in a very bad direction which would cause harm to himself and others. The light in him convinced me that the trouble was nothing I couldn´t handle, I remember telling myself that I accepted the challenge.

He is definitely productive, staying busy with work and better off from when I 1st met him.
February 16, 2021 at 06:43
(Virgo) rohini moon » Jujutini
"No humility as he stays in pure denial in his actions while a few girls have come forward with proof. "

That´s his sun opposite Saturn.

The scandelous cheating behavior I can see from his deb. Mars conj Venus in house 5...

Do yourself a favor, girl, and Nevermind this one
February 16, 2021 at 06:31
(Aquarius) Jujutini » Moon_Queen
I definitely have felt his political frustration a few times earlier in our relationship when we were together.

I started to noticed how he only release his anger towards me on his political stance while with a few people he would ignore the topic.

To even play along in support of the opposing side.

It was very surreal to see him do this.

He did say how he was strongly affected in seeing his friends get married and have kids. Saying he felt like he should be doing the same thing.

Definitely won´t be me though :4:

Thank you, Moon_ Queen
February 16, 2021 at 06:20
(Aquarius) Jujutini » rohini moon
He has way too much ego, and a bit too radical with his casual experiences especially when we were together. No humility as he stays in pure denial in his actions while a few girls have come forward with proof.

Breaking up during COVID was really hard as we had some rebounds due to our sexual connection but I´m at this point way turned off by his mind and luckily moved far from him (4hrs away)

Though he still does try to visit me.

Thank you I needed this confirmation as he is trying to convince me otherwise.
February 15, 2021 at 23:19
(Capricorn) Datta108 » rohini moon
Namaste, I agree with your analysis and would like to add,not only is the Rahu moon conjunction an issue, but it´s in Saturn´s Sign which could make the negative effects worse,plus Sun is in Ardra nakshatra,one of Rahu´s nakshatra makes this person very Rahuvian in nature, obsessive, shouting obscenities, untrustworthy and possibly treacherous. Gradually take leave of him before any problems erupt imo..🙏
February 15, 2021 at 07:48
System message: Post has been written by user Moon_Queen, who already deleted profile on this website:
The kite-like formation made of water IC Sun-Venus midpoint, Moon and Pluto and Capricorn Neptune that is also in conjunction with Saturn and Uranus MC is making him extremely patriotic, romantic and motivated to act. If there is no that MC stelium, he would be just another dreamer, but with that strong earth combo on MC he wants to change the society for, what he perceive as better, and he is very determinated about that.

Being republican and witnessing all those things happened during couple of months ago, he probably do not feel very well at all.

What makes your relationship pretty dangerous right now is your, out of bound Moon in conjunction with Chiron in square to his Moon and conjunction to his Jupiter. Your wounded Moon could easily become his valve for political frustration release, so it would be best for you to move away as smoothly as possible.

Your synastry is not that great, and Davison is pointing to good sexual compatibility and understanding but lack of attachment, so nothing much to lose there.

Aside his 5th house Leo Mars square Sc 8th house Pluto, that could give him push to overall sexually activity, strong 4th house and MC is making him very loyal. For now, this loyalty is linked to his nation but once he form his own family he could be very fateful and protective toward his wife, children and home.
February 15, 2021 at 06:26
(Virgo) rohini moon
I took a look at his Vedic chart.

Yeah, I can see how he may or may not run on the insane side of the spectrum..

Pisces ascendant, operating here on the psychopathic / delusional side of the sign....judging by what you´ve stated atleast .

Debilitated Mars conjunct Venus in the 5th house of love/Romance...Mars - aggression/fights in love relations...conjunct Venus in a house Also dubbed the house of "casual "sexual encounters...

Sun opposite Saturn.... Ego vs humility. .

Moon conjunct Rahu in the 12th house....... Loss of mind + delusions

So, what to make of it all? In a nutshell......I would say If all this energy is not harnessed the proper way through discipline, meditation or simply being mindful 24/7 - yes, there is more than a hint - that he´s off his rocker.

Also, regarding synastry which does bare some mentioning - your Mars lands over his ascendant. While this does cause quite the stir sexually (Ie you really may rev his engine) --- you also may inadvertently grate on his nerves and agitate him as well with your Mars sitting on his head....

Just some food for thought, if you wanted to continue a relationship with this person..

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