Transit Saturn conjunct Sun Experiences

February 15, 2021 at 05:39 (UT/GMT)
(Aquarius) Admiral Hill
Transit Saturn conjunct Sun Experiences
I am looking for feedback on people´s experience with transit Saturn conjunct their Natal Sun.

I´d like to know the following -

Your age when the transit occurred for you:
Sign/House of your Natal Sun:
Any other significant aspects made to your Sun during that transit:
Any other significant aspects made by Saturn during that transit:
The Transit experience in your words/observation:
Any advice for anyone experiencing transit Saturn conjunct Sun:

If you have experienced it more than once and distinctly remember both experiences, please share those as two separate entries so I can easily review.
(For example, I had mine at 2yo but couldn´t remember it if I tried, etc.)

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February 16, 2021 at 10:04
(Capricorn) Emanuel
Yes i have this transit in 2019 mostly.

I was 21 years old, college.

I have Sun in Capricorn in 7th house, in square(4 degree orb) with Saturn in Aries 10th house. So... I m kinda used to the saturnian energy that hit me that time. Being in Capricorn, the Sun (and the 7th house) is ruled by Saturn (who also rules my Aquarius 8th house), Saturn which already is in a square with my Sun. So... Double the trouble.

So the Saturn transit conjunct Natal Sun was obviously taking place in my 7th house. So in some way or another it had something to do with my identity development(Sun, also my 2nd house which is in Leo) and of course with close relationships (friends, love interests), how people perceive me in on to one interactions, and also my projections on other peoples.

Saturn hit direct the Sun 3 times:5 March 2019, 27 June 2019 (retrograde) and 2 december 2019.

It s worth to mention (as I said before) that Saturn was also making a square with my Natal Saturn. So most of the time it was something like Saturn square Saturn, then Saturn conjunct my Sun. This transit was propbly even more important as I said, Saturn is the ruler of 7th house(and Sun), and 8th house(and my planets from there). Usually described as a tough transit.

Satutrn square Saturn direct hits:
23 January 2019,6 september 2019 (retrograse) and 30 september 2019.

It a also worth to mention that in March 2019 I had the last direct hit from Uranus to my natal Venus (Uranus square Venus).
That year I also had Neptune sextile Sun and Jupiter conjunct Mercury, sextile Jupiter and trine Saturn.

I m a Medicine Student, curently in 4th year of study.

In January-June 2019 period I was in 2nd semester of my second year of study. In January (before Saturn square Saturn transit start) i had quite a hard time with my exams... It wasn t bad but not that great either (Saturn in 10th house natally and obsession with succes?).

I could say that 2019 was the year when i was more than ever interested in a serious relationship, or a relationship in general. The problem was that after february 2019 i developed a crush on my college group friend (I liked her even from the first year of college, but back then when I heard that she has a 28 years boyfriend I was very disapointed and kinda ignored her until february 2019 when my crush on her starts again to intesify), and then on her best friend (her best friend was single, so actually in was more normal to try a relationshil with her). I put this erratic behavior on Uranus square Venus transit (also, i Have Venus in Aquarius conjunct Neptune).

Until december 2019 i tried with the second girl to flirt(in text messages, with subtle hints, I make her a nice present for her birthday in 31 october 2019) mostly. She has a strong Uranus in her chart (Uranus squares Sun and Venus in Scorpio). I always fell that she is maybe to cold and unaivalable for me (or simply uninterested). In july 2019 i helped this girl with some exams and for this i thought a lot that her nicesness with me was because I helped her, not because she liked me or somethin.

So this period was a period with multiple crushes, perceived coldness from my crushes and a general perception that they don t really like me or see me as a love interest. It has ups and downs. Periods when I waa very optimistic And periods when I was very pessimistic.

Other times i thought I m the reason things don t work because I m not direct enough. And maybe... It is.

Also is worth mentioning that from august 2019 a 17 years girl start texting me on Messenger and then revealed randomly that she liked me(though we never saw each other in real life). She was a nice girl, but i thought that she was to little for me(she was still at school) and kinda immature. But we keep in touch even today. She has a Mars in Aquarius and Cancer Ascendant like me. So her Mars and my planets in 8th house fall in eachothers 8th house (because we have the same Ascendant). This could be the reason why she liked me so badly, which is kinda weird..
February 16, 2021 at 06:29
(Aquarius) Admiral Hill
No one has had this experience?

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