My personality outwards vs my real personality

January 22, 2021 at 22:58 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) Junia
My personality outwards vs my real personality
Hi there.
I feel that I am a completely different person from how I meet people and how I think is the real me and where I have my potential, but I cannot clearly put it into words. Could I get some help based on my chart, please? Thank you very much.
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January 29, 2021 at 23:18
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » Junia
Thank you for your reply. And sorry about my mistake. I should have checked to see what sign the Moon was in. It is SO close to Scorpio and yes, I think you will feel both signs.

Sagittarius Moon will give more of the philosophical that you say interests you. You may be very goal-oriented and love learning - also Sagittarius qualities.

Well, philosophy as a job - is a little tough. You can teach philosophy as a career or become a writer of philosophical topics. I can´t think of many jobs. But philosophy is something you can use in other jobs - just like psychology. The way we think about life, meaning of life, and how human beings behave and function (psychology) is something that is very useful - lets say, in teaching, counseling, health professions, social work, HR, marketing, communications, or any work one might do with human beings. So the study of philosophy and psychology never goes unused. And that´s not even mentioning that these studies help us understand ourselves so that we can become our Higher version of self.

It is possible that as you grow and mature that you will be able to work with or be with people more easily. People do change over time. So, just keep doing your inner work and it will get better, even if it will take some time.

Big hug.
January 29, 2021 at 22:56
(Gemini) Junia » JayJayAstrology
Thank you so much for your answer and sorry for my late reply.

As you said, a lot of people have it that way, I aknowledge that for sure.

I actually want to correct you on one thing and that is that my moon is actually on sagittarius, but it looks like it is at the end of scorpio. But perhaps the cusp counts in itself? That both scorpio and sagittarius counts? Or perhaps you use another sign system?

I want to thank you for teaching me how to think more deeply into the persons character by involving the houses in a certain way. What I mean by that is that you count with the 8th house as a sign of scorpio in me. I only thought 8th house meant that it is the area of the house that counts, not that it brings more overall scorpio in me.

So yeah, from that logic, I realised that I have a lot scorpio inside me. And yes, I do notive that I have scorpian-like characteristics inside me. As mentioned, I am quite secretive, and interested in deep topic. And badly enough, my life hasn´t been the easiest (I am recovering from that now, perhaps that will give me a transformation, maybe all that healing will pay off one day)

As per career choice, most of the topics that you wrote does fascinate me, but I do not have much knowledge in some of them. For example, I learn a lot of psychology in my spare time, but I don´t know anything about finances, even if that topic fascinates me too (I simply haven´t spent time digging into it)

I don´t know if it would be a clever choice to combine my career with my deepest interests, because when it comes to interests, well this might seem strange, but I just absolutely love the feeling of thinking. So yeah, perhaps philosophy if it would turn into a subject. Because I think and analyze a lot in my spare time, so I already am a philosopher in a sense. But is it possible to have that as a job?
And psychology. Well, I love psychology and it is truly a hobby to me, but I am resistant to people, and this job requires handling people well. I don´t think I really can manage that to be honest.

The last part was really interesting for me (that I can easily manipulate). I haven´t really intentionally tried (since I am not a psychopath) but I actually think, since from what I noticed, that I have some kind of manipulating force inside me. Think a little bit like the Lady Diana - way. Like, because I am shy, I have to learn actively to act, and from that acting, I have become different people in different situations (and therefore almost never really feel that I am myself). It is more a burden than a relief to be honest, because I wish I could act by being myself. (But I am doing tapping now, so I am working on my anxiety, and I think I might have some type of CPTSD too, but the tapping seems to work on that too). And yes, as you said with the pisces south node, I don´t really feel I fit in.

This was so interesting!
January 23, 2021 at 13:13
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
Actually, I think what you describe is not so unusual. Many of us have a social \"persona\" and don\´t feel like others know who we are down deep. It\´s difficult to share our complete selves with another.

However, I don\´t want to assume I know exactly what you mean.

Scorpio rising can be quite secretive and cautious in relating to others. It doesn\´t like to share itself with others. It is good at listening to them and even understanding them, but it doesn\´t like to reveal. So, this could be one reason why people see you one way and you feel another way about yourself. You\´re a double Scorpio - with Moon and Rising in Scorpio.

You also have Sun, Mars, Mercury in Gemini in 8th house - Scorpio\´s house - wow - that\´s a lot of Scorpio energy. So, you are literally - kind of hidden in Scorpio.

I\´m curious what you see as your potential. What do you want to do as a career? I think it will have to be 8th house work - but that can mean a lot of things. You could work in the finance industry, writing, technology, acting, psychology, spirituality, taboo stuff - adult movies - there\´s a wide range of possibilities.

But I would definitely say that Scorpio plays a big role in people seeing you differently than you seeing yourself. And your Pisces South Node too - you sort of feel like you don\´t quite belong int he world. You seem illusive to others. You have the capability of playing whatever role they want - or you want. You can easily manipulate others - if you wanted to.


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January 23, 2021 at 08:08
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13 » Junia
Heath Ledger tried to out-Joker Jack Nicholson and he didn´t have a lot of time to laugh about it! Christ and :164: are repeats of an historical theme that has come back from time to time!
January 23, 2021 at 01:08
(Gemini) Junia » IIyyaarr13
I do not fully understand what you mean by "out-Xrystws or Krishna your act!", can you explain a little further? Thank you :)

And moon and saturn. Yes, they are both on cusps. That´s interesting, I havent thought of that! Perhaps that adds some value, badly enough I am poorly skilled in astrology to know in what way. But still, can definitely be a clue!
January 23, 2021 at 00:28
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13
:157: & :152: are both two-signed in your natal chart, that undos simplicity! The Egyptians catalogued multiple aspects of self-hood for good reason, people can be complicated!
Having :164: on the Ascendant means your fellow Swedes may feel they have to out-Xrystws or Krishna your act!
January 23, 2021 at 00:10
(Gemini) Junia » jaderosez
Most of what you describe I can see in myself, and some of the stuff you mentioned I already noticed by myself that is very distinct of me and you actually put it scarely enough more accurately then I hade thought of it.

I especially think of the last past (trying to come of as the more lighthearted and "witty" one, but actually (and I have noticed this about myself from a helicopter perspective when I watched old movies of myself) I was not only introverted, but actually had a very intense stare (not the psychopatic one but like a more hugely attentive one) and I had very "deep" wibes from me, as being actually a "calm" child (when most children where screaming and running around) But I wasnt only introverted like, I was like, as you said, had a strange mystery persona in some way. At least that was the impression I got when I watch myself from when I was a little kid.

I also, as you mentioned, am very very sensitive. I talked to my meditation teacher yesterday and he said that from what he could notice about me (from my body language when I meditate) is that I have very deep feelings. And this is very true about me. As you said, when I get hurt, I really get hurt. And it hurts so badly.

Regarding the strive for the competence, intelligence etc. part. It is very true. However, I hope that at least regarding intelligence, I actually am intelligent and not only strive to be. But it is actually very true, because I like to expand my horizon and see how big I can think in a way, and intelligence is a characteristic I value. I think my deep feelings make it much easier for me to come closer to my own intelligence. That I strive for being competent, that is supertrue. I always have these projects just to be able to be more skilled, so I can feel proud of myself. That is how I have found happiness in my life so far. And "my shit together" - it is true that you can see that statements in different ways, however, what I think you mean is more like having everything in life under control, or something, perhaps with the competence part. This is true, but the hardest one for me. Even tho I try this a lot, and yes A LOT, I definetely do not have all my shit together - yet. x)

And lastly that I want to mention, that you told that I am strong and competitive. I take this as a huge compliment. This might be true, but to be honest, it is hard for me to see that from an inward perspective because maybe thats just my nature an perhaps in a more subtle way than usually is seen as "competiveness" in a person because I am not dominant or mean in some kind of way. But actually, when I think about it, I have a very strong will and usually, at least when my motivation goes up, my optimistic attitude follows and I am ready to take challenges. That is perhaps where my "strive for competence" comes from. I really like to be seen as a competent person, I really do. Because from that I feel good about myself. And I do everything I can to be able to get there.

Thank you very much!
January 22, 2021 at 23:41
(Sagittarius) jaderosez
You come off as intense, sexual, passonate and deep and someone that´s been hurt before.

You have faced major challenges in regards to your security, and your relationship with your mother is either deeply passionate and transformative or overwhelming. It could be both. You are intrigued by the mysteries of life. You´re passionate and obsessive, private, but truthful and honest. You are deeply sensitive and when you get hurt, your entire world comes crumbling down.

But you strive to be competent, intelligent, and have your "shit together."

But everything in your chart says that you are strong, and competitive.

Someone´s abuse or death has significantly affected you..

You´re quite picky in love, and also nitpicky about your own flaws.

As for your real vs fake personality. You may have tried to be witty, social, and speak up but with a more light hearted tone, but you can´t help but still come off as intense and mysterious.

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