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November 4, 2021 | Sun Sign - CancerZynCitrus
How to understand this concept when the 1st lord is darakarak at the same time, while 7th lord is atmakarak? If atma is who we really are, with same or higher importance than 1st ruler of self, it´ ...
July 22, 2021 | Sun Sign - CancerZynCitrus
Can anyone here link some good numerologist or books online or blog or video lessons about numerology. I found some, started reading but it´s hard to follow. I need something that is more connected to ...
July 12, 2021 | Sun Sign - CancerZynCitrus
Intuition or fear (Natal Astrology)
How do you know if your gut feeling is intuition or fear (anxiety)? How much is Neptune transits on my mars (which I also have nataly) messing with my mind and decisions? I will have that transit in f ...
February 19, 2021 | Sun Sign - CancerZynCitrus
atmakaraka (Natal Astrology)
How do you interpret atmakarak that is at the same time 7th lord? Does it represent native or the other in that case? ...
January 10, 2021 | Sun Sign - CancerZynCitrus
workaholic chart (General Astrology)
I was following this guy for a while on youtube and he is inspiring so 28 years old self made multimillionaire... in general optimistic and risk prone person... I don´t have time of birth but I wou ...
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November 12, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerZynCitrus
Sidereal reading (Natal Astrology)
Can I get some vedic chart reading I´m interested in Mo0Ju Yoga, and others :D Where is my money :P ...
October 10, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerZynCitrus
synastry - waste of time (Synastry & Relationship)
I just looked at 3 synastry charts of people that are together 13+ years, and those charts look like those people should never end up together, because there is no connections... synasty with only 4 e ...
August 29, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerZynCitrus
I have a lot of oppositions in my chart, lately I started wondering how to make the most of all the chart...I see I have many great positions either by sign or house and I started now thinking which w ...
October 27, 2019 | Sun Sign - CancerZynCitrus
New moon in Sco, at 4 degrees (General Astrology)
- in opposition to Uranus in Taurus Where does it fall in your chart? Do you feel the energy? What kind of transformation you expect... ...
October 19, 2019 | Sun Sign - CancerZynCitrus
Who can read solar return chart? (Transit Astrology)
I always have problem with my own chart, I don´t see things, I´m searching for them :61: Help :78: ...
September 18, 2019 | Sun Sign - CancerZynCitrus
Work/Career (General Astrology)
What kind of work are you doing? Is that what you wanted to do? Do you enjoy your work and feel like this is it? Have you always known that you´ll be doing that? It would be cool to see if it´s in yo ...
September 17, 2019 | Sun Sign - CancerZynCitrus
What are you expecting from big conj in January, 2020 in Capricorn Where is it falls for you and what aspect will it crate with your natal planets? Have you noticed change in energies already? ...
September 13, 2019 | Sun Sign - CancerZynCitrus
strong will gone (Natal Astrology)
I´m changing my mind a lot. I´m ok with this, and with that, and if things end-up one way I´m ok, if not, ok again... Something is wrong. I was always "head through the wall" but I will be w ...

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