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June 20, 2022 | Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon
Blockage (General Astrology)
I´ve been looking into Astrology for over two years, I´ve taken classes and read plenty of charts. I still don´t seem to be improving. No matter how many times I´ll read over angles, signs and hous ...
May 20, 2022 | Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon
Detox (Other)
So a mate of mine spun a yarn to me about decalcifying his pineal gland via raw veganism. I´m skeptical of vegans and think they go too far. For 5 days now I´ve been eating nothing but raw vegetabl ...
March 2, 2022 | Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon
Jupiter Return (Natal Astrology)
So 23rd of Feb was my jupiter return. I´d been looking forward to it for sometime. I thought it would be something beneficial. Turns out I spent the day in bed sick as a dog. I know the transit may ...
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January 8, 2022 | Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon
Possible Vedic Question?? (General Astrology)
I have a query but am unable to find an answer anywhere online. I have a family member who is larger than they would like to be. They´re very active with Mars in Aries and the diet is mostly clean. ...
November 22, 2021 | Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon
I don´t know how much time is left in NZ. The boot is coming down and the flouride drinkers are too far gone. I wanted to make this as a sign off, although I´ll still be around, I don´t know how lo ...
September 16, 2021 | Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon
Yo RohiniMoon! (Other)
Happy Birthday :4: May it be an awesome day filled with goodness and smiles. Hope you´re indulging in all the birthday fun and you´re allowed to cheat at pin the tail on the donkey. It´s your birt ...
July 14, 2021 | Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon
I often get lost in thought and like to watch society. Alot of it perplexes me and I would imagine for a lot of others here. I thought i would have a nudge at a thread as to why... why people do t ...
June 23, 2021 | Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon
Luuuurve (Other)
Love. That feeling that eminates from deep inside. We love it and we hate it. It lifts us and hurts us. Its the best feeling and its a prick at the same time :4: Me. Im learning things about mysel ...
June 11, 2021 | Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon
Colors (General Astrology)
So delving down the Astro rabbit hole I came across a site that talked about the relationship of colors to the Zodiac. I´m aware there´s a deeper meaning to colors, numbers, words etc. All those bi ...
January 4, 2021 | Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon
Life Changing Transit (Transit Astrology)
long story short I had an experience that completely turned my life around. I was working shift work and was lying down towards the middle of the day when all of a sudden I felt a pressure at the b ...
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January 2, 2021 | Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon
Got Pot? (Other)
So I had a conversation with someone outside of my Island today where they explained that Cannabis is still somewhat stigmatized in their country. This stuck me as odd, I thought their country was ...
December 17, 2020 | Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon
WTF America. Your communist culture is scaring me. I do a martial art to help keep fit. We train with teenagers up. When i started, there was a girl who was 13. Very talented. A previous black belt ...
November 26, 2020 | Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon
Worst Job (Other)
Boredom reigns for me at the moment and I should be studying... don´t want to. Electricity is boring. Whats your worst job? Lots of questions on the board about what to do... what have you done and ...
October 23, 2020 | Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon
Dreams. We all have em apparently. All the time. Some have them more than others. Some see meaning. Some don´t. Some walk their dreams. Some walk the dreams of others. I can´t recall anything. I ca ...
October 20, 2020 | Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon
Resource Dump (Other)
Hi. I want knowledge. Currently my mercury will not let me settle for anything that isn´t Astrology. Even if I´m trying to distract myself ill have a podcast or something going in the back ground. ...
October 14, 2020 | Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon
Sun Sign Gripes (Other)
what´re your gripes with society. What bugs you that maybe only you and your fellow sun signs can understand? Me: Aries I can´t stand people who work out at the gym in tribes. 1 on the equip and ...
October 11, 2020 | Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon
so I´ve been thinking back on my life and I noticed I attract really good cooks into my life. Like really good. They even like to cook for me. I enjoy cooking. I´m not a bad cook. People just get o ...
October 6, 2020 | Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon
So I´ve been a member for about a year now. I came here to learn Astrology. I´ve learnt alot. Not how I thought I would. I joined the forum as an escape from the life I was living at the time. I po ...
September 23, 2020 | Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon
On the 09 August 2020 I was involved in a vehicle crash where I wrote off my van. I was driving fine when suddenly my eyes went blurry, almost a golden blurr, I looked for a place to pull over than ...
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September 17, 2020 | Sun Sign - AriesWolfmoon
I´m curious on what peoples thoughts on beards are. From all peoples. I recently had one which started as a covering because I was living an incredibly shameful life and I didn´t want to be recogni ...
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