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April 28, 2022 | Sun Sign - Taurustheycallmetym
Mars in synastry contradiction (Synastry & Relationship)
I was thinking about compatibility and something confused me. I know that woman´s mars indicates what she finds attractive in man generally.(1) So those qualities are what she searching for subc ...
February 20, 2022 | Sun Sign - Taurustheycallmetym
Over the past few years,I´ve noticed that i have so manipulative personality. Something I wasn´t aware of before but I´ve become aware of lately as I started think about it frequently. Especially wh ...
September 14, 2021 | Sun Sign - Taurustheycallmetym
I was wondering about this as it bothers me for a long time.I have sun and mars two personal planets in taurus.But all my life i found myself so far away from taurian energy.As far as i know its about ...
August 1, 2021 | Sun Sign - Taurustheycallmetym
Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo was a Soviet serial killer, nicknamed the Butcher of Rostov, the Red Ripper, and the Rostov Ripper, who sexually assaulted, murdered, and mutilated at least fifty-two women ...
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June 23, 2021 | Sun Sign - Taurustheycallmetym
I´ve been in sports since I knew myself,addicted so much that i even thought of making it a profession for a part of my life..Unfortunately couldnt because of my chronic patellar tendinopathy which is ...
March 1, 2021 | Sun Sign - Taurustheycallmetym
Natal unaspected planets (General Astrology)
What about unaspected planets?What do you think about them,their significance,positive-negative traits etc.. I have mercury unaspected for example. Share your thoughts and experiences. ...
February 14, 2021 | Sun Sign - Taurustheycallmetym
I know sexuality is closely related to mars and scorpio energy/8th house. What planetary positions/aspects/house makes someone hypersexual,prone to promiscuity/nymphomaniacism? Share your experience ...
January 26, 2021 | Sun Sign - Taurustheycallmetym
Did you heard him before ?He is an Australian man imprisoned for life in the after being convicted of human trafficking,torture, rape by sexual assault of underage girls and more. He is alleged murde ...
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January 18, 2021 | Sun Sign - Taurustheycallmetym
Feel free to comment your thoughts about our synastry..What can you say about overall compatibility,sexuality etc..? She has unexplainable aura sometimes i catch myself out of nothing thinking abo ...
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October 10, 2020 | Sun Sign - Taurustheycallmetym
What does it mean/indicate ? I heard that especially venus pluto aspects can be harmful/drastic.Is there anyone having similiar composition ? ...
September 20, 2020 | Sun Sign - Taurustheycallmetym
I have always been confused how to interpret my 12th House Virgo North Node / 6th House Pisces South Node because they are both in their respective opposite signs and houses therefore contradict each ...
August 6, 2020 | Sun Sign - Taurustheycallmetym
Here is her chart.Can you examine do we have harmonious compatibility?Or what type of problems may occur between us ? https://imgur.com/a/fwiGHQz ...
July 14, 2020 | Sun Sign - Taurustheycallmetym
As i said.Today i found out i was born at 14.10 instead of 13.10.There was several changes in my chart and one of them was saturn in aries moved into 8th from 9th.I know saturn is malefic and 8th hous ...
June 23, 2020 | Sun Sign - Taurustheycallmetym
I was curious about which one is more accurate ? I know it may sound strange as both of them are used frequently.But i mean my natal chart totally changes like signs of planets houses etc.Which one sh ...
June 4, 2020 | Sun Sign - Taurustheycallmetym
Hello everyone.Im at important point of my life for a while.I need to choose carrerpath and both of my options are quite different from each other.Meanwhile im studying and about to step to academical ...

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