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May 15, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusTaxi-araxi
WHY doesn´t he leave me alone (Natal Astrology)
I rejected him a lot of times but he keeps trying we had a relationship before but it was toxic but in any way possible HE can´t leave me alone im the Aquarius he is the Capricorn ...
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May 10, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusTaxi-araxi
SATURN IN THE 7TH HOUSE (Natal Astrology)
I got SATURN IN MY 7th house what does it mean?? late marriage? troubles?? unlucky in love? I also got north node in the 7th house both are in gemini my love life isn´t GREAT ...
April 30, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusTaxi-araxi
Hopeless Aquarius (Synastry & Relationship)
Heii, are we meant to be or not? lately he has been acting weird we need to work out some things but he can be stubborn and me too but eventually we always work it out this week he has been actin ...
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March 20, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusTaxi-araxi
terrified of flying (General Astrology)
hi, I was wondering if there are any connections with being scared of flying and astrology or in general. for example im scared for a lot of things driving, flying etc. im going to fly within 3 we ...
February 14, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusTaxi-araxi
help help help help (Natal Astrology)
I need really help with what kind of profession/job/study will suit me I know its not only astrology but I am atm really DESPERATE and I want know what you guys would say so I am begging to please g ...
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January 14, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusTaxi-araxi
I STILL really need help!!! (Natal Astrology)
hi, right at the moment, I am studying bio informatics but I don´t seem like it and I have to other clue what else I want to do my question if anyone could tell me based on my chart and my mc in ...
January 2, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusTaxi-araxi
Vedic or tropical?? (General Astrology)
What is more accurate tropical astrology or Vedic? And WHY :1: :1: :1: :1: :1: which one do you use? And which describes you and ur life better ...

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