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September 23, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerSudha
Career and marriage (Natal Astrology)
Hi, Please share your readings on career and married life of the native(male) born on 13th May 1995 at 0050hours(post midnight of 12may)in Chennai, India. When is the marriage likely to happen. Will ...
October 14, 2019 | Sun Sign - CancerSudha
Why not me? (Other)
Hi everyone, I have written enough about my beloved mother in this forum. It´s been almost a year since she passed. I have been thinking about her all along. I am still struggling to move on. I have ...
June 18, 2019 | Sun Sign - CancerSudha
Has anybody practiced Vipasanna meditation. What changes did it bring in you? I have been advised to try it. Just looking for inputs. Thanks Sudha ...
June 9, 2019 | Sun Sign - CancerSudha
Journey of a soul (General Astrology)
Is it possible to track the journey of a departed soul using date and time of death in astrology.how will we know the possible date of its reincarnation. Thanks Sudha ...
June 1, 2019 | Sun Sign - CancerSudha
Soul´s purpose and desire (Natal Astrology)
Hello, I had written about my mother sometime back. I am not able to get over her death even today. Life has been extremely hard for all of us. I have lost interest in everything. Feeling lonely and c ...
January 4, 2019 | Sun Sign - CancerSudha
Past life connection (Natal Astrology)
Hi, I lost my beloved mother on Nov 3 2018 at 7.26 pm. It has been very difficult for me to move on ever since. I am not able to come in terms of her death. Her absence is killing me.She was everythin ...
January 2, 2019 | Sun Sign - CancerSudha
My son´s career (Natal Astrology)
Hi, I am new to this forum. I would appreciate if someone could read my son´s birth chart. He is just 13 years old. He gets easily distracted and does not focus on studies. He is smart, active and int ...

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