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June 20, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusRichardBarossi
This method is one of the most simple methods to see if a man likes man or a woman likes woman in a natal chart.There are other ways to see that in a birth chart, using fixed stars for example. And I ...
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June 18, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusRichardBarossi
The fixed star Alcyone (General Astrology)
Alcyone was the wife of the king Ceyx of Thessaly. Alcyone dared to compare them selves to Zeus and Hera, what triggered the wrath of the gods. Ceyx went travel to consult the oracle of Apollo due to ...
May 8, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusRichardBarossi
Here are some professions ruled by the Moon: nurses, babysitters, barmen, seamen, cleaners, navigators, poets, housekeepers, musicians, writers, washer men. I will be posting more things relate ...
April 24, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusRichardBarossi
My experience with real astrology (General Astrology)
I have been studying and practicing horary astrology for two years now. I began studying because of literature, there so many references to signs, constellations and planets in it. But I thought that ...
April 23, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusRichardBarossi
Venus does not rule love! (Synastry & Relationship)
This is a modern mistake. Venus is actually related to the things we think are good and give us pleasure and love is one of them. But relationships in our charts are seen by the 7th house and its lord ...
April 23, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusRichardBarossi
Horary astrology (General Astrology)
From now on, after two years of studies and practice, I´m beginning my career as a horary astrologer. Horary astrology answers questions like: Where are my keys? Does he love me? Will we have a relati ...

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