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June 6, 2021 | Sun Sign - Sagittariuspeachyjn
Houses in astrology (Natal Astrology)
hello !! i’ve been studying astrology for a while and i still don’t quite understand the concept of houses D: could u please tell me what houses mean in my natal chart ? i have a lot of personal plane ...
March 11, 2021 | Sun Sign - Sagittariuspeachyjn
why twins can be very different? (General Astrology)
hey !! i have a question ! it often happens that twins, who were born like 1-5 minutes apart, have very different personalities. why? aren’t their birth chats identical? or are there any aspects that ...
September 9, 2020 | Sun Sign - Sagittariuspeachyjn
hello ! i really want to become a doctor, however, along with my pisces mc i have lots of personal planets in sagittarius ... is that a good career choice for me with my natal chart ? if not, what oth ...
June 19, 2020 | Sun Sign - Sagittariuspeachyjn
hi !! maybe i phrased my question wrong, but what i want to ask is which one do u think represents people more both physically and mentally ? as for me i have sag stellium with a cancer rising. i feel ...
April 22, 2020 | Sun Sign - Sagittariuspeachyjn
hey, so i read some pretty creepy stuff about this and now i’m scared for my life lol could you tell me what it means in a natal chart ? it seems like it’s a quite bad aspect ... is it so ? are ther ...
February 20, 2020 | Sun Sign - Sagittariuspeachyjn
i am very curious about what people think of me so ... what kind of person do u suppose i am, what are the things you like or dislike about my positions, am i attractive to people ? tell me anything y ...

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