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April 15, 2022 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOS*
Destiny point (Vedic) B.B. (Transit Astrology)
Bhrigu Bindu, or destiny point in Vedic astrology is the midpoint between Rahu and Moon. it´s calculated by deducting the longitude of Rahu from Moon and dividing by two, the quotient is added to Rahu ...
March 13, 2022 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOS*
Hey everyone, I´ve been wanting to make this post for a while, spring is coming soon!! :27: this is one of my favourite tools on the site, gardening by moon cycles. I have ASC and 3 planets ...
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March 11, 2022 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOS*
Decoding the Navamsa chart (General Astrology)
Hi, hope all of you are doing okay, I´d like to dedicate this tread for techniques interpreting the navamsa chart, D9. here are a few tips & tricks I found on Cosmic Insights app: :74 ...
March 5, 2022 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOS*
Transits for 2022-2023, Rahu Ketu for all signs *please consider, this applies to sidereal whole sign, using any chart system (ayanamsa) taking into account the precession of earth´s equinoxes. in ...
February 14, 2022 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOS*
Lately seen a few using Vedic concepts and Nakshatras to the tropical zodiacs, Im genuinely curious how does this work out for you ? it’s almost like seeing someone eat their fruitloops cereal ...
February 9, 2022 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOS*
which is more dangerous (General Astrology)
between Aquarius and Scorpio ?? Sidereal or tropical, please share your thoughts :84: ...
February 4, 2022 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOS*
planets combust ~ cazimi (General Astrology)
in Vedic astrology when planets are in the same house they can be considered as conjunct. there´ certain degrees where planet becomes "combust by the sun, hiding the qualities of the planet(s). S ...
January 28, 2022 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOS*
Dear Virgo. . . (Transit Astrology)
:84: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p965QzBGB4Y&t=1s ...
January 22, 2022 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOS*
outer planets ⛢♆♇ (General Astrology)
the outer planets, how do you interpret uranus neptune pluto, in general or in your own natal chart ? edits: apologies for that short cut question. Im curious how do you interpret them ...
January 17, 2022 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOS*
same question as in the title :) what planet or aspect in the natal chart do you think points out in being interested to learn astrology ? some would say you must have a strong Jupiter in ...
January 17, 2022 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOS*
☊ north node south node ☋ (General Astrology)
open discussion about lunar nodes : vedic and tropical astrology 🦋🌚 rahu ketu ~ north node, south node what would be your interpretation of them. or how do you view these placements in your ...
January 15, 2022 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOS*
mahadashas ~ vedic astrology (General Astrology)
hello :) Im currently in Saturn Dasha and Mercury will be in the next 2years. saturn is square to my moon. I read afflicted saturn, during saturn dasha brings major difficulties, setbacks, ill ...
January 8, 2022 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOS*
There´s many cycles to vaticinate timelines, however the personal year is probably the easiest to calculate among them. -by adding the current year to your birth day and month, and then reduced to ...
January 1, 2022 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOS*
Ayanamsa ~ Vedic Astrology (General Astrology)
New year, new beginnings for me. I´ve been peaking interests, curiosity to Sidereal astrology and I want to start learning more in depth. I noticed using Fagan-Bradley the dates in the Dashas are ...
December 18, 2021 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOS*
I´d like to learn more about the Nakshatras and was thinking of starting with "Astrology of the Seers", have any of you read this one ? Or, would have any recommendations on good Vedic b ...
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December 4, 2021 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOS*
What can you tell about someone. . . knowing only their first name ? The first vowel in the name can tell quite a bit about the person without even knowing their birthday. When meeting someone fo ...
August 30, 2021 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOS*
Probably a good time to bring in a healthy subject ☺️ Are any of you familiar with this ? I want to know your opinions; first thoughts ? experiences ? Since I´ve been on a "healthnut ride& ...
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August 17, 2021 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOS*
What does your birth day say about you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6GUY9fa99s This video got a quarter million views in a month, unanimously accurate. There´s timestamps to find your own, ...
July 7, 2021 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOS*
Tarot readings (Tarot Reading)
I have questions, so feel free to answer which ever one you want :68: :74: :17: 1. Do you draw cards for yourself or prefer to have a reader perform the session ? 2. How much do you think ta ...
June 26, 2021 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOS*
I’ve been in numerology for some time and didn’t “believe” too much of this, I’m still constantly paying attention to how this plays out. The number on the door, office, apartment etc has an impac ...
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