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July 22, 2021 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOctoberScorpio
Moon phases (Other)
Moreover, Moon phases and sleep cycles. I´ve noticed that every full moon I have insomnia. Often starts when its in gibbous phase couple days before and after. I really hate it. When I first start ...
July 14, 2021 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOctoberScorpio
How far ahead to you look at your transits and do you plan things accordingly ? Do you look at your horoscope on the daily and how often do you resonate with it ? * quick edit : horoscopes ...
July 7, 2021 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOctoberScorpio
Tarot readings (Tarot Reading)
I have questions, so feel free to answer which ever one you want :68: :74: :17: 1. Do you draw cards for yourself or prefer to have a reader perform the session ? 2. How much do you think ta ...
July 7, 2021 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOctoberScorpio
Often our dreams can be revealing, it is the subconscious expressing it self in a way. . . many say it´s important to remember them, maybe they give clues ? I´ve read in one of my books using this ...
June 26, 2021 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOctoberScorpio
I’ve been in numerology for some time and didn’t “believe” too much of this, I’m still constantly paying attention to how this plays out. The number on the door, office, apartment etc has an impac ...
June 24, 2021 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOctoberScorpio
relationship potentials ~ romantic match (Synastry & Relationship)
okay, simple question : How soon do you analyze the synastry or composite chart when meeting someone new ? I knew this girl in my 20s she’d meet a guy and immediately move in with him (within ...
June 24, 2021 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOctoberScorpio
North Node / South Node : Synastry (Synastry & Relationship)
I´m wondering if anyone has experienced 9 years difference in relationships. I understand the entire chart needs to be considered but, What are your thought of opposing nodes in synastry ? Woul ...
June 19, 2021 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOctoberScorpio
Elon Musk & Claire Elise Boucher (Synastry & Relationship)
So what do you guys this about this synastry chart ?? Elon Musk TOB is unconfirmed and Grimes is apparently Scorpio rising but quoted C in Astrotheme database. ...
June 13, 2021 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOctoberScorpio
I’m asking seriously, is there something in astrology that could indicate age difference between partners ? I’ve always been in relationships with older men but recently started putting myself ava ...
June 6, 2021 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOctoberScorpio
Hello! starting this topic to share experiences or anything that brings or inspires self love or self care. healthy ways! How do you take care of yourself, give self love ? Any daily spiritual p ...
April 11, 2021 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOctoberScorpio
health and numerology (Numerology)
To anyone curious about numerology, students or experts, to anyone who’d like to share point of views. This can be a delicate subject so I don’t want to offend, or have anyone feel offended. Generally ...
March 10, 2021 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOctoberScorpio
hi everyone, I´ve heard about kirlian photography in the past but recently started to do more research about it. has anyone ever had their aura photographed ? Im looking for anyone with exper ...
November 28, 2020 | Sun Sign - ScorpioOctoberScorpio
cardology (Tarot Reading)
hi everyone, Ive seen many correlations to tarot and astrology, 22 major arcana to the zodiacs and planets . . . The Golden Dawn assignments, the Kabbalah and so on Is anyone familiar with us ...

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