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September 27, 2020 | Sun Sign - PiscesN_thecat
Can someone help me with my current transits? I´ve been having a tough time past few months and transits reflect my current situation...But I don´t think I have enough knowledge to interpret tranists ...
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August 19, 2020 | Sun Sign - PiscesN_thecat
I am interested in the opinion of people who have it or are close to people with Sun - Uranus aspects in chart. What is your experience, your opinion on these aspects? Can you say anything more about ...
March 19, 2020 | Sun Sign - PiscesN_thecat
4th house area (Natal Astrology)
"The fourth house is the house of home and family. It is our deepest emotional core, our roots and our genetic inheritance, as seen through the family tree and our ancestors with all of their rel ...
March 18, 2020 | Sun Sign - PiscesN_thecat
Out of curiosity... Pluto is seen as a malefic planet, but in astrology... I think you always have two sides - positive and negative. So...Even malefics can be beneficial ?! :4: Which aspects of ...
March 17, 2020 | Sun Sign - PiscesN_thecat
From what I remember 3rd house talks about our neighborhood and neighbors. That´s one thing. The second I´ve heard says the third house describes the environment in which we grew up. But it´s reall ...
March 7, 2020 | Sun Sign - PiscesN_thecat
6th house in my natal chart... (Natal Astrology)
How should I look at 6th house in my natal chart? I admit, I have some problems interpreting it... I know that the 6th house is about work and health. I have Sagittarius :179: on the cusp of 6th ...
February 29, 2020 | Sun Sign - PiscesN_thecat
Do any of you have Sun - Uranus aspects in your chart? :1: How do you see these aspects? Do you think they have any advantages? It seems that most opinions about them are not very positive. ...
February 12, 2020 | Sun Sign - PiscesN_thecat
I´m not asking about the most important houses according to the theory - so I don´t mean 1,4,7 or 10 houses (angular houses), but the houses you personally consider the most important. Which ones do y ...
February 9, 2020 | Sun Sign - PiscesN_thecat
Feb 9th, 2020 and we have... Full Moon in Leo :175:: "You feel safe in moments when you can impress others and get praise and admiration. Yet, when you get into the spotlight, you may find ...
January 5, 2020 | Sun Sign - PiscesN_thecat
I guess this topic has been in threads and questions more than once , but I still have a problem with that :8:. I´m curious how do you interpret the planets at the end of a house? And how do you s ...
December 31, 2019 | Sun Sign - PiscesN_thecat
Happy New Year ! :117: A year without worries and worries, life in love, friendship and happiness. May the deepest dreams find fulfillment, and days brought joy and smile :1: Many succe ...
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December 6, 2019 | Sun Sign - PiscesN_thecat
MC square Neptune (Natal Astrology)
Does any of you have that aspect in your natal chart? I´ve read a few descriptions about it, but it´s not enough.I´m curious how others could see it. How do you see the square between Neptune an ...
November 24, 2019 | Sun Sign - PiscesN_thecat
Is Pluto really that bad? (Natal Astrology)
I have always seen Pluto as a malefic planet, but I read that in Modern Astrology Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are SOMETIMES considered malefic, especially in difficult aspect to a personal planet/ ...
November 7, 2019 | Sun Sign - PiscesN_thecat
Natal moon sign - how well... (Natal Astrology)
How well do you recognize natal Moon signs ? I ask because I still have problem with that. And :152: is the second most important influence in our chart, it shapes our personality - there are our emo ...
October 16, 2019 | Sun Sign - PiscesN_thecat
I suppose that most people interested in astrology notice that some houses are indicated more often than others, more popular and ok...It´s obvious - probably because of the area they are focusing on ...
October 7, 2019 | Sun Sign - PiscesN_thecat
As in the title I just wonder which placements in our natal charts show/talk about fear? Fear rather in the meaning of personality trait - a person who we can call fearful/timid, not dangerous situ ...
October 4, 2019 | Sun Sign - PiscesN_thecat
Mars opposite Pluto aspect (Natal Astrology)
It´s interesting and funny - I have that aspect in my chart and I wasn"t aware of that, because Astro Seek and Astro.com don´t show it. Does anyone here have or know this aspect? How can tha ...
September 27, 2019 | Sun Sign - PiscesN_thecat
That´s not the first time I´ve tried to find my "luck" to enemies using astrology...Without success, because I have enemies in real life. I´ve tried to analyze my chart in this area and.. ...
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September 21, 2019 | Sun Sign - PiscesN_thecat
I have Mars in Taurus in 11th house. I know that Mars in Taurus is in detriment, but I still think a problem for me is that I have that "planet of action" in 11th house. I know description o ...
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September 15, 2019 | Sun Sign - PiscesN_thecat
How do you think, what placements or aspects in natal chart show that tendency? What in astrology makes someone too critical or very judgmental? I am quite sure some zodiac signs are more inclined ...
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