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March 23, 2022 | Sun Sign - Sagittariusmerteuil26
How does my chart reflect my love of foreign languages and career opportunities (diplomacy). I study french and hebrew at the university along with russian and german in my free time. Thank You! ...
January 1, 2022 | Sun Sign - Sagittariusmerteuil26
Hi! I have aforementioned combination of planets in my 12th house and Sun/ Mercury in X MC. Does anyone know what it means precisely in terms of employment, life in general. Moon in 7th house in ...
December 25, 2021 | Sun Sign - Sagittariusmerteuil26
Hi and Merry Christmas! I was wondering which planets and combinations denote foreign settlement and spouse and are there any present in my natal chart! Thank You! ...
November 2, 2021 | Sun Sign - Sagittariusmerteuil26
Hello everyone! I am new to this community and the main reason I came here is to talk to experts on natal astrology and share opinions. I have read a lot about 12th house stellium and some people tol ...
September 14, 2021 | Sun Sign - Sagittariusmerteuil26
Hi! My Moon in VII should reveal these things but i need Your help! ...
April 27, 2021 | Sun Sign - Sagittariusmerteuil26
Hi, I am currently living with my uncle and aunt because I had complicated situation with my mother who suffered from schizophrenia and my father is very insensitive and strict man and we( Brother an ...
April 3, 2021 | Sun Sign - Sagittariusmerteuil26
Sun in X MC-government job? (Natal Astrology)
Does my natal chart denote my future career in government perhaps? I have sun and mercury conjunct in X house with saturn in I house. Also XII house stellium. Always wanted career in diplomacy, studyi ...
March 20, 2021 | Sun Sign - Sagittariusmerteuil26
Hi, just wanted to ask if anyone knows combinations for polyglottery in natal chart? Does it show in my natal chart personally, since I study 5 languages currently :) Thank You! ...
February 20, 2021 | Sun Sign - Sagittariusmerteuil26
Hi, I was wondering are rahu and ketu always opposite in natal chart, like moon sides, and what is their influence in my natal chart. I personally cannot read my chart myself and need help. Also ...
January 25, 2021 | Sun Sign - Sagittariusmerteuil26
Cheating in natal chart? (Natal Astrology)
Hi, I was wondering what are signs of cheater in natal chart, does my natal chart show urges towards cheating and adultery. Also, I would like to know my career orientation and foreign travel/ life si ...
January 23, 2021 | Sun Sign - Sagittariusmerteuil26
Hi, I am very curious about my birth chart regarding positions of planets in XII house and beyond. I always dreamed of becoming diplomat/politician and wanted to live abroad, i study 5 languages and ...

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