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June 22, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoLotusStar
D9 Moon Nakshatra (Natal Astrology)
I´ve been doing some research on the D9 Moon sign, and I feel like it seems to represent the inner self of a person... both the nakshatra sign and Lord are so relevant I looked this up not only fo ...
January 14, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoLotusStar
Aries Sun or Moon (Synastry & Relationship)
Do you like someone independent and direct like yourself or do you like someone who is soft and calm to balance you? Especially Aries Moon - are your emotions really intense and come on like a rush ...
January 7, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoLotusStar
Mars square Mars in synastry - hot or not? (Synastry & Relationship)
Anyone have experience with Mars square Mars in synastry? There’s so much conflicting information on it… Some say it’s an extremely passionate combination, others say it’s a complete mis-match a ...
December 30, 2021 | Sun Sign - VirgoLotusStar
Ketu and ... Obsession? (General Astrology)
I heard an astrologer say Ketu can show obsession because Ketu is like Mars and can lazer focus on things and dig deep. That if you have a planet conjunct ketu you are driven to go very deep in your e ...
December 29, 2021 | Sun Sign - VirgoLotusStar
Lilith in synastry (Synastry & Relationship)
Is this guaranteed to turn sour or cant last? Experiencing now with my Lilith conjunct his Venus... He really seems to project some ideas on me of who I am... very Lilith ideas. I am not this way i ...
October 29, 2021 | Sun Sign - VirgoLotusStar
Venus/Saturn in Composite (Synastry & Relationship)
Has anyone had a relationship survive with a Saturn/Venus hard aspect in a composite or have experience with this aspect like in square or conjunction? What is this supposed to show? Does Saturn ...
October 4, 2021 | Sun Sign - VirgoLotusStar
Hi, Does anyone know about life path numbers compatibility, like what numbers is compatible with what and how important this is? Is the life path numbers compatibility the most important? Are ...
September 25, 2021 | Sun Sign - VirgoLotusStar
Saturn: Friend or Foe (General Astrology)
Is the jury still out on this one? Is Saturn placement somewhere to develop discipline and patience and be grateful for the challenges and setbacks because it ultimately helps develop higher standa ...
September 25, 2021 | Sun Sign - VirgoLotusStar
Mars in 12 house (Transit Astrology)
I´ve been having very bad dreams for a few days now, some of it is disturbing dystopian future stuff and some of it is people I really dislike from the past or have bad memories with showing up in my ...
September 21, 2021 | Sun Sign - VirgoLotusStar
I like this lady´s videos. She gives interpretations for this transit for the different signs, check your sidereal rising and Moon sign. Jupiter went back in Capricorn on Sept 15th apparently ...
September 21, 2021 | Sun Sign - VirgoLotusStar
Sun/Moon midpoint (Natal Astrology)
Some astrologers put a lot of importance on midpoints while others dont mention it My Sun/Moon midpoint is in Leo. I find it interesting because I dont have any Leo planets in my chart (in tropical ...
September 3, 2021 | Sun Sign - VirgoLotusStar
Lilith house placement (General Astrology)
Is it true that we feel an aversion to the placement Lilith is at? Like we want to avoid that place? Ex..if someone has Lilith in 7th house they feel some aversion to partnerships or marriage and m ...
July 4, 2021 | Sun Sign - VirgoLotusStar
Lot of Eros (Natal Astrology)
I just discovered the different Lots you can find on this site (Lot of fortune, etc)! It´s under traditional astrology section of your horoscope page. I never knew ´Lot of Eros´ was a thing. I see ...
July 4, 2021 | Sun Sign - VirgoLotusStar
Your Progressed Moon (General Astrology)
I like tracking the progressed Moon sign, I feel it adds a very real background influence of the emotional landscape we find ourselves in during certain periods of life. My progressed Moon recently ...
July 4, 2021 | Sun Sign - VirgoLotusStar
I listened to a great video on the 8th house and it kind of inspired me. I have Gemini in the 8th house and the ways this has manifested through the issues of 8th house is that I can remember since ch ...
April 5, 2021 | Sun Sign - VirgoLotusStar
Do you use the traditional rulers or modern rulers for interpreting? Or, do you use both? If you use both, how do you reconcile them or is there one you give more importance to? I am learning about ...

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