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July 24, 2020 | Sun Sign - PiscesIleneTs
Number of members Astro Seek (General Astrology)
What will Transit Uranus trine Ascendant Petr (owner of Astro Seek) bring? I think the 100,000th registered member!! :75: ...
November 7, 2019 | Sun Sign - PiscesIleneTs
Following a discussion on a topic from Salomea and Mantzourana concerning Mercury retro and Moon waning or waxing, I want ask you the following. For example: What would you choose if you wanted ...
February 16, 2019 | Sun Sign - PiscesIleneTs
Please fill in, if you recognize it. Also if you are not registered, you can participate. https://linkto.run/p/Y3HVPKWM ...
February 12, 2019 | Sun Sign - PiscesIleneTs
A question (General Astrology)
Is it possible to start a poll here? I like to examine something about the elements. ...
February 8, 2019 | Sun Sign - PiscesIleneTs
:61: ...
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February 8, 2019 | Sun Sign - PiscesIleneTs
:61: ...
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January 9, 2019 | Sun Sign - PiscesIleneTs
Houses Symbolic (General Astrology)
LET´S WALK THROUGH THE HOUSES AND SEE WHERE IT ENDS! 1e Hi, here I am. What do you think of me? :27: 2e I need some money and belongings to build up my self-confidence. 3e Now I can con ...
December 23, 2018 | Sun Sign - PiscesIleneTs
My favorite componists are Nicolo Paganini and Frédéric Chopin. They have the following connection with my birthchart: Paganini: :162: :159: :155: :154: in :177: :191: my :159: :152: Chopin : ...
December 9, 2018 | Sun Sign - PiscesIleneTs
Out of Bounds (OOB) (General Astrology)
For the planets of the birthchart I can see when a planet is Out of Bounds. Is this also possible for the progressive planets? ...
December 5, 2018 | Sun Sign - PiscesIleneTs
There is always a tendency to watch to the housecusps, even if they are not right. So it´s better, if the birthtime is unknown to give up as time 12.00 o´clock in the afternoon and put then a check m ...
August 12, 2018 | Sun Sign - PiscesIleneTs
When I was looking for how many Pisces (my sign) there are involved in this program (1278), I saw also that there are already more then 15.000 users! Congratulations PETR from Astro Seek. ...
June 25, 2018 | Sun Sign - PiscesIleneTs
Aspects (Natal Astrology)
Is it possible to change the aspects in only within the signs? ...
November 8, 2017 | Sun Sign - PiscesIleneTs
The investigation of 94.394 celebrities shows that the score of Life Path 2 is extremely low, namely 1.764. The average is: 8.581 I don´t know if it has something to do with arithmetic, otherwise I w ...
October 29, 2017 | Sun Sign - PiscesIleneTs
Browse in time (General Astrology)
Is it possible to enter a real date instead of minutes, week, month of year? :27: ...
October 28, 2017 | Sun Sign - PiscesIleneTs
Orbs (General Astrology)
I see it´s possible to increase or decrease the orbs by percents, but how can I see what the actually orbs are? :191: :192: :193: :194: :195: :196: :197: ...
October 19, 2017 | Sun Sign - PiscesIleneTs
Astro database (General Astrology)
It´s very nice to have the possibility to investigate for example who has the same Ascendant, Sun and Moon as me. :15: But I have a question,is it also possible to see how many people in totally wer ...
October 15, 2017 | Sun Sign - PiscesIleneTs
Horoscope shape - See-Saw (Natal Astrology)
Very interesting to look at and to read the very clear text of the horoscope shapes and recognizable! But I´ve have 2 questions about the see-saw. 1. Must the numbers of planets be equal in the opposi ...
October 10, 2017 | Sun Sign - PiscesIleneTs
Guess Sun - Zodiac sign (General Astrology)
I´ve tried to guess the Sun zodiac signs, but not very succesfull. :23: I think it should be easier if I knew the Ascendant. ...
October 8, 2017 | Sun Sign - PiscesIleneTs
Midpoints (General Astrology)
How can I get midpoints for one person by way of the private database without filling in the data again? I only get the data from myself. I can only click herefore on the bottem of the page as far as ...
October 7, 2017 | Sun Sign - PiscesIleneTs
Horoscope shape (Natal Astrology)
Hi Petr, I´m still impressed by your program. :45: I´ve already seen a lot of programs. (I´ve started with astrology in 1988) E.g. I like the Horoscope shape very much and also the texts, (which ...
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