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June 16, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusGonzaloAndres
This June 15, Mars joins Chiron in Aries (16th degree) to remind us that only we must heal ourselves: Mars is the beginning of courage, initiation and action. Every time it joins Chiron, it symbolizes ...
June 14, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusGonzaloAndres
Full Moon in Sagittarius. (Transit Astrology)
The full Moon is recharged with all the energetic power of Sagittarius, sign of the mythical centaur who points to the sky with his bow and arrow to show us that there is always something new beyond o ...
May 28, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusGonzaloAndres
The fervor of Mars is increased by Jupiter, an energy that can manifest itself in a rapturous way by being within a scenario of just causes. At a collective level this conjunction can become negative ...
April 19, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusGonzaloAndres
Mercury, who is the winged messenger of the gods, is now transiting the Taurus zone and this is where a crucial moment of his visit arrives: It is the meeting with Uranus, god of the sky, in the 13th ...
April 14, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusGonzaloAndres
Lilith´s entry into Cancer sign. (Transit Astrology)
Starting today, Lilith´s transit arrives in the sign of Cancer. This April 14th Lilith, the Wild-Woman, also considered as a Demon and the Wind-spirit for the mythology of the Mesopotamian, Sumerian a ...
April 10, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusGonzaloAndres
Greetings! The next April 12 we have the most important event of the year in the sacred and profane sky heaven. The conjunction of Jupiter with Neptune in the 23rd degree of Pisces. It is the union ...
February 14, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusGonzaloAndres
¡Happy Saint Valenitnes Day! (General Astrology)
Everyone! Live this Valentine´s Time to learning to connect with your Venus. Happy day and full of abundance for all. ¡May the stars be with you today! The song of the Day is : -Lay me Down. ...
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February 12, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusGonzaloAndres
These archetypes represent the beginning of change. Where we seek freedom and seek to do things in a very original way. The house of Aquarius or Uranium tells us where we are most likely to be rebelli ...
February 9, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusGonzaloAndres
The transits of the second week of February. What we are observing in the sky is that Mercury will be making the conjunction with Pluto on February 11 where Mercury will make the third contact with Pl ...
February 8, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusGonzaloAndres
I think that one of the bases of all human interactions is through respect and honesty. Today astrology suffers when there are people who manipulate information to dominate and want to control the oth ...
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January 30, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusGonzaloAndres
New Moon in Aquarius 1 February. (Transit Astrology)
The new moon arrives in the sign of Aquarius at 12 degrees, the Sun and the Moon will be in the sign of the "water bearer". Aquarius is a very nuanced sign from Western Astrology due to the ...
January 28, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusGonzaloAndres
Venus the Goddess of love, will be direct on January 29. Venus will move very slowly from the beginning. Venus like God will move by her "desire" and then join in the sky with her cosmic lov ...
January 26, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusGonzaloAndres
One of the goals that help us resignify our lives during this year 2022 is the ability to express our inner Artist. It is so important to be able to nurture ourselves and radiate our life on context t ...
January 25, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusGonzaloAndres
Song of the Day (Other)
This is my song of today! Tender Sugar: Akira Yamaoka. ...

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