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December 20, 2021 | Sun Sign - Piscesgerdahagge
Will be get back together again?? (Synastry & Relationship)
We broke up 8th November this year but we still hope we will be together again. Does it look hopeful for us in the near future? ...
October 20, 2021 | Sun Sign - Piscesgerdahagge
Will he come back to me? (Synastry & Relationship)
I wanted to move out because we fight too much after 5 years. He says that if i move he will breakup for good. Does it really look like its definitely over now between us? I dont want to, but he does ...
September 27, 2021 | Sun Sign - Piscesgerdahagge
Breaking up for good? (Synastry & Relationship)
I have been writing here before, since I´ve tried to break up and end this relationship that has been lasting for 5 years. We live together with his kids, and i moved into their house 3,5 years ago an ...
May 6, 2021 | Sun Sign - Piscesgerdahagge
Is this a good time to break up? (Synastry & Relationship)
Me and my taurus man have had a terrible time with fights and arguments. I´m wondering if this is a good time for me to break up. Will i manage it? Normally i always regret my decision after only 1 we ...
April 9, 2021 | Sun Sign - Piscesgerdahagge
Am I a strong or weak person? (Natal Astrology)
My outside is strong, funny and i talk loud and say exactly what i feel like without thinking. I love adventeur and dont like to follow rules. I´m not a serious person and actually dont really know wh ...
March 2, 2021 | Sun Sign - Piscesgerdahagge
Are we meant to be or should we end it? (Synastry & Relationship)
I have been with my man taurus for 4,5 years now. We really fight all the time and it´s a tense relationship because of his children who live with us every second week. They are 15 and 18 and don´t ge ...

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