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April 29, 2022 | Sun Sign - GeminiEdy
Does anyone know what synastry aspects suggest that 2 persons may have children together? I´ve known that the aspect between :156: and :155: is such a "baby making" aspect (and I have it w ...
April 24, 2022 | Sun Sign - GeminiEdy
Meeting at New Moon in Aries (Transit Astrology)
Two friends of mine met each other on the 1st of April 2022 after 26 years. Could you give please any insights about how will develop their relationship furtherly taking in consideration their meeting ...
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April 7, 2022 | Sun Sign - GeminiEdy
Advice to a friend (Transit Astrology)
An old friend of mine told me he has issues at work and with money. I´d like to help him but honestly, I don´t know what advice to give him. He is a petty officer in the navy and sells some health pro ...
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March 12, 2022 | Sun Sign - GeminiEdy
Hard times at my workplace (Natal Astrology)
Anyone familiar with Vedic astrology can help me, please? I adore my work (scientific research) but lately, I had a lot of problems with my boss...I think he considers me a "threat" because ...
October 16, 2021 | Sun Sign - GeminiEdy
Career prospects (Natal Astrology)
Hello! May I ask some career/job tips for my daughter? I think she´s very creative but doesn´t like studying. In addition she often changes her mind about what she should do in life ...
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July 8, 2021 | Sun Sign - GeminiEdy
Conjoined twins (General Astrology)
Has anyone an idea what can be the spiritual explanation of conjoined twins? I´ve learn about this but I´m curious about your opinions. ...
June 26, 2021 | Sun Sign - GeminiEdy
Has it happened to anyone to feel an inexplicable attraction/admiration to a historical personality? If yes, how do you explain it? ...
May 22, 2021 | Sun Sign - GeminiEdy
Hi everyone! What does suggest if there are not any retrograde planests in someone´s birth chart? I have never known anyone having only direct planets in the natal chart so far...I´ve known that retr ...
April 11, 2021 | Sun Sign - GeminiEdy
Please share thoughts about having Ascendant/planets on the last degree of an astrological sign. My Ascendant is on the last degree of :180: and I always feel the Saturnian orientation of my personali ...
March 9, 2021 | Sun Sign - GeminiEdy
Synastry aspects of extorsion (Synastry & Relationship)
What synastry aspects denote extorsion of one or another part? I mean this kind: "you divorce and will not see the common child", "you divorce amd I will make a hell from your life&quo ...
February 13, 2021 | Sun Sign - GeminiEdy
Why I failed in a competition? (Transit Astrology)
Dear All! I applied for a very pretigious scholarship last September and I got the results this week. I was shocked seeing that I did not get it though I got very high points... Can explain my tran ...
June 15, 2020 | Sun Sign - GeminiEdy
Relationship astrology (Synastry & Relationship)
What aspects/planet or asteroid placements suggest a marriage with a foreigner? I´ve never looked for a foreigner but all the significant relationships in my life (2) were with men of other nationalit ...
June 6, 2019 | Sun Sign - GeminiEdy
How do you live your Pisces Moon? (Synastry & Relationship)
I have a Pisces Moon with quite bad aspects to it. I can make decisions only emotionally although my Mercury is in Gemini. ...

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