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June 14, 2022 | Sun Sign - CancerCancerman23
Sun in 2nd house (Natal Astrology)
How would you guys interpret Sun in Cancer in 2nd house. My sun aspects are sextiles to moon, opposite Neptune, square Jupiter ...
May 12, 2022 | Sun Sign - CancerCancerman23
Mercury Leo ascendant ruler (Natal Astrology)
What does it mean for me to have Mercury Leo as my ascendant ruler what does this mean. ...
April 9, 2022 | Sun Sign - CancerCancerman23
Saturn square node (Natal Astrology)
What can you guys tell me about this placement? People my whole life always told me I look serious. I wonder if it´s because of this placement that I give off a serious vibe lol. ...
April 6, 2022 | Sun Sign - CancerCancerman23
Most insecure sign? (Natal Astrology)
Has to be either Cancer or Pisces. Cancers we tend to doubt ourselves but at the same time we have the desire to one up people.Can anybody else relate? From my experience the least insecure sign is ...
March 13, 2022 | Sun Sign - CancerCancerman23
What in my chart points to me being optimistic? Always feel great, rarely ever get sad in when I do it goes away quick, never been depressed. Even when I lose in life I quickly move on. The negative s ...
August 23, 2021 | Sun Sign - CancerCancerman23
I have a fixed Grand Cross with Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, and Neptune with lots of squares, oppositions and a few trines. Can someone tell me what this means? ...
September 15, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerCancerman23
Strongest aspects? (Natal Astrology)
I hear that the tighter the orb the stronger the aspect? My four strongest in order are 1. Saturn(Taurus 12th house) square Uranus(Aquarius 9th house] 0°05 From the astro seek description: &q ...
August 29, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerCancerman23
Jupiter in the 12th house... (Natal Astrology)
My Jupiter is in Taurus in the 12th house. Would like some interpretations. Thanks! Jupiter aspects Square Sun Square Mercury Trine Venus Opposition Mars Square Neptune Contra-Parallel P ...
August 13, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerCancerman23
Mercury aspects? (Natal Astrology)
Can someone interpret some of my Mercury aspects I´m curious at how others would describe a person with these aspects. My Mercury is my most aspected planet. My Mercury is in Leo in the 3rd house M ...
August 11, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerCancerman23
Fixed Grand cross? (Natal Astrology)
Could someone elaborate on this? Mercury in 8° Leo Jupiter in 2° Taurus Neptune in 3° Aquarius Mars in 4° Scorpio What does having a grand cross in these specific planets really signify? ...
August 8, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerCancerman23
Pallas aspects? (Natal Astrology)
Very interesting. I actually have Pallas opposite Pluto http://astrologyclub.org/birth-chart-interpretations/pallas-athene-aspects/ ...
June 1, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerCancerman23
Need better understanding of this placement. Specifically Saturn in Taurus in the 12th house. What are the effects i know it has to do with isolation. I also heard it has to do with seeking pleasure,c ...
May 28, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerCancerman23
My mars in Scorpio is in the 6th house, Chiron in Scorpio is in the 6th house, Lilith in Sagittarius is in the 6th house. ...

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