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June 14, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoAren Levi
Gimme some looooveeeeee people come on, dont be shy, i wont bite ...
June 8, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoAren Levi
Hey, to anyone who have some beef with me or some hate towards me - here is the place to let it out :61: Specially to those 40yold jealous potatoes ( yeah you primal, let it out boy ) Do no ...
June 6, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoAren Levi
Hey people, I have came across interesting post on the forum few days ago. It makes me question if you can see what type of workout/diet/rest a human would need or could enjoy in correspondence ...
June 3, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoAren Levi
Doom out of, or by Astrology (Natal Astrology)
Hey people I would like to read your opinions about these things i am about to ask. How would you feel if astrology ( vedic or other does not matter ) was taught in schools for people till their ...
May 15, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoAren Levi
Open to share my knowledge (Natal Astrology)
Hey people, i have been here on this site for some time now. ( almost a year ) Through out the time i have gain knowledge and i have been active adviser on the forum and much more active advise ...
May 6, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoAren Levi
X-Navamsha-X (Natal Astrology)
Hey people, Does retrogration and combustion apply in navamsa chart or any other divisional chart ? What is your experience with this ? ...
May 4, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoAren Levi
Forbidden Chart (Natal Astrology)
Hey people, Why does this site gives me such a tropical chart ? What is this ? And why i find it more corresponding with my vedic charts then tropical chart calculated here ? Here is the link f ...
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April 30, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoAren Levi
.1Astrology9. (Natal Astrology)
Hey people, it is not even a year since i have fully dived into astrology and i already feel absolutely bored by it. I do not mean the actual beauty of planets and their mythology. But i grew a ...
April 21, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoAren Levi
Orange Is The New Me (Natal Astrology)
Hello my dear astrologers. I have been accused of loving pumpkins too much. I cant deny such accusations anymore. I do love those orange spawns of hell. Does anyone have any advice and pro ...
April 8, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoAren Levi
- Is everything destined ? - Is destiny a lie ? - How does destiny cooperate with astrology ? - Is astrology a teaching of destiny or a cheat code for us humans to control destiny ? - Can ...
March 26, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoAren Levi
More tongue please (Natal Astrology)
Hey people, What do you think are the best kissers ? ( Sign, astrological combinations ) i Would say Aries energy somewhere, but where ? ...
March 17, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoAren Levi
In-Fucking-Laws (Synastry & Relationship)
Hey people, My gfs father is racist, homophobic nationalist ... I havent met him yet, my gf is afraid what would happen since i am not "PURE" white guy acording to her father. I fo ...
March 8, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoAren Levi
D9 - Navamsa Conjunctions (Natal Astrology)
Hey people, I am curious about your view on conjunctions in navamsa. I have found out that they behave in a same way as in D1. I have also found out i got Mercury and Ketu conjunctions in 12t ...
February 15, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoAren Levi
Why do I have such a Big D... (Natal Astrology)
Hey people, why do i have such a big Dilemma when it comes to my Rahu. I mean ... Does any one of you wonderful astrologers understands my Rahu ? ...
February 7, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoAren Levi
My jamm (Natal Astrology)
Hey people, i am curious about your thoughts on my chart when it comes to my work. - what do you think i do for a living ? :92: - What would be a most fun job for me ? - In what job i wou ...
February 4, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoAren Levi
New Age BS. (Synastry & Relationship)
Does any one of you dear people believe in "soulmates" and "twinflames" ? If so, what is your experience ? Can you see those "special magical connections" in synas ...
January 29, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoAren Levi
Hey people, ( all vedic astrology ) I find my combination of Retrograded debilitated Saturn in 6th house in aries with Retrograded Jupiter and with Moon quite an interesting example for Retrog ...
January 23, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoAren Levi
Aspects (Natal Astrology)
Hey people i have just found out about different types of aspects and i thought i was "all mighty astrologer" :61: ---Applying aspect means that “the experience” didn’t happen yet ...
January 22, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoAren Levi
Gemini - Foe or More (Synastry & Relationship)
Those who know me here on this site and who read my posts from time to time know i had always spiteful attitude towards gemini energy ... Well, seems like i am falling in love with a girl that has ...
January 20, 2022 | Sun Sign - VirgoAren Levi
Venus Retrograde - Fun and money (Synastry & Relationship)
I am only one enjoying this Venus retrograde ? like honestly i havent had so much fun for a long time. Is there anyone that felt negative effects ? ...
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